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My Hobby Essay – Tips To Write The Best One

by Shahnawaz Alam

Some of the most common essays your teacher might want you to write are –

  • My hobby essay
  • Science and technology essay 
  • Environmental pollution essay
  • Share your story 
  • And a topic of your choice

Writing an essay on your hobby does not have to be complicated. If you love doing something just for the sake of doing it, then writing about it should not be a problem. Still, if you need help, then this article should be helpful. This article shares helpful tips on writing the best hobby essay. So, without any delay, you can go ahead and give it a read. 

Tips To Write My Hobby Essay

An essay starts with an introduction, where you start with a general description that transitions into a specific topic. Then you write the body leading to a conclusion. For my hobby essay, you will follow the same framework. But, I have pointed out specific areas which you need to cover. 

Introduction Of My Hobby Essay

Introduction Of My Hobby Essay

When writing an essay, you need to write the introduction part first. You can start with a general or universal explanation in the beginning, then slowly transition into more specific hobbies. 

It is common to start with broad and general sentences. You can create a roadmap the essay will take the readers through in the introduction part. Here is an example of how you can start –

“Most people around us have some hobbies. Hobbies are activities that we love to do during our spare time. Some of us love to read, while others love to play sports, cook, draw, dance, and collect coins or other collectibles. For example, my hobby is drawing.”

Based on your required length, you can expand or confine your ‘my hobby essay’ within a word limit. Ensure that the introduction part is not larger or smaller than it should be. If you are writing a 20-line essay on your hobby, ensure that the introduction part does not take more than 3 to 4 lines. 

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Different Types Of Hobbies

Different Types Of Hobbies

People have different types of hobbies. But some people usually have more common hobbies. When writing an essay on my hobby, try to incorporate different types of hobbies as a part of your article. Here are some examples of different hobbies —

Reading, dancing, drawing, listening to songs, playing instruments, playing board games, cycling, fishing, traveling, gardening, baking, doing crafts, knitting, and writing poems and stories. 

Some uncommon hobbies include bird watching, going to haunted places, stone skipping, element collecting, and pranks. 

Talk About Your Hobbies

Talk About Your Hobbies

Once you are done writing the introduction part, write at least 10 lines on ‘my hobby.’ Here is an example –

“My hobby is to draw sketches of cartoon and comic book characters. I love to make simple sketches of Tom & Jerry, Ben 10, Iron-man, Batman, Superman, and Ninja Turtles. Whenever I get the free time to draw, I take my sketchbook and draw whatever character I love to draw.

I find great pleasure in filling up the papers of my sketchbook with characters and stories I love. It is magical how a sheet of paper can turn into something beautiful with different characters brought to life. The scratching sound of a pencil on a paper sheet is calming and soothing. Sketching helps me calm down and relax while I enjoy the creative process.”

Some people have more than one hobby. But, when writing a ‘my hobby essay,’ try to stick to one single hobby. Then start explaining the benefits of having a hobby. 

Discuss The Importance Of Hobby

Discuss The Importance Of Hobby

Spending time on hobbies improves your mental health and ensures your overall well-being. People who spend time on their hobbies suffer less from stress, anxiety, depression, and other similar issues. Hobbies also give us a small and instant escape from a busy schedule and relieve tension. 

Some hobbies also add value to your life physically, mentally, and monetarily. If your hobby is exercising, you can gain better physical health. You can make money by selling art if you are an art hobbyist. 

Once you are done talking about your hobby, you can ponder upon the importance or the benefits of spending time on that hobby. Here is my explanation of drawing for example –

Drawing not only improves your skills to draw, but it also fills your mind with imagination and stabilizes your mental conditions. You build a rich mental library of many things observed around you. The process of drawing also makes you more observant than most people.”

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My Hobby Essay: An Example (300 Words)

We need things in life that we can do for fun and relaxation. These activities need focus, time, and effort. But they don’t tire you. Instead, you feel relieved and happy after spending time on a hobby. For me, it is drawing. I cannot imagine life without drawing. 

It is not like I draw all the time. But, when I need an escape and relaxation, I go back to my sketchbooks and pencils. I pack my sketchbook, pencils, and erasers and visit a nearby riverbank, and spend an hour or two drawing whatever comes to my mind.

I have taken a liking to draw since my early childhood. It mesmerized my mind how giving your imagination a visual form on a sheet of paper makes you feel. I loved drawing characters from films, cartoons, and comic books.

Drawing has so many benefits. The first one is that it improves your drawing skills. The more you draw, the better your skill gets. The range of your imagination enriches with more elements added to your mental library. You also develop a better taste in art. Spending time sometimes drawing also makes you a better art critic. 

These were only some drawing-related benefits of this hobby. But, if you are into arts, there are more benefits in store for you. Drawing can calm your mind down. While drawing, you will learn to focus on details, helping you ease your mind from external distractions. You can carry this attention on to another work. Also, it helps you develop your brain and improves your hand-eye coordination. 

When you draw, your eyes, brain, and mind synchronize, helping you create something new. it is a wonderful hobby that gives you a sense of purpose. as an artist, you develop your own aesthetic as a person. It is a very good pass time activity that soothes your mind and enlightens you.

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