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Is It Christmases Or Christmas’s Or Christmas’? Find Out The Meaning And Proper Usage

by shreyasi datta

When we normally talk about the festival of Christmas, we generally talk about it in singular form. But what about when we want to talk or write about more than one Christmas Day? What do we write then? Which is the correct plural of Christmas – is It Christmases or Christmas’s or Christmas’? If these are some of the questions that you are thinking of right now, then you are at the right place.

In this blog article, we will tell you the correct plural form of Christmas. In addition, we will also explain the meaning and proper usage of the words – “Christmases,” “Christmas’s’” and “Christmas’.” So let’s dive in.

Is It Christmases or Christmas’s or Christmas’?  

Is It Christmases

All three words – Christmases or Christmas’s or Christmas’ are correct and can be used while talking about Christmas. Lets check out the meaning and proper usage of the three words in detail –

Meaning And Usage Of Christmases  

Christmases is the proper plural version of Christmas, which is the annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed on December 25 by Christians all around the world. In this sense, Christmases refers to more than one or several Christmas Day. For example, you can say, “I love all the Christmases I have spent with you,” or “How many Christmases have you celebrated in your life?”.

Meaning And Usage Of Christmas’s and Christmas’  

Both Christmas’s and Christmas’ are also correct, but for a different reason. When we want to say that something belongs to Christmas, we can write it as “Christmas’s” or “Christmas’,” depending on your preference.

For example, you can say, “Christmas’s spirit is all about love and peace” or “Christmas’ spirit is all about love and peace.” The extra S is optional and depends on your personal preference, but you should be consistent in your usage.

Meaning And Usage Of Christmas’s

However, most people prefer to use the word Christmas without an apostrophe or an S when they talk about a thing or a feeling in relation to Christmas. For example, you can say “Christmas music,” “Christmas tree,” “Christmas party,” or “Christmas gift” instead of “Christmas’s music,” “Christmas’s tree,” “Christmas’s party,” or “Christmas’s gift.”

This is because the word Christmas is already a noun that can act as an adjective, so adding an apostrophe or an S is unnecessary and can make the word look awkward or confusing. In this context, it is important to note that ‘Christmas’ is an attributive noun, which is a type of noun that functions as adjective and can be used to modify a noun. Hence we do not add apostrophe to these types of nouns.

So Is Christmas’s and Christmas’ incorrect?  

The words “Christmas’s” and “Christmas’” are not very commonly used because there are not many situations where we talk about something belonging to Christmas. But that does not mean they are incorrect.

Example Sentences  

Here are some more example sentences with Christmases:

  • He had spent many lonely Christmases in his apartment, but this year he had someone to share it with.
  • They decided to donate some of their gifts to the children who had no Christmases at all.
  • She always looked forward to her grandmother’s stories about the Christmases of her childhood.
  • He couldn’t believe his luck when he found out he had won a trip to Hawaii. It was like all his Christmases had come at once.
  • She wanted to make this Christmas special for him, so she planned a surprise party with all his loved ones. It was the best of all their Christmases.
  • He had a dream of visiting the North Pole and meeting Santa Claus. He hoped that one of these Christmases, his dream would come true.

Here are some example sentences with Christmas’s, and Christmas’:

  • She was fascinated by the history of Christmas’s origins and traditions.
  • He wanted to surprise her with a special gift for Christmas’s Eve.
  • They enjoyed the Christmas’s music that filled the air with joy and cheer.
  • She had a hard time choosing a dress for the Christmas’s party.
  • He was grateful for the Christmas’s bonus that his boss gave him.
  • They decided to go for a walk after the Christmas’s dinner.
  • She loved the smell of the Christmas’s cookies that her mother baked.
  • He was disappointed that he couldn’t go to the Christmas’s parade because of the bad weather.
  • They had a lot of fun playing the Christmas’s games that they had prepared.
  • She admired the Christmas’s tree that was decorated with lights and ornaments.

Example Sentences With Christmas As An Adjective  

You can also use the word ‘Christmas’ as an adjective if you want to talk about or describe a thing or a feeling related to ‘Christmas.’ Here are a few example sentences with the word Christmas:

  • Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.
  • I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • We always go to church on Christmas morning.
  • She gave me a beautiful necklace as a Christmas present.
  • He loves to sing Christmas carols with his family.
  • They decorated their house with Christmas lights and wreaths.
  • She baked a delicious Christmas cake for us.
  • He dressed up as Santa Claus for the Christmas party.
  • They exchanged Christmas cards with their friends and relatives.
  • She watched a romantic Christmas movie on Netflix.

In a Nutshell  

To sum up, the word ‘christmases’ is the correct plural version of ‘Christmas’ and you can use this word when you want to talk about several occasions of Christmas. On the other hand, if you want to write Christmas as a possessive noun, you can either use Christmas’s or Christmas’, but they are not very common.

However, if you want to use  ‘Christmas’ as an adjective, then dont add an apostrophe or an extra S. This is because it is the most common and natural way to talk about something in relation to Christmas.


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