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How Are You? 21 Ways To Ask People ‘How Are You?’

by Shahnawaz Alam
Last Updated on: November 22, 2022

How are you? Is jane doing ok? How are the kids?

This is how people hold a casual conversation. You are a social being, and talking to people casually comes at every stage of your daily life. However, there are exceptions as well. You cannot talk casually everywhere. 

But most of the verbal communication we share is with our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. For these conversations, you need to polish your communication skill, which includes being able to hold an informal conversation. 

For example, did you know that you can ask someone “how are you” in more than 20 ways? In this article, I have offered to help you with 21 ways of asking someone how they are doing. So, let’s start without any delay!

  1. How Are You?
How Are You?

First of all, this is the simplest gesture and question you ask someone when you meet them after a long time. You can also ask the same when you feel concerned about their well-being. But, this gesture is usually a casual way to ask about people’s state of mind or their life.

  1. Hey, What’s Up
Hey, What’s Up

How are you? Nah, that’s too old school and formal. If you want to say hello to your friends in a casual tone or ask how they are doing, you can start by asking, “hey! What’s up”.

  1. How You Doin!

Whether you want to act cool or just ask casually how the other person is doing, then you should let Joey here be your mentor. You know what! Skip the formal “how are you” and start with a cool smirk and ask, “how you doin?” That’s the best pick up line of the decade, believe me. 

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  1. Hey, Long Time No See!
Hey, Long Time No See!

So, you are meeting John for the first time in a while; and you want to greet him and then start with, “hey John, Long time no see! How have you been? 

  1. How Are Your Holding Up
How Are Your Holding Up

This is one of the best ways of asking your friend how they are doing emotionally, and mentally. You can ask your friend when you are curious about what’s going on in their lives. It is a way to show concern about someone’s ability to cope with their current situation. 

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  1. How Do You Do?
How Do You Do?

“How do you do?” this is another informal way of asking someone, “how are you.” But people usually don’t ask “how do you do?” anymore. There are other informal ways to ask how someone is doing. 

  1. How’s It Going?
How’s It Going?

How’s it going? This is another informal tone of asking someone, “how are you?” You can ask them how you are feeling or how’s it going to know if they are doing alright. 

  1. It’s Been A While; How’s Everything?
It’s Been A While; How’s Everything_

Meeting your friend after a long time? Well, “it’s been a while’ how’s everything?”. You can ask this informal question to your friend when you are meeting them after a long time.

  1. What Are You Up To Lately?
What Are You Up To Lately?

When asking someone about their current conditions and actions, you can use this quick informal question to know what they are doing.

  1. How Are You In German: Wie Gehts
How Are You In German: Wie Gehts

There is no need to stick to one language when people are having a multilingual conversation across the world. You can rather say “Wie Gehts,” which means how are you in German. 

  1. Hey Buddy, How’s Life?
Hey Buddy, How’s Life?

When asking this question, you can expect all sorts of answers. The person you ask may tell you about the current situation in life or what they are doing at the moment of asking this question. 

  1. What’s With That Face?
What’s With That Face?

Sometimes you can read what someone is feeling by looking at their face. That is when you can ask them, “what’s with that face?” to confirm their current state of mind.

  1. How’s It Hanging?
How’s It Hanging?

It must feel boring to ask “how are you?” a person all the time. Why not be a little cool about it and say, “hey, how’s it hanging!”

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  1. Sup? 

“How are you?” was old fashioned when “what’s up” became its new replacement. This informal question took another turn when people started asking “Sup!” a smaller version of “what’s up!”

  1. It’s Great To See You. Are You Doing Ok?
It’s Great To See You. Are You Doing Ok?

Informal is good. But, if you want to show a little care and be modest, then this is a good alternative to “how are you.”

  1. I Hope Everything’s Alright; Is Everything Alright?
I Hope Everything’s Alright; Is Everything Alright?

It is a moment of distress, and you are worried about someone. This is when you ask them if everything is alright. 

  1. Hi, How Have You Been?
Hi, How Have You Been?

Another question to ask when you are meeting your friend for the first time after a long time. Instead of simply asking, “how are you” you can ask, “how have you been?”.

  1. Haven’t Seen You Around For A While; Is Everything Alright?
Haven't Seen You Around For A While; Is Everything Alright?

If you just want to ask someone about their current situation, then you can ask them this question. Maybe they’ll tell you what they were busy with. 

  1. How Are You In Sign Language

You can use words for those who can hear you. But how about those who cannot? It helps people who converse through sign language if you also know it. No, you don’t have to know every sign. But, at least you can learn to ask how you are in sign language. 

  1. Howdy, My Friend!
Howdy, My Friend!

Another informal way of asking how you are is Howdy, my friend!. If you are running out of alternatives, then this is the alternative. 

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  1. You Alright, My Man?
You Alright, My Man?

Is your friend feeling a little under the weather, then you should check on them. You should go ahead and ask, “you alright my man?”

Bottom Line 

There is more than one way to ask someone, “how are you?” it is not necessarily important to know all the different ways of asking about someone’s current state. But the more you know, the better it is for you to hold a simple and casual conversation. 

I think the different ways I have given examples should help you. However, if you have any questions to ask or feedback to offer, the comment box is yours.

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