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Know Your Vocabulary: Vender Or Vendor

by samik ghoshal

Which one is correct Vender Or Vendor? Well, fret not as this article will help you answer just that. Stick around so that we can take you on a journey filled with vocabulary and lingual prowess. Stick around, and we will clarify all your doubts and even help you dissect the correct term. 

Vender Or Vendor: Which One To Choose?

Confused whether it is Vender Or Vendor? Well, let me tell you, you are not the only one. Does that make you feel good? So, that is sorted. The words vendor and vender are practically identical except for one single letter in each version. As a result, these two words are two of the most confusing words. But, even though they read similar, sound similar and spell somewhat similar, they are two very different words altogether.

Vender Or Vendor

The difference is so blatant that one of them is obsolete, but which one is that? Well, this blog will discuss just that. So let us first look at the key differences between the two words at a glance:-

At A Glance

Not standard EnglishStandard English
Used to describe a person or a company
that sells goods or services. 
Similar to the former
Outdated spellingCorrect Spelling

Do you know which one to use now? However, do notice closely because I have said that one is ‘correct’ and the other is ‘outdated’ but not wrong. While one can be used freely anywhere whether it is formal or informal audience, the one is more specific or suited for an informal or literary purpose. For example, if you want to talk business with a supplier, you must use the ‘correct spelling.’ On the other hand, if you are writing poetry you are at liberty to experiment and use the ‘outdated selling’. This difference should be kept in mind going forward as it will set you down the right path. 

Definition Of Vendor

As it is already clarified. One spelling, which is, ‘vendor’ is suited for more formal business interactions. So, in a strict formal business sense, the term refers to a business or an organization that sells goods or services. Sometimes, the party can be a single organisation as well. Therefore, any organization or an individual that sells something is called a vendor. The types of products or the size of the business does not affect the usage of the word. 

Therefore, if you are looking to use the respective word in a formal letter or an e-mail, the correct word you should use is the one that has ‘o.’ Otherwise, you will be using an out-of-context word that is not recognized by the American Standard English. Here are a few examples of the usage of the word so that you can understand where you are going wrong:-

  • The vendor in the market sells the freshest of fishes.
  • The event will be catered by an external vendor.
  • The Vendor shipped my order earlier than what was committed. 

Definition Of Vender

Now, let us understand the misunderstood, ‘vender.’ Before we start, I want to clarify that at one point in time, this was the commonly used spelling. However, by happenstance, this word is not in common usage anymore. The American Standard English does not recognize this word anymore. 

So, if you are writing anything that has a business significance, then I will suggest that you use the word ‘vendor’ and not ‘vender’ as the latter is not the current recognised English word anymore. So in order to avoid looking unprofessional, do not use the word ‘vender’ in a formal business setting. However, if you are writing anything literary, you are at liberty to use the word freely, anything beyond that is not permitted. 

In a Business Context

In the ‘Vender Or Vendor’ debate, it has already been established that the former is an outdated spelling, while the latter is the more current and recent iteration. Therefore, let us dissect the latter in the most extensive manner to see the significance it holds in a business context.

Types: Well, vendors can be of many different types. There can be online, offline, hybrid, etc. The types of goods/services they sell and the medium they use define the type of vendor.

Business Model: The model is based on the system of buying goods at a wholesale price and selling them by maintaining a profit margin. 

Customer Interaction: Most of the time, vendors directly interact with customers. But if the vendor is online this interaction is not as direct as offline vendors do. 

Marketing: A good vendor is one who invests in marketing. No matter the effectiveness of your product, if you do not advertise your product or market your product, you can never be an effective vendor.

Regulation: Well, I do not see how this might be relevant in an essay writing guide, but why not go the mile? This completely depends upon the location of the business, or in this case vendor. 

Competition: in any sector, there are multiple vendors that are competing against each other to bring forth their goods or products. 

Tips To Remember.

With that, we have reached almost the end of our article. Still, we can help you with one small thing that can help you remember the difference. So, take the word vendor and break it into two parts. The first part is ‘ven’ which resembles ‘selling’ and the next part is ‘dor’ which means door. Anybody who ’ven’ through a ‘dor’ is a vendor. Keeping the highlighted part in mind will help you remember the correct word with ease. Give it a try, repeat the phrase five to ten times. There you go! You got it!

End Note

In summation, the takeaway from our ‘Vender or Vendor’ discussion is that the latter spelling is the correct one. Meanwhile, keep in mind the small trick that we have taught you in the ‘Tips To Remember’ section if you get confused. Till, then goodbye. And keep checking this space for more such content. 


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