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What Number Is Spelled In Alphabetical Order?

by Shahnawaz Alam

What number is spelled in alphabetical order?

These questions can come out of curiosity. Or you may be too curious for a kid. Wait, are you a kid? Who exactly am I writing this for? Anyways, despite your identity, I indulge in your curiosity; and I am ready to answer the number you are looking for – the number spelled in alphabetical order.

So, the answer is FORTY

Did you get it? No? Well, here is a breakdown.

According to the alphabet, ‘F’ comes before ‘O’ then comes ‘R’ followed by ‘T’ and ‘Y’

There is no age limit for the curious. It is always courageous to ask such exciting questions and unravel the mystery behind our world. So, if you are ready for such a WORDY Adventure, then let’s get down to it. 

What Number Is Spelled In Alphabetical Order?

Number Spelled In Alphabetical Order

Yes, I am bringing up the same question again. The reason is – not many numbers are spelled alphabetically. There is only one number that gets spelled alphabetically. This number is, as I said before, FORTY

Surprisingly, no other number in the alphabet has the same order. But, we may not have thought of it. Fun fact – people in Canada and the States are curious to look for such strange facts. 

You can try all the numbers you like, but none are spelled in alphabetical order. Let’s try Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Fifty, Fifteen, or any other word. 

In the alphabet, E comes before T. According to this, the number Ten breaks the alphabetical order. The same applies to Twenty, Thirty, Fifty, or any of the numbers. Most examples here have an initial that comes later alphabetically. But, when you spell the number, none are alphabetically ascending or descending. 

Forty is the only word in Descending alphabetical order. But, another word is there. But it comes in descending order. That number is ONE

You can spell the number to find out if what I am saying is right or not. Wait, let me help you. The letter O comes after the letter N in the alphabet. E comes way before both of these letters. So, when it comes to alphabetical order, N is spelled in descending order. 

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Which Word In The Ordinal Number Is In Alphabetical Order?

The Ordinal Number In Alphabetical Order

I hope that the above section has explained the answer to your question – what number is spelled in alphabetical order? No, there is no other word in the same formation. 

Now, the answer before was about cardinal numbers. If you ask the same about the ordinal numbers, then the answer is different. 

In ordinal numbers, ‘First’ is the only word spelled alphabetically in ascending order. You can try spelling the word. F, I, R, S, T. yes, all the letters come one after another according to the order of the alphabet. 

The Alphabetical Order Of Numbers

When we start the numbers alphabetically, we will see that “Eight” is the first one and “Zero” is the last of the series. After Eight, there are Eighteen, Eighty-Five, and more numbers. 

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Other Fun Facts

fun facts about numbers, letters, and words

Yes, there are more fun facts about numbers, letters, and words. Here are some facts to remember –

  • Alphabetically, Eight is the first number, while Zero is the last. 
  • Four is the only number with the same number of letters as the number suggests. 
  • When Fifty and Seventy get divided by Ten, they have the same number of letters as ten divided them into. 
  • The numbers Thirty-Six and Forty-Five have the same property in reserve. 
  • Eighty-eight is eleven letters long. It is the longest number and is typed with the user strictly altering hands (the hyphens are ignored). 

Bottom Line

Questions like – What number is spelled in alphabetical order? – are funny and curious. It is similar to playing with Rubik’s cube or solving the daily puzzles from the newspaper. However, the answer to the question addressed in this article is FORTY. I hope you understand the explanation by now. 

But if you want to play more inquisitive games, you can leave some of your questions in the comment box. I want to see what you have for me. I am expecting your questions anytime now. So, don’t leave me hanging.

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