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Due To The Fact Synonyms | Other Ways To Say Due To The Fact

by Shahnawaz Alam

Suppose a series of actions have occurred, and you are in charge of explaining it to someone with a higher authority. When all the actions are connected, one is likely to happen DUE TO another. So, you are using ‘Due to the fact’ quite frequently.

It gets awkward and monotonous, right? So what are some synonyms “due to the fact synonym?” I know that’s what you are thinking about. 

This article has many synonyms for the phrase ‘Due to the fact.’ Keep reading to find them out. You can also see a few use cases along the way. 

Synonyms of Due to the fact

Using synonyms while conversing or writing makes it sound more interesting and goes a long way towards improving the quality of one’s writing. It also helps the writing to sound less dull and monotonous while reading. Here are some Due to the fact synonyms which you can use instead while writing or conversing – 

1. Therefore


The simplest among the ‘due to the fact synonyms’ is the word ‘Therefore.’ Instead of using ‘Due to the fact’ all the time, you can use ‘Therefore.’ Such words save both writing and conversations from becoming redundant. 

Example – The elevator was damaged. Therefore, we had to take the stairs. 

2. Thus


What’s the next ‘due to the fact synonym?’ You are looking at it. If you are using the previous alternative also frequently, then you can break the monotony using Thus. 

Example – Thus, Stephanie did not know of her father’s death until the doctor called.

3. According To The Fact

According To The Fact

‘According to the fact’ is a good replacement for ‘due to the fact.’ If you want to keep it similar and simple. Then this is the phrase you can choose. 

Example – You have to stay at home according to the fact that we are dealing with the Covid crisis. 

4. That Being So

That Being So

Here is another ‘due to the fact synonym.’ If you feel that your explanation or story is being so redundant due to the use of the same phrase, then you can use this phrase. 

Example – That being so, the sheriff requested the town’s people not to leave their homes after dark. 

5. As Consequence

As Consequence

Actions are full of causes and consequences. Instead of using ‘due to the fact’ all the time, you can use ‘as a consequence.’ It is good for delivering a quick narrative. 

Example – As a consequence of the team being broken, Raphael lost all of his courage. 

6. To This End

To This End

Here is another good alternative to “due to the fact synonym.”

Example – To this end, Donatello had to pick up the mantle of the turtle warriors. 

7. In Doing So

In Doing So

Due to the fact of some wrongdoing, he lost his job. What “due to the fact synonyms” is a good replacement here? The answer is below. 

Example – In doing so, he lost his job. 

8. Because Of This

Because Of This

They had to abandon the castle due to the fact that it was haunted. How do you change this sentence with a “due to the fact synonym?” Here is the answer –

Example – They left the castle because this castle haunted. 

9. In So Doing

In So Doing

Here is another good alternative to the phrase ‘due the fact. – In So doing. 

10. Hence


The simplest ‘due to the fact synonyms’ are always the shortest. You can use the word ‘hence’ instead of using ‘due to the fact’ all the time.

Example – Her brother, who was all she had, was murdered. Hence she had no reason to live here. 

11. In Consequence

In Consequence

‘In consequence’ is another perfect ‘due to the fact ‘synonym.’ If you are explaining something step-by-step, you can use this phrase to connect your thoughts.

Example – Many lives were lost as a consequence of this action.

12. In That Event

In That Event

Many dictionaries, including Word Hippo, suggest ‘in that event as one of the alternatives due to the fact. 

13. For That Reason

For That Reason

It is clear that ‘for that reason’ is a proper ‘due to the fact synonym.’ How? You should look at the example for that. 

Example – They lost the match. For that reason, they had to leave the field. 

14. Whence


A simple and good example of the phrase ‘due to the fact’ is whence. However, this word is more accurate for the term “from where’. However, the dictionaries suggest it to have a close meaning. 

15. Wherefore


According to the WordHippo dictionary, which is another good ‘due to the fact synonym’.

16. Thusly


The word ‘thusly’ has a meaning similar to the sentence ‘ in this manner.’ However, WordHippo also shows it as one of the closest words to the term ‘due to the fact.’

17. On The Grounds Of This

On The Grounds Of This

Here is another perfect ‘due to the fact synonym’ – ‘on the ground of this.’ It has a quite similar meaning to the phrase ‘due to the fact.’ 

Example – She was sued on the ground of allegedly murdering her boss. 

18. Thereby


According to Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of the word “Thereby” is “As a result of this action”. It can also be used to mean “because of this”.

Example – 

  • Eggsy did not kill the dog, thereby violating the rules of The Kingsman
  • They had failed to agree to a settlement, thereby throwing 250 people out of work.

19. With That In Mind

With That In Mind

‘With that in mind’ has a meaning very close to the phrase ‘due to the fact’. Here is the ‘due to the fact synonym’ and its example.

Example – With that in mind, I had to swallow up my pride and leave Hogwarts. I’m not cut out to be a wizard. 

20. By Doing So

By Doing So

Here is another synonym due to the fact. 

Example – He killed the Principal, and by doing so he had to go to jail. 

21. Bearing That In Mind

Bearing That In Mind

Example – He had to sacrifice his wife to the devil. Bearing that in mind, the king escorted the devil out.

22. Correspondingly


Example – He took the letter but seemed correspondingly annoyed by my action. 

23. Henceforth


Although WordHippo suggests ‘henceforth’ as ‘due to the fact synonym,’ it does not have a completely close meaning. 

Example – Henceforth, you guys will be reporting directly to me. 

24. This Being The Case

This Being The Case

When someone uses the phrase “This being the case” or “something is the case”, they mean something that is true or correct. It is not an exact synonym of “Due to” but can be used when someone is talking about a true event.

Example – 

  • You failed. This being the case, you cannot approach the headmaster for another stroll outside at night. 
  • Blood tests can determine if this is the case.

25. Due To That

Due To That

This phrase has a very close meaning to the sentence ‘due to the fact.’ in fact; it is a perfect ‘due to the fact synonym.’ 

Example – I broke my ankle and could not participate in the final match due to that. 

Due to the Fact or Do to the Fact?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary as well as Cambridge Dictionary, the phrase “Due to” means “Because of” or “As a result of”. It is sometimes written as “Due to the Fact” however in dictionaries, you will only find the phrase “Due to” which is the correct version. 

Sometimes, you may also see the phrase “Do to the Fact” used to mean “Because of” or “As a result of”. But this is not correct. “Do to” is simply a misspelled version of the phrase “Due to”. So avoid using “Do to the fact” while writing. A good way to remember whether it is due to the fact or do to the fact, is to understand how “Due to the fact” can be used in a sentence. 

Here are a few example sentences – 

  • The game has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.
  • She had five days off work due to illness.
  • Due to injury, the team captain was forced to withdraw from the match.
  • They were charged a late fee at the library due to the fact that they turned in the book late.

Bottom Line

This article consists of several words and phrases that you can use as ‘due to the fact synonym.’ Not all the phrases have the same meaning. Some of them have a very close meaning. However, most of the synonyms should be helpful if you need them while writing or talking.
Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know in the comment. Also, leave any questions in the comment section. We will be sure to answer them.

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