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“affect vs effect” – When to Use these Two Words?

by Mashum Mollah

In English, many words look similar, and the meaning of the words are also identical. But when you use a word instead of the appropriate word, it will look absolutely different. So, at that time, you have to choose which is more suitable. 

There are few ways, though, that you can recognize the differences between the two words. Affect vs effect is an example of these kinds of words that look almost similar in meaning. So, now, see when to use these two words.

Affect Vs Effect In Sentences And Language

  • When you pronounce these two words, to hear them will seem almost identical. Suppose you tell someone ‘it is the effect of Covid 19’, and then tell them ‘covid is affecting the business.’ Here in both sentences, the words have different meanings.

In the first, effect means the ‘bad result,’ and the second is meaning, covid 19’s impetuosity. So, here the word ‘affect’ is not describing the opposing side. But in the first sentence, the word ‘effect’ is talking about negativity. Therefore, ‘affect’ results from something, and ‘effect’ is the negative result.

  • Affect vs effect examples when to use affect vs effect is influential. For example, when you speak, you will see the word ‘affect’ is getting started with the vowel ‘a’. On the other hand, ‘effect’ is getting started with the vowel letter ‘e’.

So, these words will be heard differently when speaking. So, through this process, you can differentiate. The ‘effect’ will show the negativity of the result. On the other hand, ‘affect’ is showing the result of something. It can be good and bad both. So, this will depend on your wish.

The Last Words

After all, which word you will use in your sentence and while speaking is your choice. Just try to recognize which word is looking nice and more appreciated. There is a sharp difference within the terms affects vs effect. 

Many people make mismatches within their speech. So, you feel free and use the word that comes to your mind. Nobody is going to judge you. However, stop thinking and use the preferable word. You can use one word instead of another word, but make sure the meaning is identical.

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