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Best Way To Respond To How Is Your Day Going

by subhasree nag

It is not anything unusual to come across the question, “how is your day going?” Anybody who wants to know about us would ask this question as a conversation starter or as a common greeting. But do we actually think before answering this question or realize what it exactly means? No, right? 

We do not think before answering this question and give some answers randomly when someone asks how’s your day. As a matter of fact, er keep saying the same thing over and over again as an answer to this question. Let’s start by exploring the meaning behind this question and look for some responses along the way.

What Does The Question “How Is Your Day Going” Mean?

What Does The Question How Is Your Day Going Mean

We often come across the question how is your day going or how was your day. This is basically a way of making small talk. This is also a conversation starter that most people use. But what can it actually mean?

  • “How is your day going so far or how’s your day going so far?” – By this, a person is looking for answers to know what happened this far in your day, if anything interesting has happened, or if it is just a regular ordinary day.
  • “Overall, how has your day been?” – By this, a person is asking about your whole day, by which that person is asking about all the good moments as well as the bad moments.
  • “How is your day going compares to yesterday?” – this question is comparing your other days to the present day and looking for answers to how things are going lately.

How To Respond To The Question, “How Is Your Day Going?”

Now that we have found out the meaning of the question, it is time to look for the possible answers to the question. Generally, there are plenty of possible answers, and we will be going through a few of those, but sometimes adding a ‘yours’ or “what about you?” can turn the table, and it is also a polite way to take the conversation forward.

If the person is not so close, you can give a short answer and ask them about their day; if you are not willing to talk about your day with them, just be polite and give a short answer to end the conversation. And if you know the person well, the response can be a bit longer; if you are actually willing to talk to them about your day.

Responses For “How Is Your Day Going?”

There are many ways in which you can respond, like in a serious way, a fun way, or even in a sarcastic way.

1. It Has Been Great. How About You?

This is something you say when you have had a great day, and let the other person know about the amazing day, and don’t forget to ask them back how their day went. This isn’t just a great way to get the conversation going, but it shows that you also want to know about them. You can say things like this.

  • Great! What about you?
  • It couldn’t be any better! How about you?
  • It’s been amazing! Yours?

2. Chilling At Home, So Not Too Bad

Tell them what you have been doing with the reply. It doesn’t matter if you just lied on the couch all day, let them know that. They are sending you how your day is going text messages, probably because they want to chat with you, so just go with the flow. You can say

  • Had an amazing lunch, so it was good.
  • Finished an amazing book. It has been a good day.
  • Just got home from a trip. How about you?

3. Really Well! Thank You For Asking

This is a very positive and polite reply that you can send your close one. Not everybody checks in on you, so it is good to thank them for showing concern. A smile can go a long way, so send them a virtual smile along with your answer, and if you want, ask about them in return.

  • It is very sweet of you to ask, I had a great day. How was yours?
  • It was not a great day. Thank you for asking, though. How was your day?
  • Can’t complain. But thanks for checking in.

4. Good. How Was Yours?

Well, this response is for those people who are not very close to you. This is for those times when you don’t want to get into a personal conversation. This is a very generic response, and ask them how their day has been. Try to continue the conversation if you want to know them better.

  • It was actually good. How about you?
  • Not too bad. How about you?
  • It has been great! How are you doing?

5. It Was Pretty Good. You Won’t Believe What Happened Today.

This is for those people who you know very well. This can mean two different things. If you are actually interested in talking to them, then pour your heart out, and if you do not want to get into the conversation, divert it in some other direction.

  • Guess what? Started the new series you recommended.
  • It has been pretty good. You won’t believe what happened in the meeting today.
  • It was a good day. I have been doing the Harry Potter marathon.

Let’s See How To Respond To How Was Your Day With Some More Examples.

  • I have been better.
  • It has been a mixture, all things considered.
  • It has been a very busy day. What did you do?
  • Honestly, it is better than I expected.
  • It was an eventful day.
  • Nothing special
  • As usual
  • It was not good, I don’t want to talk about it.

Bottom line

The next time someone asks you how is your day going, you will know what to tell them ad how to tell them. Reply to them according to your convenience, but remember it takes nothing to be polite to a person, and it is always okay to send a smile along with your text. Let them know that you appreciate their concern.

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