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My Aim In Life Essay For Students

by Shahnawaz Alam

It is common for teachers to ask students to write an essay on their aim in life. Students also often have to write an essay on their aim in life during exams. If you are in middle school or in high school, you should be ready to write a ‘my aim in life essay.’

Now, if you need a sample essay to help you with your essay, this article should be helpful. This article has three sample essays in different word volumes

My Aim In Life Essay In 100 Words

My Aim In Life Essay In 100 Words

An aim in life is just as important as life itself. An aim gives one a purpose to live for. Aim helps us learn, develop, and overcome the obstacles that keep us from advancing in life. Having an aim gives us the joy of being alive and also makes us productive and hardworking. 

Everyone has different aims in life, and they have their own different ways of achieving them. But all aims require hard work and patience. My aim in life is to be an artist. I want to become a professional illustrator. I am patiently learning and working to reach my destination one day. 

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My Aim In Life Essay In 200 Words

My Aim In Life Essay In 200 Words

An aim in life is like a sailor’s compass in a turbulent ocean. It gives one direction, a sense of purpose, and the push to advance in life. Without an aim, a person becomes a ship without direction. We don’t know where our lives will take us if we don’t have an aim in life. That is why it is necessary to choose an aim in life and advance with a plan to reach your goal. My aim in life is to be an astronaut and go to space someday. Although it is too high for a dream, I want to reach it at any cost. 

My parents have always supported my dream and imagination; I am lucky to have them support my dream of becoming an astronaut as well. They encourage me to advance towards my aim in life. From very early childhood, I have been very fascinated by stars, planets, space, asteroids, and the unknown beyond this blue planet. 

I feel deeply inspired by Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin, the astronauts who inspired me to advance toward this goal. That is why I take my studies very seriously and have liked science and mathematics. Like everyone else, I cherish my aim and want to reach the stars to fulfill it. 

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My Aim In Life Essay In 500 Words

My Aim In Life Essay In 500 Words

“Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous — Plato.”

As a species, we human beings are bestowed with the most powerful of all gifts – the gift of free will and knowledge. But, if we don’t have a virtuous aim, our knowledge and free will are wasted on us. All creatures in this universe have some purpose for living. So does the human being. However, since humans have the free will to choose their purpose or aim in life, they have a greater advantage of exceeding limits. 

Since we can choose our aim in life ourselves, different people can have different aims in life. A human without an aim in life is a being without a purpose. Life, a blessing from god, should always be directed by an aim that gives one meaning for living and advancing. It is common for someone with an aim in life to outshine others with any goal. That is, having a goal, a plan, and an aim is the critical element of life. 

So, what is the aim? In general, the term aim means a simple goal or purpose of becoming something in life. For example, a child might aim to become a scientist, a teacher, a writer, a doctor, an astronaut, or an artist. These are what we call an aim. Once you declare something as your aim in life, you are supposed to plan and create a road map to reach that goal in life. Having an aim suggests one will to try, aspire, struggle, and succeed. 

An aim is an essential part of one’s life. It gives one a purpose and meaning to live in this world. Finding an aim is finding what truly matters to us. An aim creates the joy of living; it also helps you find out the best possible way to live your life. 

It is important to be picky about your aim or purpose in life. An aim that does not offer peace of mind or make you productive is not the right one. When choosing an aim, you can start by looking around and getting inspired by people you admire. Having an aim that you feel joyful to invest in yourself completely will provide a better life. 

My aim in life is to become a teacher. I look up to many of my school teachers who are elegant in their manners, well-educated, and humble human beings. Teachers help human beings grow wise, thereby creating a better future world. As a teacher, I want my influence to spread across generations of students I teach. 

We need to have a clear plan when aiming for a certain aim in life. Since I aspire to be a teacher, I want to advance with a roadmap befitting a future teacher. It is a hard and long journey, so I need to be patient and diligently work to advance toward my goal in life. 

I am ready to accept my failure, no matter how difficult it is. But I will learn from it and overcome it since an aim in life is the north star of life. It shows the direction of where I want to reach, and I don’t want to compromise on what I aspire to become. 

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Final Words

A successful life is always a planned one. An aim is always a plan of a successful life. I hope that you can write the best ‘my aim in life essay’ after reading the sample from this article. If you are trying to write a paragraph on my aim in life, you can use the samples here as a guide to help you write.

Please let us know if this essay was helpful. Also, you can attach your queries in the comment section. We will be quick to reply. 

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