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WSP Meaning: What Does It Mean and Stand For?

by Abdul Aziz Mondal

Social media is full of acronyms and shortened forms of sentences, questions, and gestures we use for small talk. For example, you can see people using NVM, WSP, LOL, ASAP, TBH, BTW, and IKR.  These abbreviated versions of small sentences often confuse people who don’t know their meaning. It may create a communication gap. But if you want to clear them, you are in the right spot. In this article, I will address the acronym WSP and help you understand WSP’s meaning. 

WSP is the abbreviated form of the sentence “what’s up” and is widely used on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. You can scroll down and read more about the same. 

What Does WSP Stand For? 

WSP meaning

The acronym WSP stands for different meanings. Here are some of the most prominent WSP meanings you should know about –

  • White Skin Privilege
  • WhatsApp
  • Water and sanitation program
  • What’s up
  • Web service provider
  • Wireless Session Protocol
  • Working Steam Pressure
  • Westport
  • World Solar Programme
  • Windows Service Pack
  • Water Supply Point
  • Weapon Support Processor
  • Waspam Airport, Nicaragua (airport code)
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Wheel Slip Protection / Wheel Slide Protection

Understanding WSP Meaning: What Does WSP Mean? 

WSP meaning

Although there are multiple meanings of WPS, the most prominent one used on social media is “what’s up.” People usually look for WSP meaning in the text on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Therefore, it is very crucial to pay attention to the context when trying to understand WSP meaning.

When talking about social justice, WSP will stand for “white skin privilege.” When the context is the internet and its services, the WSP meaning will change to “web service provider.” But, when we are talking about social media conversion or WSP meaning in chat, then it stands for the slang term “what’s up.” 

The acronym came from the way it was pronounced during the early 2000s. When used informally, the term ‘what’s up’ sounds like “wassup.” Therefore, it seems more convenient to abbreviate the term WSP than WU. 

The pronunciation took this form when a commercial by Budweiser Beer became a hit in the US in 1999. The word became a slang term and was further abbreviated into the current WSP in the wake of social media. Here are some other meanings of WPS.

What Does WSP Mean On Snapchat? 

WSP meaning

Whether it is Snapchat or Instagram, this acronym usually stands for a shortened version of “what’s up.” This is an urban slang term used to talk to ask people what is going on with them. Asking someone “what’s up” means asking “how are they doing” at the moment.

This term helps people to start a conversation. It is the same as saying “hello” to someone. Instead of asking people, “what’s going on in your life?” or “how are you?” people now often use “what’s up?” this informal question can also be used to gain the attention of someone you are trying to start a conversation with. 

It is a completely formal way of having a conversation. However, if you want to stick to more of a formal conversation, you can use “how are you doing?”

WSP Meaning: White Skin Privilege 

The term “White Skin Privilege” was first coined by Noel Ignatin and Ted Allen in 1967 in the pamphlet named “The White Blindspot.” The term means to denote all the privileges that white people have compared to other non-white people in specific societies. 

If you are a student of sociology, you will come across this term. The privilege talked about here usually represents European or Western culture. 

WSP Meaning WhatsApp

The acronym WSP is also used to identify the chatting app called WhatsApp. You can also use this acronym in between chat sessions on WhatsApp. 

WSP Or Web Service Provider

WSP is also the abbreviation for the term web service provider. Web service providers are different organizations that provide web hosting. Some popular names in this sector are WordPress, GoDaddy, and Dreamhost. You might see advertisements like –

  • “Are you looking for the best WSP to launch your new blog?” 
  • “GoDaddy, the number one WSP.” 

WSP Meaning: Water and Sanitation Program

Sometimes the acronym WSP is used to refer to the Water and Sanitation Program,a cooperative by the World Bank. The aim of this partnership program is to provide affordable, safe and sustainable access to water and sanitation services for the poor. WSP is a multi-donor partnership program that works with governments of different countries, private sector, academic and an array of donors. Established in 1978, the program has worked in 38 countries across the world in countries like Africa, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South Asia.

WSP Meaning: World Solar Programme

The acronym WSP is also used to refer to World Solar Programme. In 1994, UNESCO had launched a process to secure political support for the development of renewable energies, at the highest possible level. The process led to a World Solar Summit and to the design of a World Solar Programme 1996-2005.

The aim of the World Solar Programme 1996-2005 was to create an awareness among governments, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organisations, financial institutions academia and private institutions on the need to support the development and utilisation of renewable energy for sustainable development.

When Should You Use WSP?

The term is an informal one. So, it is best suited when used during an informal conversation. For instance, when you are messaging someone on Instagram, you can use such abbreviations. You can also use the acronym to shorten “what’s popping?”. This term also means the same as “what’s up?”

If you know WSP’s meaning, you can use it during an instant chatting session on social media. But, the person you are typing WSP to should also know the meaning of WSP. 

You should only use such terms while conversing with people who know the meaning. That is why it is best to use this term on social media. 

When To Not Use WSP? 

You cannot use the WSP abbreviation during a formal conversation. For instance, you cannot use such a term with your teacher. Such terms are not acceptable during formal conversations like the ones at work, in school, or during an interview. You should not use social media slang during any formal conversation. 

In addition, even if you are using WSP in text messages only, avoid using it while talking to someone you don’t know very well. For instance, you want to start a conversation with a person who is not from work or school, but you still need to discuss something important or ask for advice from that person. In that case, avoid using WSP. 

You should also avoid using WSP when you are trying to ask someone out on a date for the first time. Instead, try and use the longer version of the acronym as it sounds more polite and will create a good first impression.

If you don’t want to use WSP or its longer version, then you can use the synonyms of “What’s up” such as Greetings, Hi, Welcome, Good day, Hey, How are you, and what’s happening?

WSP Use Example 

Now that you know WSP meaning you might want to use it during a conversation. Here is an example to get you going.

Joe: Hey man, WSP?

Bob: NM, I’m still stuck at home. I bruised my knee and can’t go out till it’s healed.

Joe: That sucks. Let me know when you want to go out.

Bob: Sure

In this case, Joe used the acronym WSP to find out what his friend Bob is up to with the intent of asking him to go out with him (Joe).

Let’s look at another example: 

Person 1: WSP with you man? It’s been a while.

Person 2: Yeah, long time no see. Nm going on. WSP with you?

Person 1: Nm. Wanna meet up this week?

Person 2: Sure. Text me the time and place.

In this case, WSP is being used as a greeting. The acronym is being used to start a conversation between two people who have not seen each other for  a long time.

Bottom Line 

Acronyms, as such, often have multiple full forms. Based on the platform or context the term is used, the meaning may differ for the same acronym. For instance, if you are chatting with someone, you are using it to mean “what’s up?”. Someone working with a website might use it to mean a “web service provider.” The meaning changes to “white skin privilege” when the topic is about sociology or similar. 

So, it is crucial to understand the context behind the use of such acronyms. But usually, it is internet slang used during an informal conversation. Did you find this article helpful? You can share your insight in the comment. 

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