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How To Write A Scholarship Essay: A Complete Guide

by Akram

Writing a good scholarship essay can help you achieve your career goals and get financial aid. Usually, you need to write a personal statement showing your purpose in pursuing a particular career. Hence, institutes ask for writing an essay to know your interest, knowledge, and experience. If you don’t know how to write a scholarship essay, read on. 

Before you learn how to write a winning scholarship essay, you need to know a few things about yourself. Scholarship essays are usually meant to check your interest, the field of study, academic excellence, and more. 

Questions Before Writing A Scholarship Essay

Questions Before Writing A Scholarship Essay

The following thought-provoking questions will open up your mind for writing an essay that stands out.

  • Why are you interested in this field? Here this field refers to the area of specialization you are applying for. 
  • What are the current issues that you encounter in society, and what solution can you provide if you have the authority?
  • Why do you think you are a good candidate to receive the award? 
  • What influenced you to pursue this field of study?
  • What are your future plans?

These questions can help you to know your interest, the driving force behind pursuing the career and guide you on how to write a good scholarship essay. You can also check out other scholarship prompts and questions. 

How To Write A Scholarship Essay?

Write A Scholarship Essay

For writing a scholarship essay, you need to consider different elements of an essay and how to structure it properly. I have divided the process of writing into three phases:

  • Research and Planning
  • Writing
  • Editing and Formatting

Now, let me take you through the detailed steps in every phase. 

Research And Planning

Research And Planning

In this phase, you will figure out the topic, research the topic, prepare an outline, and understand the process of writing a winning essay. 

Understand Your Audience

First of all, you need to understand the intent of your audience. Although you cannot know what exactly the committee wants from an ideal candidate, you can get some idea by reading the essay prompt. However, don’t lose your voice when you are trying to meet the expectation of the committee. 

Search And Choose A Relevant Topic

If you are not comfortable or don’t have proper knowledge, you can choose a related topic based on your interest and expertise.

For example, if the committee expects you to write something on finance, you have an interest in technology. You can start an essay combining both finance and technology to show that you can excel if you get a chance. 

Adhere To The Guidelines

Don’t forget to keep in line with the guidelines. Many candidates fail to win the scholarship simply because they don’t follow the guidelines. Keep the word limit in mind, and don’t forget the deadline.

Even if you don’t know how to write a scholarship essay, you can win the rewards if you adhere to the guidelines and follow the process mentioned in this article. 

Prepare A Layout

Preparing a layout helps you to build a proper structure of the essay. The main advantage of an essay outline is, it acts as a roadmap to your essay. Once you have an essay outline and relevant data, you can start writing your essay. 



Since you have already prepared an outline and collected relevant data, you need to start writing your first draft without worrying about spelling and grammatical mistakes. The goal is to convey your ideas properly. Keep these things in mind while writing the essay. 

Write A Catchy Introduction With A Strong Thesis Statement

The introduction is the most important part of your essay. So, make it interesting and try to catch the attention of the reader in the first sentence. After that, you need to provide a thesis statement that shows your main idea. 

Share Your Experience With Examples

Everyone has unique experiences, and that can play a significant role in winning the scholarship. Even if you don’t know how to write a scholarship essay, you can learn it and improve your chance by providing real examples. 

Try To Connect To The Reader

After all, you are writing it to win the scholarship. If you just provide information without connecting the reader, you may lose your chance of getting the reward. So, ensure that you show your emotion and make your reader engaging. 

Maintain A Good Structure

When you are writing, ensure that you are maintaining a good structure. Explain a single idea in a single paragraph and if you have relevant examples, include that in the same paragraph.

Don’t put multiple ideas into a single paragraph. Ensure that the ideas you share in the essay are logically consistent. That means you should not provide contradictory statements within your essay. 

Make Your Conclusion Interesting

Don’t just copy and paste the introduction in the concluding paragraph. Give an interesting closure to your essay by restating the thesis statement and share your opinion. Keep it short within three to four sentences. 

Editing And Fixing Mistakes

Editing And Fixing Mistakes

After you complete writing, you need to edit and make the necessary modifications to polish your writing. 

Review And Editing 

Reviewing your essay helps you to know whether you need to change anything. Maybe you wanted to add something but forgot to mention it by mistake. Moreover, there may be some sentences you don’t want to include in the essay.

It also helps you to know whether the essay is making sense to you. So, you can make the changes by reviewing and editing. 

Proofread And Fix The Mistakes

It’s a common thing that we will make mistakes, so don’t forget to proofread the whole writing. It will help you to fix grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and formatting issues. So, it’s the final and an essential step before you finish your essay. 

Final Words

Now that you know how to write a scholarship essay, you can increase your chance of winning the reward. Although you may not write a perfect essay at the first attempt, you can improve your essay writing through practice.

So, if you have never written an essay, try to write two to three essays before you write your final essay.

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