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Essay on Teacher in English for Children and Students

by Rishab Dey

Hello children and students! Are you looking for an essay on teachers? I have three samples you can read and draw inspiration from.  Here are three essays on the teacher within 500, 200 & 100 words.

You can try the 500 words essay or check out the 100 words short essay on the teacher based on your required word limits.

Essay On Teacher Within 500 Words   

Essay On Teacher Within 500 Words

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

Japanese Proverb

Teachers are the builders of the future generation. They are the builders of better human beings who shape the next generations to come. Teaching is undoubtedly the most respectable profession in society, and teachers get respect from people from every walk of life.

They help students understand the importance of education and its power to change the world. Most parents expect a lot from their children’s teachers; it is because they entrust the very significant task of teaching their children to the teachers. That is why most teachers take their duties to their students very seriously and put their earnest effort.

An honorable teacher

Although it is a very noble profession, only a handful of teachers excel at becoming a noble teacher. A good and honorable teacher would always pay attention to their students and work to advance their education. Teachers make it very easy to know about diverse areas.

A good teacher would help you learn a new lesson, be it in the classroom or in life. Good teachers are friendly toward their students. They always encourage you to learn new things and expand the span of your knowledge and skills.

It is only natural for them to oversee that you are doing well in your studies, learning good manners, and staying healthy. A good teacher not only focuses on your academic performance. They also want you to do well in life. They are strict when they need to be, but teachers also open a safe space for you to open up to them about your problems.

Your teacher will not solve the problems for you; rather, they will guide you so that you can solve them on your own. A good teacher holds a place of honor and respect in a student’s life.

My Teacher

Like most people, I am blessed with good teachers who taught me a lot. Not only did they help me do well academically, but they also helped me develop a healthier personality. My teachers are my inspiration in life.

Their fun and engaging way of teaching something attracts me; I never miss school because my teachers make it worthwhile to attend their classes. When I was in 3rd grade, I fell and hurt my knee. At that time, I remember my teacher rushing to the infirmary to see if I was alright.

My English teacher and art teacher are my favorite. They have a very attractive and inspiring personality that mesmerizes me. A good teacher is more than just a teacher. Their influence on students’ life expands beyond just the academic field. Our teachers help us shape a good mentality; they help us distinguish between right and wrong.

I cannot deny the influence and effect my teachers have in my life. They have helped me push beyond my limits, made me studious, and opened up a vast world of education to explore. In conclusion, they act as the ladder helping me climb upwards in life.

Essay On Teacher Within 200 Words   

Essay On Teacher Within 200 Words

If anyone has the future in their hands, it is the teachers. They are the builders of the future  the world waits upon. Teachers are the most knowledgeable people in society who pass on different skills, knowledge, and social and moral values to their students. They help students become successful in life by guiding and mentoring them.

Teachers don’t do what they do just because it is their profession. They see teaching as their calling in life. They are passionate about teaching students with earnest commitment, attention, and care. Most of them have a keen eye for understanding students.

Teachers are great at understanding the difference between each student and their unique individual needs and requirements. They attend to these needs with care, compassion, and affection, and they don’t get tired of helping their students. Teachers build an inclusive and supportive environment for the students where they can grow and build themselves.

Under good teachers, students feel encouraged, empowered, and motivated to do well academically. Teachers never discriminate between students. They are always supportive and affectionate towards each of their students. Their skill in communicating with the students allows them to solve students’ problems effortlessly.

A skilled teacher has a deep understanding of their teaching curriculums and their subjects. They always have the answer to any questions students might have. Teachers have a distinctive role in shaping society. They are truly the backbone of society.

Essay On Teacher Within 100 Words   

Essay On Teacher Within 100 Words

After our parents, teachers are those guardians who have a tremendous influence on our lives. Students often take teachers as gifts from god due to their magnificent personalities and knowledge. Teachers help students learn academically, while also helping develop their social skills and encouraging them to improve their physical health.

A good teacher is a guardian who sometimes acts like your friend and sometimes as a wise person with all the knowledge in the world. They have immense knowledge in the subject they teach and also in subjects beyond that. With their different moral and ethical values, teachers help shape a healthy personality within the students.

In conclusion, a good teacher helps improve and sustain the education system, which is the backbone of society.


After the parent-children relationship, the teacher-student relationship is the most precious bonding a child experiences in life. Teachers need to be affectionate towards their students. Being a teacher is not just a matter of having good academic qualifications; one needs to have a very welcoming and understanding personality embodying all the moral qualities of a teacher. If you were looking for an essay on teachers, the three samples given in this article should help. However, if you need additional help, the comment section is open for you to ask questions.

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