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Essay on Environment for Children and Students in English

by Nabamita Sinha
Last Updated on: October 10, 2022

Let’s Start!

It is high time that we talk about the environment, global warming, and climate change. You might not know, but all these things are connected with each other very intricately. Due to our neglect and blatant disregard, we let the natural environment to its breaking point. 

So it is very important to teach the importance of a healthy and clean environment for our sustenance. Essay on the environment is the easiest way to make children and students understand the importance. To help you with the environment essay, here are a few examples. 

Essay on Environment 1 (500 words)

essay on environment

When you look around you, what do you see? The buildings, trees, air, water bodies, and anything that you see around you are a part of the environment. Both living and nonliving things, like wind, sunlight, animals, and plants, are what maintain the balance between nature and help to grow a healthy balanced environment. 

In the modern age, with the advancement of technology and innovation, human advancement is leaping ahead, but it is leaving behind an annihilated environment. And that is not going to end up good for anyone, neither mankind nor the environment. Equilibrium or balance between mankind and nature is very important for the sustenance of both. 

It is very important that people know that everything that we have, we got from nature and its resources, so disregarding this fact is not good for us. Whether it’s oil, wood, metal, or medicines, everything comes from the environment. Man is nothing without nature. 

Between the living and the nonliving, there are a lot of cycles that take place to maintain a balance. Disturbing one of these cycles would result in catastrophic events like feminine, drought, and even a pandemic. The most amazing thing that happened during the pandemic was nature restored itself from the years of harm and destruction. 

Water Bodies were being less polluted, trees were able to grow, and animals returned to their natural habitats in the wild. But a pandemic or a natural disaster should not be the warning signs given to us, our environment, that we are being selfish and reckless with what we got. 

Humans are considered to be the most intelligent creatures in this World that are created by nature itself. They have passion and an eagerness to learn and innovate, it started from the wheel and fire, and now it came to AI-operated robots. 

They are moving towards more technological advancement day by day. But at the same time, all these technological advancements are becoming a threat to life on Earth day by day. The effects can already be seen through the pollution rate, diseases, and extinction of plants and animals. 

With the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, we are destroying the soil composition as well as our health by consuming those food items. The daily inhaling of car smoke is steadily damaging our lungs, and we don’t even know that. 

The importance of clean air is not yet understood by half the population, or else they wouldn’t have cut down millions of trees daily around the globe. It is true that a few people in the world, no matter how rich they are, won’t be able to save this destruction of the environment. 

What it needs are daily efforts toward restoring natural balance. A small effort, like planting a few trees, can impact a lot in the long run. So if by letting go of our selfishness and destructive mentality, we think a little about the environment around us, then we are capable of restoring its natural balance once again. 

Essay on Environment 2 (200 words)

essay on environment

When we talk about the environment, what do we actually mean? Everything from the air, water, sunlight, soil, trees, plants, animals, and any other things is what we mean. To have a healthy environment, there needs to be a balance between nature and man, any disruption in the balance can be harmful to both. 

Coexistence is the key! We have heard this phrase, but rarely any of us understand what it exactly means. It means we need to respect each other equally to live together in harmony and peace. This is what every one of us needs to understand and live by. 

Humans often take the environment and nature for granted as they can’t take a stand for themselves, but that doesn’t mean nature won’t retaliate. And when it does retaliate in the form of hurricanes, tsunamis, and wildfires, humans can’t do anything other than be mere bystanders.  

So in order to live in peace without the possible threat of annihilation of the human race, man should learn to respect nature and not underestimate its wrath. Mutual respect and understanding are very important to maintain any kind of relationship to grow old together and live happily for years to come. 

Essay on Environment 3 (100 words)

essay on environment

What is the Environment? It is everything that we see around us that helps us to grow up, live our lives, and eventually, return back to nature. The environment and nature take care of us, and we eventually go back to its lap after we have lived our lives. 

But due to the selfish act and behaviour of a few people, we constantly destroy and hurt nature and the environment that gave us so many things throughout our lives. So it is our turn to stop hurting nature and give it back all the love and care that it deserves. 

Wrapping Up!

Writing a short essay on environment or an essay on world environment day is how the next generation will understand the importance of nature and our surrounding environment. Writing an essay on the environment is great, but only writing is not enough; acting upon what you are writing is very important and crucial. 

If you find these environment essays helpful, then surely let me know in the comment section.

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