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Zoho Writer Review 101: Best Features, Plans, Pros, Cons, Reviews

by Shahnawaz Alam

Writers have been writing on different digital platforms for quite a while now. Different writing software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs has been a constant companion for many of us.

Sometimes the older software (although efficient) seems a little less aesthetic. If such is how you feel, then Zoho Writer is a worth exploring option. Indeed the tool gets the job done, and the UI of the tool is worth the claps. But, major improvement is necessary for grammar and auto-correction.

But, if you are looking for a good writing tool, it is an option you can indeed try and explore. This article contains a detailed review of the Zoho writer app.

Zoho Writer Pros & Cons 

Zoho Writer Pros & Cons

These pros and cons should give you an initial idea about this writing tool’s good and bad.

Beautiful and easy-to-use UI. An array of popular and necessary formats. Offline version of desktop and mobile apps.You cannot rely on the grammar and spelling check issues. Issues with PDF and DOCX formatting.  

The world of writers (those habituated with writing on computers) is divided into two clans. It is either Google docs or Microsoft. Writers are constantly shifting one way or the other. In the tantrum of all this, if you are looking for a perfect blend of both worlds, you can choose Zoho’s writing assistant.

The main reason behind choosing this tool is obviously the aesthetic and the ease of operability.

In competition with Word and Docs for years, Zoho writer came into existence in 2005. The tool is one of the 40-something tools working under the Zoho workspace. Even though 16 years old, the app has been through a lot of changes since its beginning. Most popular writing tool users will not feel confident about using Zoho’s writing tool.

Perhaps, checking out its features might change your mind. 

Zoho Writer Features 

Zoho Writer Features

Here are some features worth checking out –

1. Minimalistic Writing Assistant 

The tool is very simple to use and does not overwhelm the user with millions of tools at the first go. It does not look like a cockpit (as Zoho defines it).

2. Auto Saving 

When I talked about the Zoho writer taking some points from Google docs, I was not lying. The tool saves your documents automatically. You don’t need to save it over and over again and constantly be afraid about it getting deleted. You can simply close the browser and your system without losing one word that you have typed (thanks to its auto-saving).

3. Lock Sections Of Your Work 

If you are working on collaborative work, you can mask or lock a sensitive or secretive portion of your work. You can lock portions of your work while you are working on Zoho writer. 

4. Let Zia Correct Your Grammar

Yes, you are efficient in sentence construction. But, while writing, the little mistake here and there is a regular thing. Zoho has its smart writing assistant Zia to help your correct your grammatical mistakes. However, it is not as efficient as Grammarly. But it works. 

5. Extensive Collection Of Templates

Zoho writers will not let you down in terms of aesthetics. Many templates, quirky and aesthetic, are there to visually amplify your written piece. 

6. Track Changes In Your Work 

While collaborating, you might have collaborators with editorial access. You can check whatever changes they make on the docs. You can also discuss the changes using the comment section of this writing tool. Talking to your collaborators is easier with the help of this tool. 

7. Automate All The Paperwork 

You don’t have to limit your work just to writing. You can send documents in bulk for signatures or approvals using the Zoho tool. Also, you can track the entire process your documents go through while writing. 

8. Work Offline 

The one feature of this tool that I like the most is that it lets you work offline. You can write. Even when your server is disconnected, you can still write. Also, while you regain an internet connection, the work will easily get auto-saved. 

9. Interoperability With Other Apps

You can operate with multiple apps. You can use this tool with dropbox, google drive, and more. 

10. Free Forever

Even if it might sound impossible, the tool is free, forever. All you need is to sign in. then you can keep using Zoho writer, a clean and easy-to-use word processor. Looking for Zoho Writer pricing will only disappoint you since you don’t need to pay for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think this Zoho writer review was helpful. It should help you understand all the pros and cons of using it. However, if you are looking for more answers, then the following might help –

1. What Is Zoho Writer Used For?

This word processing tool has a simplistic UI that enables a fast and smooth writing experience. You can do personal writing, publishing, and collaborative work on this platform. Usually, it is best for personal use. 

2. Is Zoho Writer Good?

There is a very minimum drawbacks that should stop you from not using this tool. However, the tool integrates most of the important features of the best writing tools. It is free and offers an array of necessary features. So, truthfully, the tool is good for writers. 

3. Where Can I Write Documents For Free?

You can write documents for free on different tools like –
Dropbox paper. 
Google Docs.
Libre Office

4. Can Zoho Check Grammar? 

Zoho has its in-built grammar check assistant called Zia. You can correct all of your writing mistakes on this tool. However, this assistance is not as efficient as paid ones. But the tool is helpful. 

Final Verdict

While using Zoho writer, you will definitely benefit from most of the common features. You will not like the grammar checking option that much. In this article, I have mentioned all the useful features of the tool and its pros and cons. If you wish to use it, you can go for it.

The aesthetic of this tool is worth spending your time on. But if you want more information, then you can ask us in the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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