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Whitesmoke Review 101: Best Features, Plans, Pros, Cons, Reviews [2022 Guide]

by Rishab Dey

The need for writing more industry-specific and grammatically accurate pieces is consistent across different platforms. 

Unlike old ages, writers use smart writing tools to create error-free and high-quality written emails, scripts, copies, blog content, and whatnot.

That said, the market for writing tools is immensely competitive. There are different tools assisting writers in creating different types of content. Whitesmoke, for example, is a tool that many writers use. 

There are other more dominant and capable tools out there. But, as a user, how far can you rely on this writing assistant? This article will give you an insight into that. Here is a Whitesmoke review in case you were looking for one. 

About Whitesmoke 

About Whitesmoke 

As the tool markets itself, it is a state-of-the-art and fully integrated writing assistant. Creators can write error-free, smooth, and grammatically correct written pieces with the help of Whitesmoke. Yes, there is no free demo version available, and you have to pay. But the tool is worth the purchase given its affordable price and ample features. 

Both corporate and creative writers can make use of this writing assistant when the aim is to create accurate and excellent pieces. The tool uses natural language processing technology and is tailored for both your academic and corporate needs.

Pros Cons
Many features for enhancing writing. Affordable subscription plans. Works on the wordpress editor and the browser. Users can access a mobile version. Unique features, unlike many other alternatives. The ultimate plan allows you to use it on only three devices. There is no live chat available. No free version is available anymore. The lowest price tier works only within the browser. Whitesmoke’s customer service is not fast. The website needs to be more responsive and simple to navigate through. 

Whitesmoke Features

Thankfully, this tool includes all the necessary features for your writing. Here is a quick overview of the features of the tool–

1. Grammar Checking 

Grammar Checking

The most crucial feature of a writing assistant is its capability to check grammatical errors. Whitesmoke offers a birds-ey view of your written pieces and quickly traces any unwanted and ignorant mistake you might have made. As your personal proof-reading assistant, the tool helps you with several of these cases –

  • Incomplete Sentences
  • Misspellings
  • Capitalization
  • Dangling Modifiers
  • Tense Shifts
  • Incorrect Punctuation
  • Missing Words and more. 

2. Spell Checker 

Spell Checker 

When you are writing for hours at a speed of 50 wpm, it is only normal to make spelling mistakes. The spell checker of the WhiteSmoke tool traces and helps you correct all the embarrassing typos and spelling errors. The tool helps you check spelling errors when you are writing on MS word, MySpace, and more apps. 

3. Style Checker

Style Checker

A unique writing assistant many writers love is a style checker. Sometimes, even with correct grammar and pronunciation, your writing looks bland. It lacks that extra creative flare. Whitesmoke allows you to check your writing style and helps you improve it. It also checks for the flow and the monotony of your writing. 

4. Punctuation Checking 

Punctuation Checking

I might understand that you were writing so fast and missed a comma somewhere. But the person reading or reviewing your piece would not. The punctuation checker of this tool easily helps you check, and correct em-dashes, dashes, collins, and other punctuation marks you might have missed. 

5. Plagiarism Checker

Since I have experience writing blogs, I know how it feels like to create completely unique content. There are thousands of writers writing on the same topic as you. It is fairly possible to have a very similar sentence construction. 

And we all know how the search engine feels about plagiarized content. Although I would not particularly recommend Whitesmoke’s plagiarism tool, it is a worth-checking alternative in the market. 

6. Translator 


The translator tool of the WhiteSmoke software is a unique addition not available in the other alternatives in the market. You can translate your text into 55 languages. It has a dictionary and offers side-by-side translation, examples of usages, and compatibility with other text editors. 

Whitesmoke Vs Grammarly: Grammarly Or Whitesmoke, Which Is Better? 

Whitesmoke Vs Grammarly

Now, we all know that Grammarly is the more prominent writing assistant available. But does Whitesmoke has any edge against Grammarly? Let’s find out in this simple comparison–

ParametersGrammarly Whitesmoke 
Adaptability to writing style 
Multiple supported language ❌ (One)✅ (55)
Plagiarism checker 
Sentence rephrase
Uploading documents 
Mobile apps
Browser extension 
Free demo version 
Translation tool

Whitesmoke Pricing 

Whitesmoke Pricing 

The WhiteSmoke software does not offer you a free version. You need to purchase the software to use it. But thankfully, the plans are cheap and affordable. Based on the pricing plans, you get different features exclusively. Here is a pricing list. 

Web Premium Business 
Price $5.00$6.66$11.50
Grammar checker 
Plagiarism checker
Additional FeaturesOne-click proofreading.One-click proofreading.
Additional FeaturesIntegrated with different writing platforms. Integrated with different writing platforms. 
Additional Features1 computer license.3 computer license. 
Additional FeaturesPhone customer support. 
Additional FeaturesExtended download warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some frequently asked questions about Whitesmoke. These should help you solve your further queries.

1. Is Whitesmoke Better Than Grammarly?

Ans: It’s a matter of perspective. Whitesmoke is a fairly good grammar-checking app. If you are using it as a student and if your usages are more casual with affordability as an important criterion, then it’s a good paid grammar checking tool. In comparison to Grammarly, it charges you less. 

2. How Good Is Whitesmoke?

Ans: Whitesmoke is a capable market competitor to apps like Grammarly. It is a pretty accurate and neat grammar-checking tool. It also has different unique tools like a translator and more language support than Grammarly. 

3. How Much Does Whitesmoke Cost? 

Ans: Whitesmoke costs you $6.99 per month. You can also resort to a plan of $5.00 per month based on your requirements. 

Verdict: Whitesmoke Review 

Whitesmoke excels in cost-effectiveness. It is affordable and offers almost all the necessary features. The tool offers all the features of writing assistance, which are accurate. However, you might find the Whitesmoke slow. The website is not so intuitively designed. It is also not so impressive to navigate through. 

The app does a fairly good job in terms of grammar and spelling checks. In terms of integration, the app lacks competitors like Grammarly. Also, the style checker is not that intuitive. But if you couple its grammar checker and spelling checker with other features like online lessons, translator, and templates, then it is worth your money.

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