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My Pet Dog Essay In English For All Class

by Shahnawaz Alam
Last Updated on: September 8, 2023

Do you have a pet dog?

People who have a pet dog feel extremely lucky and happy to have their and the bond they have their dogs. Dogs have been the best animal friends of humans. They love, protect, and support the humans around them. However, if you are writing the ‘my pet dog essay’ and need help with it, you can read the three essays given in this article.

Here are three small essays on your pet dog within three different word limits. If you are looking for something similar, this article should be able to help.

My Pet Dog Essay: 600 Words

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries and one of the most wonderful animal companion that we could ask for. They have earned this title because they have been by our side since the ancient times – accompanying and aiding us on hunts, serving during wars, and guarding and protecting us, our livestock and our property even during some of the most threatening situations. Even today, dogs work closely with humans in a variety of different roles such as search and rescue dogs, assisting in police and military work, emotional support dogs and guide dogs for the blind. 

They also love us unconditionally which is why, nowadays we mostly adopt dogs for companionship. They are seen as part of family members and treated as one too. Having talked about why dogs are considered a man’s best friend, I would now like to share a personal story on why I love dogs so much. 

My Story: How I got a chance to adopt a dog

I have wanted a pet dog for a long time and even asked my parents to let me have one – any breed would have sufficed, even a indie. But my parents did not let me have one because they thought that I am not ready to take full responsibility of a living animal and they dont have the time to take care of a dog either. 

So I wasnt allowed to keep a dog at home. However, they did not stop me from petting the street dogs outside home and sometimes giving them biscuits and other food items. In this way, I became friends with quite a few indie dogs outside my home. One day while I was going to the market, I noticed that some men were hitting a dog with stones and sticks because the dog had stolen something from their shop. The dog was badly injured and was bleeding. Seeing this, I immediately tried to stop the men from hitting the dog and said that I will pay for the food that the dog has stolen. 

I paid the men for the food items that the dog stole and then I bought some first aid kit. I called my father who helped me to carry the dog to our house. Then my father and I slowly washed the wounds and bandaged them. The dog was so badly hurt that it didnt even try to bite us. We offered it some liquid food and it ate gladly. We also prepared a makeshift bed for the dog in front of our main gate. There the dog lay for three day eating and drinking whatever we put in front of him. After three days, he felt slightly better and was able to get up and limp around. After a week, the dog was completely healed and was again running around as usual. 

How a dog saved our house from getting Robbed

Some weeks after, it was around midnight, when we heard the shout of a man. It sounded like someone crying in pain and then we heard a few dogs barking. My father went out to check and then he called me excitedly. I went out to see and saw a man lying with a bleeding leg, and the dog that we took care of standing on him with a few other dogs around. Turns out that the man was a thief who was planning on breaking and entering our house. But before he could do, the dog (the one we took care of) attacked him along with his friends. We called the police and handed the thief to them. My mother and father was so impressed with the dog, they decided to adopt him. I was so happy at the decision. We adopted him, gave him the name Rex and he lives with us.

My Pet Dog Essay: 500 Words

Pet Dog Essay

A pet dog is one of the most beloved companions anyone can ask for. It’s no wonder that we often end up building a bond with them that is nothing less than that of best friends. I could get myself other animals, but I choose a dog because of their loyalty, affection, and protective instincts.

Importance Of A Pet Dog

Dogs are not just great pets. They are great companions as well. They play with us, offer us love without asking for anything in return, and sometimes, they help us with the emotional support we need. When we have no one to cuddle and express our grief to, we have our dog. In this essay, I will talk about how I met my favorite animal, my pet dog Max.

My Pet Dog Max

I have a Golden Retriever who I named Max. I cannot think of my late mornings without Max waking me up and my late returns from school without him waiting at the door. Max is a very friendly and playful dog. He is always excited to see me and greets me with his tail wagging and his tongue out.

When I return home, he rushes to me, trying to get on my lap while wagging his tail. Max never misses the chance to mean his love for me. He is a very active dog, and he loves to play fetch. I enjoy spending time with him, playing fetch, and taking him for walks.

Max is a great companion. He is always by my side and loves to go where I go. He loves to cuddle and is always ready to give me a hug. Max is a better listener than many people I met in life. Whenever I was thinking out loud or saying something to him, he would stare at me and give me a hug when I was finished.

Max is also very protective of my family and me. He barks at strangers; but when he sees me or anyone from the family acting friendly with them, he changes his approach. He learns fast and is a very smart dog.

Taking care of Max has taught me so many things, including patience, responsibility, and love. He makes a better human out of me by handing me the responsibility of loving him. He needs me to walk him, feed him, and take him to the vet. Not everyone trusts me with all these responsibilities, but Max does. Max can be stubborn sometimes, it only shows how very alike the two are.

In addition to being a great companion, Max has also brought a lot of joy to my life. His playful nature and friendly personality to everyone at home put a smile on my face. Max has also helped me to meet new people. He is a charmer by nature. Whenever I take him for a walk, people almost beg me to let them pet him. Max takes them positively and is nice to most.


In conclusion, having Max in my life has been a wonderful experience. He makes me happy, supported, and busy. I don’t feel any stress or sadness since Max is in my life. He is a great friend and companion I never want to lose.

My Pet Dog Essay: 200 Words

Pet Dog Essay

I started bonding with an animal for the first time when I took home my only pet dog, Bhola. It was difficult for him to adjust to the other humans at first. Although Bhola and I became intimate and friendly, the start was not so happy.

I was returning from school, and I saw a little puppy sitting beside its mother, who had died due to a road accident. People on the street were passing by without paying attention. A group of people cleared the street of the dead body. But the puppy had nowhere to go. So, I decided to take it home.

When my mother opened the gate, she was angry and called my father. When my father came to the gate, he smiled at me and asked me to take it inside. So, I took Bhola inside forever. Yes, I named the puppy Bhola. It has been three years, and Bhola has been living with me and my family happily.

Bhola has become bigger, healthier, and more active. He loves everyone in the house and loves to play with us. Bhola has become my friend and my companion who I cannot imagine my days without. He is always with me when no one else is.

My Pet Dog Essay: 100 Words


A pet dog is an amazing companion to have. I have a Labrador Retriever named Phillip, and he is the perfect addition to our family. Phillip is a friendly and playful dog who loves to run and play fetch. He is also very loyal and protective of our family.

Taking care of a dog requires a lot of responsibility, but the love and joy they bring to our lives make it all worthwhile. Phillip is a wonderful companion who always puts a smile on our faces. We feel lucky to have him as our pet, and we cherish the time we spend with him.

Bottom Line

Many of us have a Bhola, a Max, or a Philip at home. Our pet dogs are often our moral and emotional support. They not only offer us company, these animals have active parts in our lives. Their existence influences our personality, mental state, and our relationships with others. I hope you found the ‘my dog essays’ in this article. However, if you have any additional queries, you can ask us in the comment section. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

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