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“Adopt vs Adapt” – What is The Difference Between Adopt And Adapt? 

by Arnab

Do you get confused between the two words Adopt vs. Adapt? If yes, you need to know the usage of the two words one after the other effectively. This is because these two words are verbs that sound similar to one another but have distinctly separate meanings.

In my article, I will try to narrate all the essential factors that can help you understand its meaning with absolute clarity. Both the word Adopt and adapt comes from the Latin roots. Therefore, you have to understand each aspect of the two words to make things more lucid. 

Now, there are four significant points of difference there between the two words. First, you need to understand it in depth to get the meaning. 

What Is The Difference Between Adopt vs Adapt? 

Difference Between Adopt vs Adapt

In my article, you will get the absolute difference between the two words to adopt vs adapt. You must know specific facts that can help you make things work well your favor. Proper in-depth knowledge of the two words can illustrate the essential points of difference between the two words. 

1. Meaning   

If you are getting confused between the two words – adopt vs adapt, and dont know which word you should use in which situations, then understanding the basic meaning of the words may help. 
When you are adjusting something or modifying something so that it becomes more suitable for a specific situation or a purpose, then it is Adapt

On the otherhand, when you accept something as your own, it is known as adopt

The two words may sound similar, but their meanings are far apart. 

The adapt vs adopt meaning is entirely different from one another. 

You need to understand it in detail to make things work well in your way. Then, you need to make your selection with ease at the right point in time. 

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2. Verb Type 

Adapt is used as both the transitive and intransitive verbs. This means that it can be used torefer to a direct or indirect object. On the otherhand, the word ‘adopt’ is only used as transitive verbs, which means that the word is used only to refer to a direct object.

You need to know these facts at your end while you make the differences between the adopt vs adapt.    

You have to understand the facts that can help you make the perfect use of these two words while you are framing the sentences at your end. 

Do not mix up the two concepts from one another to achieve your goals effectively. 

Proper application of the words in a sentence can help you achieve your objectives appropriately. 

3. Number Of Meanings   

There are a total of four types of meanings for the word adopted. Let’s get into the details to know more. 

  • Legal process of bringing home someone else’s child.
  • Getting an animal from rescue or an animal shelter.
  • If you want to take over some things as one’s own.
  • When a rule, method, policy, or suggestion is being formally accepted and implemented.
  • When someone is assuming a particular tome or behavior.

There are specific crucial three points of difference in the case of adapting. Some of them are as follows:-

  • When someone is changing or modifying something to make it more suitable for a particular use.
  • When someone is adjusting to a new situation or a place.

You need to understand these three core factors to make things work well in your favor. 

4. Collocations 

When the word adopts is used, there is no need to use any preposition after it. On the other hand, when you use the word “adapt,” then preposition after it. For example, they have adapted to the situation.      

You need to know these factors while you want to use these two words on your end. It can make or break the meaning of any sentence. So you have to understand these factors on your end. 

5. Examples 

With the help of specific examples, you have to understand certain factors which can make things easier for you within a stipulated period.  

  • Hercules & Elizabeth wants to adopt a child from France.
  • Indian Soldiers have adapted to the situation very well.
  • If you cannot adapt to the situation quickly, then it will become difficult to survive.
  • Emperor Ashoka adopted Buddhism after the Kalinga war.
  • I always adopt healthy eating habits for my well-being.
  • He decided to adopt Sam and raise him as his child.
  • I adapted myself to the new work environment very quickly.
  • The wicket became more difficult to play on and he adapted beautifully.
  • Academics also benefited from the opportunity to adapt their teaching methods to a new environment.
  • Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the complete withdrawal of troops.
  • My first desire was to learn the language of my adopted country as soon as possible.

Synonyms of Adapt

Here are some words that you can use instead of Adapt: 


The word ‘Acclimatize’ also means to change or modify something so that it becomes suitable for a new environment or use. Here are some example sentences with the word ‘acclimatize’ – 

  1. The athletes are acclimatising to the heat in India by staying in Delhi.
  2. This year he has left for his trek to the himalayas a week before it actually starts to acclimatise himself to the cold weather.
  3. To prepare your child for attending preschool with other children, acclimatize her to a structured environment, and provide some healthy creative outlets that might not be available at home.


The word ‘Tailor’ usually refers to an individual who makes, alters, and repairs garments for a particular person according to their body measurements. It is also used while talking about adjusting or modifying something according to someone’s requirements or to make it suitable for a new environment. Here are some example sentences: 

  1. We can tailor the software to meet the client’s needs
  2. The diet can be tailored to suit your tastes and needs.
  3. The idea is to offer services tailored to each guest.


The word ‘Customize’ means creating or changing something to meet the user’s requirements. Here are some example sentences – 

  1. The software offered by our organization can be customized in many ways.
  2. You can order a customized mobile phone cover from our website.
  3. Although building a dining room table is a large project and quite time consuming, being able to customize the piece to meet your unique needs has its appeal.

Synonyms of Adopt

Here are some words that you can use in place of the word ‘Adopt’.


The word ‘embrace’ has several meanings. It can be used to refer to the action of hugging or wrapping one’s arms around someone and holding them clos. The word also means to take something for one’s own use. Here are some example sentences.

  1. He also wants to embrace new technology such as AI and voice recognition.
  2. We are keen to see the industry embrace these ideas and deliver positive change for consumers.
  3. Penelope came forward and embraced her sister.

Take on

The phrase ‘take on’ can be used when talking about taking something for one’s own use. The word sometimes is also used to mean to employ someone or to take responsibility for something. Here are some example sentences. 

  1. He provided him/her with opportunities to take on responsibilities and gave praise when they were carried out.
  2. No other organization was able or willing to take on the job.
  3. He’s spoken to a publishing firm. They’re going to take him on.

I hope the above mentioned words will help you in improving your vocabulary and writing skills.

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are Adopt and Adapt the same?  

No!! Adopt means taking something legally while Adapting means accepting the change. The two words have entirely different meanings from one another. You cannot consider being the same

2. What is the difference between adapted & adaptation?

Adaptation means the act of changing to suit new conditions. On the other hand, in the case of an adaptation, word of art recasts a new form or medium. It is one of the effective means to make things work well in your favor at the correct point in time.

3. Where To Use Adopt & Adapt?

Adopt, in most cases, is used when something is taken over or taken, accepted, or approved by choice. But, on the other hand, Adopt is used to signify some of the changes that are useful for adjusting to the new place.

4. How Do You Adapt and Adopt In A Sentence?

For example, I need to explain these two factors. Ram is the adopted child of Mrs. Kulkarni, whereas he adapts. People adapted to the new COVID protocol in 2021. I Have explained how to use the two words in two different types of sentences.

5. What Is The Difference Between Adopted & Adapted?

In a grammatical sense, Adapt is used in the form of both transitive and intransitive verbs. On the other hand, Adopt is to take up or accept something. These are the two main differences between the two concepts.

Final Take Away    

Hence, these are some of the crucial factors that you must know at your end when you want to make the distinction between the two concepts, “Adopt vs Adapt.” You need to apply the concepts as per the needs of the sentences. 

You need to know the concepts well to make things work well in your way. So ensure that you know the tricks to use these two words correctly to make things work well in your way. 

Feel free to share your concepts, ideas, and views on this matter before you use these two ideas. Avoid making things too complex while you want to make the perfect use of these two sentences.

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