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What Are The 5 Letter Words With No Vowels?

by Rishab Dey

5 letter words with no vowels? Like that is ever happening! You cannot usually form a word without at least one vowel within the word. Wait, can you really do that? Yes, you can do that. Actually, you don’t have to create words with no vowels.

There are already so many words in the English dictionary that have no vowels. Not only that, they are five-letter words.  In this article, I have listed all of these words that have no vowels and are five-letter words. But, before that,  

5 Letter Words With no vowels: Explained

Five letter words contain only five letters from the alphabet. But they have no vowels like all the other words in the English dictionary usually have. All the words usually contain any of the five vowels (a, e, i, o, u). For this type of word, the semivowels act like vowels and cerate the sound for the word giving a phonetically similar sound to the vowels. 

Now you know what they are structure-wise. They sound fascinating. However, what is the use cases of such words? Yes, you can use these words in your vocabulary

5 Letter Words Without Vowels That Have Meaning.

Yes, there are words with vowels but no vowels but with a meaning. Most of these words are  Here are some of the words that you need to know about –

  • Crypt: A crypt is a stone chamber or an underground room usually found beneath the floors of old churches. The main use of these chambers is as a place for burial where coffins, religious relics, and sarcophagi are contained.
  • Crwth: This is another  one among the 5 letter words with no vowels. The word notifies an ancient Celtic musical instrument that looks similar to a violin.
  • Cysts: You may have already heard of the word ‘cyst’. It means a sac full of certain fluid secretion.
  • Dryly: This five-letter word only means a remark or a joke that has no emotion or merriment when delivered.
  • Flyby: If you are watching too many space movies, then you might have come across this word. It means the action of flying past a place or a point. When an aircraft or rocket flies past in close proximity to something, it is called a flyby.
  • Glyph: Glyph means the symbols or figures,  or characters inscribed or carved with the purpose of recording any event or any information.
  • Gypsy: The Indo-Aryan ethnic group dispersed across Europe, south, and North America for survival. This group is called gypsy. These people follow a nomadic way of.
  • Lymph: There is a clear and transparent fluid inside the human body. This fluid passes from the intercellular spaces of our tissue to the lymphatic system. Then it ends up in the bloodstream. You can call these words – 5 letter words that end in h with no vowels.
  • Lynch: Lynching is an act of killing someone by hanging without a legal trial. It is especially an act of public murder where they kill someone for an alleged offense without permission.
  • Myrrh: This is  a sap-like resin. Myrrh is usually excreted from the bark of Commiphora abyssinica, a tree found in native Arabia or eastern Africa.
  • Nymph: This word refers to the imaginary fairies or minor deities found in ancient Greek mythology or folklore. Nymphs are beautiful, and they usually inhabit the forest or the river.
  • Psych: It is the process of preparing one mind for a test or something similar.
  • Pygmy: It is a term available in anthropology. The word means an ethnic group  with endemic short stature.
  • Shyly: This word refers to a reserved or timid manner.
  • Slyly: Similar to other 5 letter words with no vowels, this word also has a meaning. It means a manipulative, deceitful, or cunning way. 
  • Sylph: Paracelsus, a Swiss-German physician, coined this term for the first time. He used to regard alchemy as a spiritual science. Sylph is usually a tiny, feminine air spirit with insect-like wings. They also have pointed ears.
  • Tryst: Tryst is another 5 letter word with no vowel. It means a secret rendezvous or meeting between lovers. 
  • Wryly: This word means making humor in a bad, negative or difficult situation. 

Words With No Vowels: Words That Exclaim

I know that these words don’t have 5 letters. But these are also some words that have to mean that most of us know about. 

BrrThis exclamation is used when expressing someone’s reaction to feeling cold.
CwmThis word means a cirque mainly in the mountains of Wales. 
CwtchA cuddle or a cupboard. 
Grrl:A young woman who is strongly independent and aggressive.
Hmm:This is an exclamation used for expressing uncertainty, reflection, or hesitation.
Mm:People use this word with no vowels when expressing contentment.
Nth:denotes an unspecified instance or item in a series.
Pfft:A dull or abrupt sound is used to denote a slight impact or an explosion. 
Psst:This exclamation is used for surreptitiously calling someone. 
Sh:This exclamation is used when calling for silence. 
Tch:This expression helps to express irritation, annoyance, or impatience. 
Tsk:This expression helps to express irritation, annoyance, or impatience. 
Xlnt:This is an informal way of abbreviating the word excellent. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

I hope that you have found the answer you were looking for in this article. However, here are some of the questions and answers related to a similar topic. You might find them important. 

1. What Words Have No Vowels?

Ans: There are many words without any vowels. These words range from two-letter words to five-letter words with meaning but no vowel. Here are some examples of such words.  Here are some words that you might want to know about – hmm, psst, and Shh.

2. How Many 5 Letter Words Are There?

Ans: Free Dictionary claims that there are 158,390 words with five letters. On the other hand, Office’s Scrabble Dictionary (Volume 6) claims there are 8,996 available words with 5 letters. 
Different sources claim that there are 5,350 words you can create using 5 letters while playing a word game.

3. Is There A Word With Only Consonants?

Ans: There are onomatopoeic words that start only with only consonants. These words also have meaning and are usually used as exclamations. Here are some of the examples – mm, hmm, brr, grrl. 

Bottom Line

You will find many 5 letter words that end in h with no vowels. For example –lymph and lynch are two good examples. There are some examples of the 5 letter words with no vowels in this article. I have explained what these words are. 

After reading this article, you will have no problem understanding what these words are. However, if you still have any queries, you can ask questions in the comment sections.

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