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Essay On Badminton – 100, 200, And 500 Words

by Shahnawaz Alam
Last Updated on: September 20, 2023

Are you trying to write an essay on badminton? Worry no more; this article has a very simple essay on badminton that you can use as a reference for your school assignments. With your requirements in mind, I have listed a short essay on badminton within 100 words, a medium essay on badminton, and a large one.

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Essay On Badminton Within 500 Words

Essay On Badminton Within 500 Words

Badminton is one of the most popular sports worldwide. People of different ages love to play badminton. This indoor game is played using a lightweight racket for hitting a shuttlecock. Millions of people around the world love to play badminton.

Badminton has its root in India and was known as Poona during the colonial period in India. This game gained popularity in England during the 19th century. It gained popularity rapidly in different parts of the world and was included in the Olympics in 1992.

This game is one of the simplest sports we can play with only two players in a singles match. There is also played as a doubles game with four players participating in a match. Most importantly, badminton is both an indoor and outdoor game. It is a fast-paced and dynamic game playable at any time.

My Favorite Game

Badminton is my favorite game because of its dynamic setting and the thrilling experience it gives. The sheer agility, reflex, and stamina that badminton requires to make me more excited.

I always feel inspired by global badminton stars like PV Sindhu, Lee Chong Wei, and Lin Dan. The game was already exciting to me, but I came to love it more because of these players playing the best badminton and inspiring millions of players.

The quick movement and endurance this game requires make us physically more active and fit. Fitness experts often recommend badminton to people recovering from injuries or suffering from joint pain. Badminton is not just a sport; it is also a healthy social activity. People of all ages love to play badminton as a recreational activity. It is a great game that helps relieve stress.

I picked up badminton because of my uncle. He plays badminton with me every day after I return from school. For me, it is a great way to enjoy my leisure after a long day at school. It gives me the time and space to enjoy a great time with my friends, especially my uncle.

Badminton Olympics

Badminton was played in the Olympics in 1972 for the first time as a demonstration sport. But, the game was included Olympics in 1992. The game’s competition included men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles games. However, mixed doubles were not introduced in the Olympics until 1996.

Over time, Badminton has become a competitive international sport. Competitive badminton is played indoors to avoid the effects of wind. A little wind can affect the movement of the shuttlecock. The badminton court is 13.4 meters long and has a 5.2 meters width. The players must volley the shuttlecocks back and forth within the court while ensuring that it does not touch the ground inside the court.


In conclusion, badminton is a sport that has something to offer to everyone. It is a fast-paced game with lots of strategic elements and physical benefits. Whether you’re looking to stay active, have fun, or compete at the highest level, badminton is a great choice. You can rejuvenate and recharge your mind and body by playing badminton.

Essay on Badminton within 400 words

Badminton is a popular racket sport, played by millions around the world. It is also the fastest racket sport.

This racket and shuttle game was named after Badminton, the county estate of the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, England. Though the game of Badminton was invented and the first match played here in 1873, its roots can be traced back to games played in ancient India, Greece, and China. The racket sport badminton also has a lot of similarities with Battledore and shuttlecock, or Jeu de volant, which is an old children’s game in Europe.

The current version of the sport is based on a game popular among British officers who were stationed in India in the 1860s. The game was called Poona which was the old name of Pune city in Maharashtra.

One of the remarkable aspects of badminton is its versatility. The game can be played by two single players or in doubles, making it a perfect choice for social gatherings or competitive tournaments. 

Competitive badminton is generally played indoors so that wind doesn’t affect the movement of the shuttlecock. The objective of the game is simple yet challenging – to hit the shuttlecock in such a way that the opponent cannot return it. 

In order to return the shuttlecock, players need almost split-second reflexes and lightning-fast reactions. Badminton tests the physical abilities, mental sharpness, and strategizing skills of players. Hence it should not be taken lightly.

Badminton’s popularity is evident from the numerous tournaments held worldwide. One of the most prestigious events is the All-England Championships, which attracts top players from across the globe. These tournaments showcase the skill, dedication, and passion of the players, making badminton a sport worth following and celebrating.

Why do I like playing badminton?

I like the game because of its fast-paced nature. To fulfill the objective of the game, a lot of strength is required to hit the shuttlecock with the racket. I personally enjoy smashing the shuttlecock with my racket and seeing it hurtling toward my opponent at an incredible speed. 

When I am playing badminton, I need to stay focused mentally in order to predict my opponent’s next move follow the path of the shuttlecock, and return it back to my opponent. As a result, I get so completely absorbed that sometimes I forget the world and everything that is happening around me. I enjoy this feeling a lot and this is also another reason I like playing this sport.


In conclusion, badminton is a sport that combines speed, stamina, and fun. It offers a thrilling experience for players of all ages and fitness levels. With its rich history, global tournaments, and numerous health benefits, badminton continues to captivate both players and spectators alike. So grab a racket, find a partner, and get ready to experience the exhilaration of badminton!

Essay On Badminton Within 200 Words

Essay On Badminton Within 200 Words

Badminton is one of the most popular indoor games. Three is a badminton World Federation that governs all the global competitive badminton matches happening internationally. It is a very fun and interactive game that helps with physical fitness and reducing mental stress.

The game is played with two or four players playing against each other. Players have a lightweight racket which they use to hit a shuttlecock back and forth within the badminton court. The most fun part is – the game does not have very complicated rules, making it an easy-to-play indoor game for most people.

Badminton players are very light on their feet and have very quick body movements. Their quick movement, great hand-eye coordination, and quick reflexes are admirable. Some of the most famous badminton players like Saina Nehwal, P.V. Sindhu, Lee Chong Wei, and Lin Dan are globally renowned for their expertise in the game. Many badminton lovers look up to them as their sports idols.

Badminton requires a present of mind, focus, and the ability to make quick decisions. The physical movement associated with the game improves the players’ physical fitness, making it a great sporting activity. In conclusion, badminton is a great sporting activity helping players reduce stress and have fun while playing.

Essay On Badminton Within 100 Words

Essay On Badminton Within 100 Words

Badminton is a popular indoor racket sport that is played by individuals or teams of two. It is played with a lightweight bat and a shuttlecock. The objective is to hit a lightweight shuttlecock over a high net and into the opponent’s court without it touching the ground.

Players need to have quick reflexes, agility, and good hand-eye coordination, making it a great workout for the whole body. Badminton is a fun and social activity that can be played in various settings, from casual games to international tournaments.

Its fast-paced gameplay, strategic elements, and physical benefits make it a great choice for people of all ages and skill levels.

Bottom Line

Local and regional badminton tournaments are very common in most countries. People play it as a recreational sport or as a hobby. However, it is also an international sport and is played in the Olympics. If you are looking for an essay on badminton, then this article should help you. This article should help you write a paragraph on badminton. I hope this article was any help. However, if you have any further queries, please reach out to us in the comment section. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

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