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Things To Consider For Writing A Great Essay

by Akram
Last Updated on: January 9, 2021

In short academic life is all about papers and papers. It is stuffed with writing tasks in order to prepare you for life. That is within, beyond, and also after your academe. It does not matter whether you are liking it or not; you have to endure with essay writing. It is necessary for school or wherever life takes you to after school. So, it will be beneficial for you to learn all the key points for writing a great essay. 

Things To Consider For Writing A Great Essay

When I was a student, I also had faced a lot of issues for writing an effective essay. Now, my concepts are much clear, and the below points helped me a lot. Here are the top things to consider for writing a great essay.

1. Sample Structure Of An Essay

Sample Structure Of An Essay

While we think of writing an essay, the first thing that comes to our mind is the structure of the essay. The structure is also the face of an essay. The structure represents the essay. While reading, you may also notice that just by looking at the structure of a particular essay, you often judge its quality.

Even before I started reading it, it’s not only you. The thing is the same for most of us. We often judge a book by its cover or judge a person by its looks. So, it is very important to present it in a good manner. A well-structured essay not only looks good but also represents the thoughts in a quite better way than just an essay. 

Parts Of An Essay

Usually, an essay should be written in four parts. While writing an essay, you need to keep in mind the following things.

  • Title comes first
  • Write a brief introduction before going too deep into the topic.
  • Then the rest of the things would be on the body paragraphs. Remember, it says “body paragraphs” and not “body paragraph.” So, it should be more than one single paragraph. Just think how much you dislike a long paragraph. Why not give your reader the same pleasure of reading that you are seeking for. Divide your body into short paragraphs. While changing the paragraphs, make sure every paragraph should be a new beginning.
  • The conclusion is very crucial for an essay. A bad conclusion can ruin the whole experience of the essay. 

2. Understand The Question

The first factor to consider for writing a great essay is to understand the question properly. Getting a C minus in essay writing is the result of not getting a clear idea about what is asked. Just think, if I can not understand what you are asking me or want to know from me, how I can give you the proper information. 

Understand what is asked, whether it is a critical evaluation of any author’s writing, or it is a compare or contrast sort of thing, or you have been asked to evaluate something critical or all of the above. Before starting writing an essay, clear up all the doubts. 

3. Select A Topic

Select A Topic

Selecting a topic is important for writing a great essay, and this you needed to take care of. In most of the cases, the instructor gives us a topic. If this is the case for you, you saved some more time. But if you have been given the freedom of writing on the topic or subject of your own choice. At this point, selecting a topic is very important and also critical at the same time. Here you need to make up your mind first, whether you want to be on a general note or want to come up with a specific analysis. 

When you have given the freedom to choose any topic by yourself, it maximizes the total workload. But think about it from a positive perspective, such as you can choose a topic from your arena of expertise. Choose a topic or subject as per your comfortability. You also choose a subject that you strongly feel for. There can be something that is really too important for you or something about what you want to disclose or represents your thoughts.

Why Research Is Important For Writing A Great Essay?

Like we have different kinds of opinions on the same topic or there are many things that we like or dislike. So, after also selecting your topic you need to do research as well. Make a list of the topics that are hovering in your mind. Write down every topic that you are willing to go for.

It is also vital to evaluate the purpose that you want to serve. If it is to educate, choose the topics that you’ve studied enough. In case it is to pursue, you should go for the subjects of your passion. Whatever the purpose is, make sure that your topic should be interesting enough for you to provoke you and push you towards expressing your thought more properly. 

4. Formation, Flow, and Centred

Formation and flow are very vital. In order to form anything, a good flow is needed. So, it is the same for your essay. In order to form your analysis or essay, flow is very important.

When you compare or analyze something, you need to give other simple references so that the reader can easily understand them and form a connection between two different thinking or aspects. Do not lose your focus. Always remember what you are trying to say and establish the statement. 

5. Some Common Essay Questions

Now, we will discuss some common essay questions with different types of experiences. For example, in case you have been asked to evaluate a certain theoretical approach. In this case, you have to understand not only the theory but also all the approaches that go duly with it. You have to evaluate them against each other.

List down each one of them, study their strengths and weaknesses. After all of these come to a well-justified conclusion. You need to question yourself if the theory is good, check its flaws. Check for the areas of improvement. 

Now, in case you have asked to evaluate the usefulness of something, you no need to dig too deep, as you will do for an analytic one. Though there is a need to check for its good and bad both, you need to stress the practical usefulness.

However, the compare and contrast one is a combination of both. You need to plot both the good and bad then need to compare them and see how much it is bad or how much it is good. 

6. Make A Diagram And Outline Of Your Ideas

Make A Diagram And Outline Of Your Ideas

Another best step for writing a great essay is to make a diagram and outline them at the same time. When you get a detailed idea about your topic or essay question, for an outline, write down your ideas that are coming into your head while researching the topic. This way, you will be able to establish a connection between them easily. Then form a diagram or outline to establish your thoughts on solid ground. It will also make your task much easier when you write in detail. 

7. Plan And Program

For writing a great essay, you must include a plan and program as a part of your strategy. After you get the topic, there are two things that you can do, 

  • Spend your time in the library or on the internet websites to gather as much knowledge as you can
  • Or do whatever you want and fail with a frustrating mark.

Every job needs a plan and program to do it or rather finish it with a good note. If you are clear with your intention to get a good mark, start planning your essay just after you receive the topic. Make a schedule and stick to that no matter what happens. If you won’t be able to make it happen in some instances, try to recover the gap as soon as possible. 

8. Be Analytic

Everything has a limit. Every theory that you are reading or researching has its own limit. What is your limit? Here you need to be more analytic. Analyze each and every aspect of it, compare them with each other, and make your statement. 

9. Read Too Much

Researching is the key to essay writing. In order to write, you need to read first. Read as much as possible. Gather more and more knowledge, develop a good informative sense towards your essay topic. So that you can express them in a proper and formal manner.

10. Conclude Only On The Conclusion

The conclusion should be your last consideration for writing a great essay. Keep a good flow of your essay. Do not conclude or come to an ultimate decision until and unless you reach a conclusion. The conclusion is one of the most vital parts of an essay. Keep it apt and summarise whatever you have written in the whole essay. 

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