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Installment or Instalment: Which Is Correct And When To Use Which Word

by shreyasi datta

Have you ever wondered how to spell the word that means putting something in place or making it ready for use? Is it installation or instalation? These two words are pronounced the same but have different spellings. This is one of the main reasons why people get confused while applying this word. In this article, we will tell you the correct spelling, meaning and usage and example sentences.

Installment Or Instalment: Which Is Correct  

Both installment and instalment are correct and have the same meaning. The spelling difference is due to different regional preferences. Installment is the American English spelling, while instalment is the British English spelling.

They both refer to the act of putting something in place so that it is ready for use, or a place where there are buildings and equipment with a particular purpose. It can also refer to a form of art, a system, or a job. See examples, synonyms, and related words.

The words also mean a portion of something that is paid or received over a period of time, such as a loan, a purchase, or a serial work. For example:

  • I paid the first installment of my car loan yesterday.
  • The new sofa will be delivered in three installments. (The new sofa will be delivered in three parts.)

The word ‘installation’ comes from the Medieval Latin word ‘installatio’. It was originally used in reference to church offices or other positions. The word ‘install’ comes from the Old French word ‘installer’ or directly from the Medieval Latin word ‘installare’. The word ‘install’ means ‘to place in (ecclesiastical) office by seating in an official stall’1

Installment Or Instalment: When To Use Which Word  

Both Installment or Instalment are correct and have the same meaning. Hence, they can be used interchangeably while writing. However, if you are writing something primarily for the british audience, use instalment. Whereas, if you are writing for US audience, then use ‘installment.’

Installment Or Instalment: Example Sentences  

Some examples of sentences using installment are:

  • I will pay the loan back in monthly installments over the next five years.
  • The installment plan allows you to spread out the cost of the purchase over several months. (American English)
  • The final instalment of the mortgage will be paid off in ten years. (British English)
  • The first college scholarship installment will be released today, and the next increment will be paid out next month. (American English)
  • The latest instalment of the Harry Potter series is out now. (British English)
  • The novel was published in instalments in a magazine. (British English)
  • It is bought by instalments, so that practically the landlord gets an increased rent for the house. (British English)

Installment Or Instalment: Synonyms And Similar Words  

Some synonyms and similar words for installments are:


An amount of money paid or received over a period of time, such as a loan, a purchase, or a subscription. For example, “I will pay the loan back in monthly payments over the next five years.”


The amount of money paid back to someone who has lent or given money, such as a bank, a friend, or a charity. For example, “The repayments for the car loan are due every month.”


The parts of a story or a series published or broadcast separately, such as a novel, a podcast, or a TV show. For example, “The latest episode of the Harry Potter series is out now.”


The sections of a book or a document are divided by a title or a number, usually containing a specific topic or theme. For example, “The first chapter of the book introduces the main characters and the setting.”


The parts of something that are divided or shared among different people or groups, such as a meal, a cake, or a prize. For example, “Each person gets a portion of the pizza.”


Parts separated or distinguished by a boundary, a difference, or a category, such as a country, a company, or a subject. For example, “The country is divided into four divisions: north, south, east, and west.”

Partial Payments  

Any amount of money paid or received as part of a larger sum, such as a debt, a bill, or a fee. For example, “He made a partial payment of $100 for the $500 invoice.”

Deferred Payments  

The amounts of money paid or received at a later date than the usual or expected one, such as a salary, a rent, or a tax. For example, “The company offered deferred payments for its employees during the pandemic.”


Any item offered as a sign of gratitude, affection, or goodwill, such as a gift, a gesture, or a favor, is known as a token. For example, “She gave him a token of her appreciation for his help.”


Any money paid or received as a deposit or a guarantee of a future transaction, such as a contract, a purchase, or a reservation. For example, “He paid $1000 as earnest for the house he wanted to buy.”

Here are some more Example Sentences:

  • He ate a large portion of the cake and felt very full.
  • She received a small portion of the inheritance from her uncle.
  • The first episode of the new season was very exciting.
  • The division of cells is essential for life. (The process of one cell splitting into two or more cells.)

As you can see, the main difference between ‘instalment’ and ‘installment’ is only in the spelling. Another difference between the two is usage based on regional preferences. The spelling Installment is popular in the USA, and the spelling ‘Instalment’ is more common in UK.


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