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Aunty Or Auntie: Which Is The Correct Spelling?

by subhasree nag

I have been confused over this for a really long time when I was a child. Confused about which is the correct spelling; aunty or auntie. You might be wondering as well. Or you might have challenged your sibling about the correct spelling and are now wondering which is the correct one.

Well, I dont think you are alone in this. So, let’s get things cleared and see if you won the challenge or not. But in this case, there is nothing wrong as both the spellings are correct and change depending on the location. Confused again? Read along, and things will get cleared.

Aunty Or Auntie: The Difference  

Aunty or Auntie_ the difference

Well, to begin with, both the words aunty and auntie are diverse ways of calling an aunt. It is just an informal way of calling your aunt. But auntie is the most casual form out of the three. They are mostly used in informal communications and not in any formal scenarios.

  • Aunty – The term where ‘y’ is added to the formal word aunt is used for adding endearment. Just like I mentioned above, it is an informal version of the word aunt, and the word ‘aunty’ is mostly used in British English.
  • Auntie – the term where ‘ie’ is added to the formal word aunt is a more casual version and is used to address someone close, someone who is loved and has some special attachment with. The term auntie is mainly used in American English.

When To Use Aunty?  

Whenever you are referring to someone loved, your mother’s friend or sister, or your father’s friend or sister, we use the word aunty. It is an affectionate and loving way of referring to your aunt.

When to use aunty

Let’s Check A Few Examples  

  • I asked aunty Nina to get me some costumes from her collection.
  • Aunty Caroline is visiting, I am sure she is bringing everything I asked her for.
  • My mom asked me to prepare the guest room because aunty Sophie is coming for the holidays.
  • My aunty is coming for the holidays, she makes the best hot chocolate, which I am eagerly waiting for.
  • I want you to come and visit my aunty, I told her about you, and she is looking forward to meeting you.
  • I am deeply saddened by the death of my aunty, I am not coming today for the meeting.
  • I am visiting my aunty this Christmas, they say it is a different celebration altogether.
  • Aunty El is the best person I have ever met, she took care of me after the death of my mother.
  • I heard your aunty is visiting this week, your brother must be really happy!
  • I have no idea why they left in such a hurry, let me call my aunty and ask her if there is anything serious.

When To Use Auntie?  

There is no such difference, and the term auntie is used in the same scenarios where aunty is used. There is no striking difference between the use of the two, but this spelling is commonly used in American English, and it is mostly used in the United States.

When to use auntie

Let’s Check A Few Examples  

  • The only part that is making me happy about this Thanksgiving is that I will get to meet my auntie.
  • I could spot my auntie among the crowd, who made time to attend my first game of this season.
  • I like spending time at my grandparents’ house, my auntie makes the best tiramisu.
  • I opened the door, and there she was, auntie Rose.
  • Auntie Bonny called, she said she was not getting any flight out because of the snowstorm, so she would come directly on the day of the wedding.
  • My auntie does not like attending family gatherings, so she won’t be attending the rehearsal dinner, she would come directly to the wedding.
  • Auntie Penelope was a kind soul, it would be really difficult to replace her in the school.
  • We are hoping our performance would impress our auntie, she is really hard to impress.
  • Unfortunately, auntie is not coming this weekend, so we have to cancel the whole plan for the weekend. We cannot do this without her.
  • Call your auntie before you leave for your tour this month, and let her know when you will reach her.

What Is The Plural Form Of Aunty And Auntie?  

Both the word aunty and auntie are singular nouns, and like any other nouns, they also have a plural form. In the debate abut aunty or aunties, let’s not overlook the plural form the noun has.

The plural form of aunty is aunties, and the plural form of auntie is again aunties. The plural forms for both terms are similar. Here the word does not follow the regular rule of adding an ‘s’ to the end of the sentence to make it plural, so this is an irregular noun.

What is the plural form of aunty and auntie

Using ‘Aunties’ In A Sentence  

  • Having four aunties could be the best thing that ever happened to me, they are always there to protect me from the tough love my parents are so eager to shower on me.
  • I have always been pampered by my aunties.
  • My aunties are taking me on a trip to Disneyland. I cannot wait for the holidays to come.
  • Like always, I got confused about both my aunties, as they are identical twins.
  • I loved the present my aunties got me for this Christmas, they knew exactly what I wanted.

Wrapping Up!  

I guess there is no more confusion about aunty or auntie, as both words hold the same meaning and can be used in place of one another. But Americans are more familiar with the term auntie, whereas British people are more comfortable with the spelling aunty.

There is no right or wrong in this case, both the spellings are correct, it is just what the region prefers. There is no such difference between both words.


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