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My Best Friend Essay in English [Essay for Students]

by subhasree nag

“A good friend is a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”

Lois Wyse
A good friend is a connection to life

Friendship is a very subjective topic. Every relationship is different, and every friendship is different. Some might meet each other every day and share their stories, whereas some might not meet each other for days and not talk for days, but when they do, there is no awkwardness or hesitation between them. It would be appropriate to say that they start from where they just left off.

“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.”

Khalil Gibran
Friendship is always a sweet responsibility

A friend is someone who is there for you when you need it. They are there in the middle of the night when you have you speak your heart about the guy who ditched you for someone else, and they are the ones who will cover for you when you are on a date and have lied to your parents about it.

They will be prepared to hurt the person who hurt you (not in a literal sense, though); they will cry with you in times of crisis, smile with you at your lame jokes, and would love you inspite of all your flaws. A friend is someone who plays all the important roles in our lives.

They will be caring like a mother, fight with you over the little things like a sister, protect you like a father, and be prepared to hurt anyone who hurts you as a brother does. So when I was asked to write a Best friend essay in English, her name was the first that came to my mind.

 Same story, different person 

My friend is not much different. But our story is a bit different. People say friendships cannot be defined in time. A person whom you met a month ago can understand you more than someone whom you met years back. The same happened when I met her. So writing a best friend essay in English is not challenging for me. I can go on writing about her in the whole essay.

I met her in college and thought her to be a geek. Though she really is one, my perception of her turned out to be completely wrong. She was on the first bench with a few other girls, and I thought that these geeks would never be our friends. I thought them to be boring.

But I was wrong. The first time I talked to her was when she was taking out her frustration on another person about her dirty dorm room. I knew she needed some air, so I took her out on the balcony, and she first shouted at me as well but then calmed down. That was the first time we talked for more than an hour and lost track of time, and missed our class. It never felt like that we met for the first time.

She talked about her hometown, her family, and her friends whom she had left behind. It did not feel like I was talking to her for the first time. And somehow, I ended up asking her to move in with my family. And in one week, we were living together.

“By chance we met, by choice we become friends”

By chance we met, by choice we become friends

That is how we bonded. It was that easy. And surprisingly, it was easy for my family as well. They welcomed her as their daughter had returned back home. There is a window in my house that became an integral part of her life when she was here. She used to love reading books there with a cup of coffee when it was training. She said that window brought her solace.

We bonded over music, books, and our mutual love for hopping cafes. There is nothing more fun than bunking a class and enjoying that time with your friends (though not recommended 😉). She is someone who never judged me for anything stupid I said or anything wrong I did. She rectified me when I was wrong and shouted at me when I didn’t listen to her. And She has been an integral part of my life ever since the day I met her.

Separated yet connected  

Writing an essay on best friends would be incomplete if I didn’t mention my first best friend. Though the friendship started at school, later on, we discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood as well. Even our parents knew one another. And soon, our friendship did not stay restricted to school, and we started hanging out after school; and met every evening and went for a walk and gossiped about school and other friends.

Separated yet connected

But all those long walks and never-ending gossip came to a halt when her father got the transfer letter in his hand. That was my first experience of heartbreak. She was leaving. It broke my heart that the very person who used to sit by my side in school and with whom I completed my homework was leaving me behind. But we decided not to break this bond and not leave everything for the memories.

“The Ones That Love Us Never Leave Us. You Can Always Find Them.”

We decided to call each other and send each other postcards every time we found something worthy to share. We ensured to write at least one letter every month. This was my first experience in a long-distance relationship. We wrote to each other every month, called each other every week, and she sent me pictures of the place every month with the letter.

We waited every month for that letter, and the anticipation of getting that was a different experience altogether. Both we have managed to keep our friendship to date, and whenever she visits, it feels like no time has passed. The time has changed, and technology has changed over time. From writing letters, we have shifted to sending emails. We talk all the time, but that one monthly mail has to be there. My best friend essay in English would be incomplete if I did not mention her.

Wrapping up!  

My best friend essay in English is different for every person, but this one is mostly for the friends we met in our student life and who have become an integral part of our life ever since. Writing the best friend essay is not very difficult; just write everything you have to say about your best friend, give a description of your best friend that you think is right, and just put your bond into words, and voila! You are done.


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