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How To Write Death Penalty Essay – A Step By Step Guide

by Mashum Mollah

Writing a death penalty essay is quite different from your other essay topics. Most of the time, you come up with an argumentative format to write such an essay. But, just because you are writing an essay on a controversial topic doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive about it.

But, if you proceed to write a death penalty essay, you must start with some accurate information. And, to present factual information, you must know the correct definition of the death penalty. According to Oxford Dictionary, it is a punishment by execution, also known as capital punishment.

What Are Several Types Of Death Penalty Essays?

Types Of Death Penalty Essays

The first step of writing a death penalty essay is choosing the right type for it. There are several types of death penalty essays such as;

1: Analytical

If the objective of your essay is to find out something about the death penalty, then you must go for the analytical essay format. It will be more like a story to analyze what the death penalty means and how it impacts people.

2: Argumentative

Choose the argumentative essay format if you want to write an essay on some trending death penalty incidents. You may want your reader to believe all the death penalty cons, and that’s why an argumentative essay will be the right fit for you.

3: Expository

If the purpose of your essay is to investigate an idea, then you must choose the expository essay format. Then, you will evaluate evidence supporting that idea and set forth the death penalty arguments concerning that event in such essays.

4: Persuasive 

If you want to persuade your reader to believe your opinion, you must go for the persuasive essay format. You will present all sorts of data here that will sway the reader away from other viewpoints.

How To Write A Death Penalty Essay?

How To Write A Death Penalty Essay

Once you select the type of the essay, you must figure out how you will write it. What we mean is that you should opt for a specific structure to write the essay. Here is the format for you to follow a death penalty essay:

1: Title

Firstly, you should start with a compelling title. As you know, the death penalty is a sensitive and controversial topic, so make sure you catch your readers’ attention from the very beginning. In addition, make the title as attractive as possible so that it intrigues people’s curiosity to read your essay.

2: Introduction

When introducing a death penalty essay, include a ‘background’ and a ‘thesis statement.’ In the background section, you will state why you are writing the essay.

In the thesis statement, you must appeal to your readers’ emotions and ask a question that you will aim to answer throughout the essay.

3: Main Body

Once you are done with the introduction, focus on the main body of the essay. Choose at least three topics to focus on, and add supporting evidence for each one of them.

When you switch from one issue to another, make clear transitions. It must not look like you are simply presenting facts and statistics because that will look like a news article. 

State your reasons for supporting a particular viewpoint in favor or against the death penalty, and give evidence to help that thought. You can either choose to emphasize death penalty pros or death penalty cons in this part.

But, whatever you choose, give logical examples so that your death penalty essay can encourage readers to question their beliefs. 

4: Conclusion

Many people make the mistake of paraphrasing the introduction while writing the conclusion. But, you should not do that. Indeed, the conclusion mirrors the introduction, but you have to answer your thesis question here. Don’t introduce any new ideas in this part.

But, you can always include a call-to-action here so that people get inspired to do something about it by reading your death penalty essay. 

Where Can I Find Useful Information To Write My Death Penalty Essay?

Useful Information To Write My Death Penalty Essay

If you have already learned how to choose the right type of essay and write it, it’s time you get your hands on some valuable sources to write the death penalty essay. Of course, you can always ask your teacher for some good books to look for online.

Or, you can also get a handful of sound sources in your school or college library. But, there are other sources on the internet that students use to write a good death penalty essay.

1: Wikipedia

Yes, Wikipedia is your go-to option for researching any topic that doesn’t seem to contain too much helpful information on the internet. You can access it for free, and you will get many good links to the death penalty arguments here too.

2: Google Scholar

Another good search engine to get free information on the death penalty is the Scholarly articles. You can get great articles, journals, books, and magazines here on the death penalty. You can also put the reference of those texts in your essay to indicate their credibility.

3: Amnesty International

If you think the death penalty is an absolute inhumane punishment, you will love Amnesty International. There are ample statistics, data, and facts presented on this site that will give you path-breaking ideas to write your death penalty essay.

How To Cite The Correct Death Penalty Sources?

Yes, we know we have not mentioned the importance of citing sources in your death penalty essay yet. But, trust us, it’s an essential step if you want to ensure good grades on your paper.

In addition, some universities have strict guidelines for citation, and in that case, you must follow those. However, in some cases, universities don’t impose any strict rule of citation.

So, you can either follow the APA style or the MLA style for citing your sources. Citing the sources in these particular referencing styles will make the reader believe that your essay is authentic and believable. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

We know there are not enough sites available on the internet to give you all answers on this topic. So, we include a few additional questions here that students often ask.

1: What Are Some Good Death Penalty Essay Examples To Follow?

Ans: Yes, some good essay examples give you proper guidance on writing such an essay. For example, How the Death Penalty Save Lives,’ ‘Execution Saves Innocents,’ ‘Death Penalty Repeal,’ ‘Cruel And Unusual, ‘Slow Death Of The Death Penalty, etc. 

2: Where Can We Get A Worldwide Perspective On Death Penalty?

Ans: You can access the Pro-Death Penalty Links from the internet to get a state-by-state guide on capital punishment. You will also find some good papers written by students like you on the death penalty on this site.

3: What Can Be Some Good Death Penalty Essay Topics?

Ans: You can choose from a wide range of topics to write your essay. Topics like ‘Purpose Of Death Penalty, And Its Impact,’ ‘Various Methods Of Death Penalty, ‘Death Penalty Is Unfair’, etc. could be your suggestions. 

Key Learnings

If you follow all the steps that we have mentioned in this article, you’ll indeed score well in your death penalty essay. However, even after reading this article, you may have difficulty coming with the correct format or structure for your paper.

In that case, we advise you to consult your teacher because they will give you better guidance. If you have any other queries, make sure to post them down in the comment box.

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