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Amature Meaning: What Does the Slang Term “Amature” Mean?

by Abdul Aziz Mondal

How many times have you come across the word amature and thought that it is not an actual word? Well, by actual, I mean that the word sounds like a misspelled or mispronounced version of some other words – like amateur for instance. 

If you have wondered for so long about the real meaning of this word, then it is time you learn what the word really means. I have explained this word in this article and the meaning of the same. 

You will also learn the origin of the word, along with the possible meanings of the same. Examples of the usage of the word have also been shared in this article. So, learning should be easier for you. I will also tell you how to spell amature. So, without any delay, let’s learn. 

What Does Amature Mean 


The slang term amature is used to denote someone or something that is not mature. It means the same as the word immature. The word is widely used in online chatting and conversation. But, people usually consider the word “amature” to be a misspelled version of the word “ameateur.” But amateur has a different meaning altogether.

Where And When Did The Word Amature Origin?  

Not enough information comes out when we look at the word’s origin; there is also no record of where this slang term started for the first time. You can hear that it has been used in TV, movies, and social media. But some suggest that the word started to be used in 2007.

Other Meanings

The word Amature has only one meaning — and it is immature or not mature. The word has no further meanings. Surely there are similar slang terms that mean the same as Amature. 

Are Amature And Amateur The Same?


No, both of the words have different meanings. The word amaure is used to define a person who is immature or not mature. On the other hand, the word amateur stands for someone who takes part in an activity just for fun. Amatures are obviously unripe and immature. But, an amateur is also unprofessional at the work that they do. They lack the smoothness of the skill of doing whatever they are doing. Such people are above the level of a rookie or a newbie.

How Do You Spell Amature?

It is easy to spell this word. If we break down the syllables of the word, it stands as “AM-uh-cher.” There is an emphasis on the first syllable, “Am.” It is best to look for real examples of the pronunciation in movies or TV series. 

How To Use The Slang Amature?

Now, the most important query is, how do you use the term amature? Here is a little conversation that will help you learn –

Example 1: One-On-One Conversation

Leo:  Have you seen this new movie called “Savage Hunters?”

Christiano: Yeah, I have. The VFX work is so amature in that movie. 

Leo: You mean immature? 

Christiano: No, I meant what I said; it is amature.

Leo: what does that mean? 

Christiano: it basically means immature. But it is not a misspelled word from the word Immature. It is its own word.

Leo: chill out, man, don’t get so worked up about it. 

Example 2: Online Conversation 

PythonX04: I’ve been playing God of War for years. An amature should not hope to defeat me. It’s my territory. 

NoobMaster69: You should see my name. I’ve pissed off Thor. Believe me; you don’t want to taste a blow of my Stormbreaker. And who are you calling an amature? Playing for a long time doesn’t make you a pro. You might also be a slow learner. 

Other Examples of Amature

Here are some other examples on how you can use the word ‘Amature’: 

  • She says I am amature and irresponsible and just like all her other useless exes.
  • My friend may be a bit amature but he is a nice person at heart. 
  • Looking back, I was just another amature high school kid pretending to know everything about love and heartbreak.
  • The friends she hangs around with most of the time seem quite amature and shallow.
  • His amature comments on my youtube video doesn’t bother me.

However, you should remember that while amature means the same as immature, it is not an actual word and cannot be found in english dictionary. Therefore avoid using this word while doing assignments or projects for school or at work. You can however use the word during informal conversations.

Amature Similar Words

Some similar slangs mean the same as the word we are talking about here. A few examples are here –


The word noob basically a slang word that is used to refer to a person who is inexperienced in a particular type of work. It can also mean they are new to that particular sphere, environment, or field. Here are some examples of how the word “Noob” can be used in a sentence – 

  • This guy is a noob and is so annoying and arrogant; he thinks he knows more than me.
  • I was such a noob at the game when I first began to play.
  • I realize that most of you are experienced programers, but please give the noob a break.
  • I can’t believe how much of a noob Daniel is in this game, even though he’s been playing for some time.
  • The annoying noob at work keeps asking me for advice; I wish he would leave me alone.
  • I have some computer skills but very noob in hacking.


Noobie is similar to the word noob, n00b, or nub. It also denotes a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere.


Rookies are also new recruits in the army, on sports teams, or in the professional field. They are also inexperienced learners. Here are some example sentences with the word Rookie – 

  • A rookie salesman would have done better
  • Fewter doesn’t want to lose you, and I don’t want to have another rookie to train.
  • British rookie Justin Wilson has already flown to America’s racing heartland in preparation for his fourth outing with Jaguar Racing.
  • To perfect his game, the rookie golfer watched every nuance of his mentor’s swing.
  • Uncovering corruption in high places seems like a one way ticket to the top for rookie reporter Beth Michael.


Freshy is another word with a similar meaning as Amature. But they are usually used in the educational background to identify new students and freshman year. 

Amature vs Amateur: Know the difference

Amateur is an actual word that can be found in the English dictionary. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the word is used to refer to some one who engages in a pursuit be it study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession. The best way to know the difference is to understand how the word Amateur is used in a sentence – 

  • It’s not like I’m an amateur at this sleuthing business.
  • It was an amateur mistake.
  • He sold some art copies to a local amateur, where he came under the notice of Vincent.
  • That was not to say Fred had given up on amateur detecting.
  • He was also known as a patron of art and literature and an amateur painter of no little merit.

The word ‘Amateur’ can also be used as a noun or adjective. As a noun, ‘Amateur’ is generally used to refer to a person who takes part in sports or other activities for the love of it and not for any financial gain. As an adjective, ‘Amateur’ is used to describe a person who does not have enough skill to perform at a professional level.

Bottom Line

Words such as Amature, noob, or newbie are better used during informal conversations. These are slang words better used on the internet and on social media. You should be able to grasp the meaning of this word after reading this article. I have given a practical example of the word so that you have no problem understanding it. 

However, if you have any more questions about the same, you can ask them in the comment section. I will ensure to answer them as soon as possible.

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