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How To Write A Persuasive Essay Outline? – 2021 Best Guide

by Akram
Last Updated on: April 28, 2021

Are you planning to write a persuasive essay for your client? If yes, then you must remember specific crucial points in this regard. In the persuasive essay, the writer writes on an argumentative topic and tries to take the stand of one side.   

These are some of the essential facts that you must consider while you are writing a persuasive essay. You must not take wrong actions from your end while you are planning to write a persuasive essay. The persuasive essay outline must be clear in your mind. It will help you to frame the article correctly.       

Different Ways To Write A Persuasive Essay Outline 

You can write a persuasive essay outline multiple ways, but you need to know how you can write the persuasive essay better.    

1. Prewriting Preparations For The Persuasive Essay   

Prewriting PreparationsYou need to make proper preparations before you start writing the persuasive essay properly. You need to divide your persuasive essay outline into four essential parts to express your point adequately: 

  • Select A position:- Students must consider an issue and pick the side they want to advocate. The selection of the side also plays a vital role here. 
  • Understand the audience:- If you want to write an effective persuasive essay, he/she must understand the reader’s perspective. You must understand the fact in which side your reader is inclined into. Do not make your choices in the dark. Otherwise, your persuasive essay outline will be incomplete. 
  • Do the Proper Research:- On solid, convincing evidence, your persuasive essay depends. You must not depend on a single source. Try to pull the evidence from multiple sources. It will make your research more authentic. 
  • Identify the most convincing evidence:- You must identify the critical points of the opposing view. Ensure that you have made the right choices from your end and help your business grow in the right direction.   

You need to understand one thing here to prove your points using facts and figures using a persuasive essay. You cannot comment on a situation or an event without concrete proof.    

2. Outline The Structure Of Your Persuasive Essay 

Outline The StructureYou must outline the structure of the persuasive essay. It will help you to get things done correctly. Ensure that you have made the proper structuring of the essay properly. As per the standards, the persuasive essay comprises five to six paragraphs. Before investing your time and energy into it you must know the below-mentioned points properly. 

Create A Proper Persuasive Essay Outline Of Your Essay 

Introductory Paragraph 

  • Use the “hook” to grab the attention of the reader. 
  • You must give an overview of your argument. 
  • Close with the thesis statement from the standpoint of your argument. 

Body paragraph 

  • Each part of your paragraph must comprise solid evidence. 
  • In each part of the paragraph, you must provide all the supporting detail. 

Opposing View Paragraph

  • Describe your point and then oppose the crucial points of the opponent. 

Concluding Paragraph  

  • In the thesis part, you must reinstate and reinforce your point with solid supporting evidence.   

You must remember all the above points in proper order to develop your write-ups in the right direction. You cannot consider things in the dark if you want to prove your point in a persuasive essay. Do not write without proper evidence. 

3. Proper Drafting Of The Persuasive Essay 

Proper DraftingWhen you are writing the persuasive essay outline, you must not doubt your points that you are stating in your essay. There are several things that you must consider from your end that you have to consider. 

  • The introduction of your paragraph must have a strong hook that can grab your readers’ attention. Open your facts with some emphatic quotations, facts, and statistics to develop your brand image. 
  • To the writer’s position, the thesis statement must not contain any doubt from your end. 
  • Each paragraph must have strong evidence, statements, quotes, and factual evidence to help your thesis for the persuasive essay get a substantial boost.    
  • Your paragraph must have factual evidence, analogy, arguments, and drawing comparisons that illustrate the hypothetical situations.    

Proper drafting of the persuasive essay is an essential part of the persuasive essay outline. You must have in-depth knowledge of the topic that you are discussing. Do not make any stray comments from your end. Ensure that you have made the right choices from your end.   

4. Revising The Persuasive Essay 

RevisingIn your essay’s revising phase, you must consider several facts that can help you re-organize the goals in the best possible manner. You must consider certain crucial points while you are revising your persuasive essay like:- 

  • Does your persuasive essay outline have a firm position on the issue? Relevant facts must support it, figures, quotes, and evidence to make your essay look evident. 
  • Does your essay have the relevancy or the hook that can open the reader’s interest in your essay? 
  • Is the negative review is being presented with proper evidence and proof that can support your point effectively?    
  • Ensure that you have made the right choices from your end to select the best persuasive essay topic of your choice. 
  • Consider the sentence structure. The choice of words plays a crucial role in this regard that can help your business grow in the right direction.   
  • You must not make the wrong statements in your persuasive essay outline. It can help your business to grow in the right direction. 


Hence, if you plan to make the perfect persuasive essay outline, you must consider the above points from your end. Ensure that you have not made any errors while you are writing the persuasive essay from your end. Your standpoint must be backed with objective evidence as per the need of the topic. The more accurate you are in your research, the better you can present your thesis to all your mentors and the jury. 

It can make or break your organization that can help your business to grow in the right direction. It will help your write-up get better validation if you can follow the mentioned framework properly.

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