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15 Best Excuses To Leave Work Early – Career Guidance

by Shahnawaz Alam

I think the movie was named Soul. Do you remember that scene when the hedge fund manager finally gets back to his earthly body and realizes that he is alive?

Yeah, we all have been through that day when you want to leave your office desk and go home. But, your reporting head is hard to fool, and the HR is like the statue of Sphynx asking riddles after riddles for questions.

So, what excuses can you come up with to walk past this area 51-level security? Here are some excuses to leave work early. I know you are an expert at it, but I love to spread my helping hands. (gosh, my team lead is going to kill me for this.)

1. Headaches Always Work

Headaches Always Work

When it comes to coming up with good excuses to leave work early, headaches are the aces you have up your sleeves. Just hold your head in front of your reporting head/HR or your boss and act like you are going to drop dead if you don’t leave work.

Do you know what makes an excuse perfect? Say that the lights, computer screen, and noise feel unbearable.

2. A Doctor’s Appointment

A Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s appointments work pretty well if you are looking for excuses to leave work early. If you are making an excuse in advance, then there is no point for your boss/reporting head to deny it.

But remember not to use this excuse too often. No lie is completely fool-proof, and your boss has a third eye to see through your deception.

3. Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Your boss will have no other way but to understand if you use menstrual cramps as an excuse to leave work for the day. But, only use this excuse when it is very convenient. Also, the same excuse within a small interval does not usually work.

4. Tummy Ache

Tummy Ache

Take frequent bathroom breaks and say that you have an upset stomach. The meat bowl last night was too much for your digestive system, and it is difficult to work with an upset stomach.

If you need an excuse to leave work early, then this is it. Let your boss immediately know that you have to leave for home ASAP.

5. Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

The most believable excuses to leave work early are always related to your health. When you want to leave work early, you can show the excuse of having severe toothache. Also, let your boss know that you will get a dentist’s appointment as soon as possible.

You can let your boss know that your tooth is aching. This should help you leave the office ASAP.

6. Unexplained Medical Condition

Unexplained Medical Condition

Your boss is not a medical expert. So, if you tell them that you have a certain uncommon disease that is highly infectious, they will have no way but to let you off the hook.

But make sure to put up a believable act.

7. Car Problems

Car Problems

Your car can be one of the best excuses to leave work early. You can tell your boss that some part of your car got damaged and you need to get it replaced. So, unless you go before nightfall, the mechanic might close for the day.

This excuse works well. But be careful about your lies.

8. Something Urgent At Home

Something Urgent At Home

Urgent excuses work really well to help you leave early. You can make excuses like your bathroom is flooding or something broke.

Anyways, you just have to make your boss believe that the situation will worsen if you don’t leave ASAP.

9. My Child Is Sick

My Child Is Sick

Again, Health issues are the best excuses to leave work early. Especially when your child is sick, your boss will not keep you waiting in the office. You can make up stories like your child suddenly fell sick or had an injury, and you have to go visit them at school/daycare.

If not your own sickness, your child’s sickness will help you leave the office early. Again, don’t use this excuse too often.

10. Babysitter Daycare Emergency

Babysitter Daycare Emergency

You just had a call from the daycare or your child’s babysitter regarding some emergency, and you need to leave the office immediately. I think this is among the best excuses to leave work early.

You have an emergency regarding, and you need to pick up your child ASAP – this is the most convenient reason to leave work for working moms or dads.

11. Appliance Delivery

Appliance Delivery

Thanks to the huge bonus, you have finally been able to buy that double-door fridge. You can tell your boss that you have to be at home to receive that huge home appliance you ordered the other day. Large-sized home appliances cannot be delivered without the customer at home. So, you need to be at home for a longer period.

I think this is one of those excuses to leave work early that your boss cannot deny. But make sure to use this excuse mindfully.

12. Internet Cable Installation

Internet Cable Installation

Maybe you are having the electrician over to fix some electrical issues. Or you are installing new wi-fi, and you must be at home to oversee the process. This makes up for the perfect excuse to leave work early and go home.

13. Bank Works

Bank Works

Something can go totally wrong, and you cannot pay or receive money. If you are looking for excuses to leave work early, bank errands work like perfect excuses to leave work during business hours. The banks are only open during business hours, and you have to leave work during business hours.

You can ask your boss about that early leave you want since you have some business to take care of at the bank.

14. Parents/Kids Are Locked Out

Parents/Kids Are Locked Out

Let’s talk about funny excuses to leave work early. You can tell your boss that your kids or your parents are locked out. You just got a text from them, and you have to hurry home now and help them get in.

Don’t forget to mention that you have only one key and the other one is lost.

15. You Have To Attend A Wedding

You Have To Attend A Wedding

This is the most exclusive excuse to leave work early; and you cannot use it too often. If you are looking for excuses to leave work early then using the excuse of a wedding can be a one-time gateway ticket.

You can say that the place takes a significant amount of time, and you have to be there before a certain time. This should convince your boss to let you leave for the day.

Bottom Line

As I said before, your boss will not like the idea you leaving from work out of the blue. However, put up your best effort guys, you got this. You are free to use the cunning excuses I have listed in this article.

However, if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comment. We usually answer within no time.

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