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Choosing the Right Verb: Laying vs Lying Explained

by Anindita Dey

There are words in the English dictionary that sound a lot alike but mean something completely different. Grammar is really tricky. It makes rules and then contradicts itself completely. Let’s take the words lying and laying. They would be very similar but are completely different when put into context.

Laying And Lying – The Difference

Cambridge Dictionary says lay means “to put something in especially a flat or horizontal position, usually carefully or for a particular purpose.”  Laying is a transitive verb that means to place or put something down, and it requires an object.

Laying And Lying - The Difference

Cambridge Dictionary says lie means “to be in or move into a horizontal position on a surface.” Lying is an intransitive verb that means to be on a horizontal surface and does not require an object.

Well, don’t get stressed. A transitive verb is just a way of differentiating verbs into two separate groups, which require an object and the other one doesn’t.

Be careful while using the spellings. Lieing is not the present participle of the word lie. The ‘I’ becomes ‘y’. Just to make things clear, keep in mind that lying and laying are not the same. If you are not speaking the truth, then you are lying and not laying.

Lying in bed or Laying in bed?  

It is not very difficult to understand the difference between ‘laying in bed’ and ‘lying in bed.’ You just have to remember how to use the verbs.

Lying in bed or Laying in bed  

Transitive verbs are used when there is an object involved. So it is okay to say that laying can be used where there is an object related in the sentence. It is like putting something in some place or some position. So when a table or bed is put into reference, then we would use lay or laying.

Example: The books are laying on the table.

The box is laying on the bed.

Verbs like lying, which are intransitive verbs, do not require an object. So it is quite obvious to say when we are talking about someone or a person, we say “lying in bed,” and when we are talking about an object, we say “laying in bed.”

How to use lying?

The word lying is a homonym as well. Now, what is a homonym?

A homonym is a word that sounds the same but has different meanings. So the word lying can have both meanings. It can be used as lying, as in lying on the bed or lying, which means the act of telling something which is not true.

How to use lying

Let’s check on some examples.

  • The cat is lying on the bed.
  • The dog is lying on the sofa.
  • I think I will be lying down after an hour or so.
  • The girl was lying unconscious, and nobody came to help her.
  • The keys are lying under the mat.

Now, let’s see some of the correct uses of laying as well.

  • My sister is laying the baby down for a nap.
  • She is laying her clothes on the floor.
  • He keeps laying his money on the ground.
  • The kids are laying their papers on the desk.

Let’s see how they can be used in different tenses.

Let's see how they can be used in different tenses

Present Tense – Lay

Example – Please lay the blanket over him.

Present Participle – Laying

Example – I was laying the shirt on the bed.

Past Tense – Laid

Example – She laid down the papers as soon as she was done with the exams.

Present Tense – Lie

Example – Why don’t you lie down for a while?

I would love to lie with him under the stars.

Present Participle – Lying

Example – She has been lying on the sofa with her cat all morning.

Past Tense – Lay

Example – She lay down because she wasn’t feeling well.

Well, let’s make things a bit easy for you. Here is a process that will help you to figure out where to use lying and where to use lying. Just as acronyms help in learning difficult tasks, certain associations of words can help us remember things clearly.

When trying to decide what to use laying or lying, the words place and recline help a lot. There is ‘LA’ used in place, so here we will be using the word laying, and the word recline has got ‘LI’ in it, so here we will be using the word lying.


Well, here we hope that we have covered it all. Everything that was confusing you and stopping you from using the words laying and lying, we hope, is cleared now.

Just keep in mind when a certain object is related, then it will be laying, and when there are no objects concerned, it will be lying.

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