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“Whoever vs Whomever” – When To Use These Two Words?

by Arnab

Do you get confused between the two phrases Whoever vs whomever? If yes, you must cross-check the meaning of these two phrases properly. It will provide you with the right idea of when and where you must use whoever and whomever. In a grammatical sense, both whomever and whoever are relative pronouns.   

For connecting the noun to a phrase or clause, the word whoever and whomever are being used. However, you must remember whoever and whomever cannot be changed with one another. There are specific points of difference you need to know between the two words. Here, in my article, you will get the complete details of it.   

When To Use Whoever Vs Whomever?

The difference between the two concepts is whoever vs whomever is always there in a sentence for use. Thus, in a sentence, the word whoever is used, considered as a subject pronoun, whereas whomever is used as an object pronoun. The letter “M” makes the difference between the two words.    

Whenever you are using the word he in a sentence, then the application of whoever is correct. But, on the other hand, whenever you use the word him in a sentence in place of whomever, it is correct.   

For example, whoever & whomever owns the black Lexus to remove it. 

  • He owns the black Jar. 
  • Him owns the black Jar.   

Now, you have to decide which choice is correct. The first one or the second one. These are some of the best examples to show the difference between whoever vs whomever.    

Let’s take another example to get clarity in the concept.   

  • You can call him. 
  • You can call he.    

Now among the two sentences, which one sounds correct to you. The use of whomsoever and whoever depends on this fact. Make your choices depending on the concepts that you are using in the sentences. 

Whoever joins the pronoun I, We, He, She, or They joins the pronoun to take action depending on the subject. Therefore, whenever you use the word whoever in a sentence, make use of the appropriate use of it as per the sentence needed.   

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When To Use Whoever In A Sentence?

Let’s take a few examples to understand when the sentence is used “whoever.”   

  • Whoever got to the restaurant first should put their name on the list. 
  •  The finish line whoever touches first will be rewarded. 

We have noticed when you can use the word “whoever” and when in all these sentences. You have to make the correct choices of the sentences whenever you want to use the word whoever. You must know these things while making the difference between the two words, whoever vs whomever. Whomever or whoever will not be a problem, for you once you know its usage.    

When To Use Whomever In A Sentence?

With the help of specific examples, you will get to know when to use the word whomever in a sentence. Whoever vs Whomever will not be any problem for you anymore once you use these sentence sequences in the correct order.    

  • Rocky should give the award to whomever he feels deserving. 
  • Whomever I meet, I impress him. 
  • The author has dedicated his book to whomever he met at the time of publication. 
  • Whomever you will send to my office I Will interview him. 
  • The political party will nominate whomever they find fit to win the election. 

These are some essential things you have to consider while using the word whomever in your sentence. The difference must be highlighted in the correct sense. 

Whenever you use these two words, ensure that you do not make the wrong selection of the sentences from your end. For example, try to make the correct choices of sentences while comparing Whoever vs Whomever.      

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Why Did You Need To Know The Difference?

The use of the two sentences is quite different from each other. Therefore, you have to know the accurate meaning and difference between the two words, whoever vs whomever, to rectify your sentence construction errors quickly.     

Key Points Of Difference Between Whoever Vs Whomever 

  • Whoever is a subjective pronoun.
  • Whomever is an objective pronoun.  
  • For describing the unknown person, the word whoever is applicable. 
  • Whomever can have the application either with a preposition or with a verb. 
  • The letter M has the word whomever, and it is not present in the word whoever. 

These are some of the core points of difference between the two sentences. You have to understand the differences before making the application of the two concepts. Do not mix up or jumble up the two concepts with one another. Make sure you do not get confused between the two concepts. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is It Whoever Or Whomever It May Concern?

Whoever is  A Subject verb, whereas whomever is object verb. The usage of the two words is entirely different. Remember the difference between the two words before you make use of it. 

Is The Word Whoever Singular Or Plural? 

The word whoever is a singular form of the sentence that you must know while you use these two words. You have to make use of these two words. Make sure that you do not make use of these words while you are using them. Proper planning can help you to achieve your objectives in the right order. 

Final Take Away  

Hence, these are some of the core points of differences between whoever vs Whomever. Whenever you use these two words, ensure that you know the correct application at the right moment in time. The less you make mistakes, the better you will learn the concepts at your end. Make sure you do not make the wrong choices at your end while you want to compare the two. Accurate knowledge of the two words can help you make the correct sentence construction at the time of writing.   

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