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Apart Vs A Part: When To Use These Two Words?

by Shahnawaz Alam

Non-native speakers face many problems while speaking or writing English. A second language is always hard to learn and even harder to acquire. Confusions like ‘Apart vs a part’ is common to many speakers.

However, it is not hard to understand the difference between these two words and phrases. One uses Apart as an adverb or an adjective while ‘A part’ are two words meaning a fraction of something.

If you, too, are having the same confusion, then this article might be helpful. Here, I have helped you understand the difference between ‘apart’ and ‘a part’ with reasonable examples. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

Apart Vs A Part: Origin Of The Two Words?

origin of Apart Vs A Part

Although both of these expressions may seem similar, there are differences. However, these two words have a similar root. The word Apart Came to the English language from the Latin word “ad,” which means “to,” and the rest of the word comes from “pars,” which means a share, or a peace or a division.

“Part,” which is derived from “partem,” is the Latin accusative form of the word “pars.” It is ironic how the word associated with separation appears to be identical to a word that suggests integrity.

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‘Apart,’ Its Meaning, And When To Use It?

'Apart,' Its Meaning, And When To Use It?

The word apart can be used in two different ways. One can use it as both an adjective and an adverb.

Used As Adverb

You can use the word apart as a word that helps to dismantle or separate two or more things or people from each other. When used to mean a separation, apart stands as an adverb.

Used As Adjective

However, the word can modify a verb or another adverb as adverb. While used as an adjective, apart means separated or divided. However, you can also use the word after a noun and make it modify that very noun. In such cases, apart is used to mean a distance. 

The main difference between apart vs a part is – apart is a single word, and “a part” is two words. While one is an adjective or adverb, the other is a noun phrase. Here are different uses of the word “apart,” helping you understand its meaning. Thereby it will help you learn the difference between the two words. 

Correct: You and I are three years apart in age. 

Incorrect: You and I are three years a part in age.

Correct: No one could set Romeo and Juliet apart. 

Incorrect: No one could set Romeo and Juliet a part.

Correct: She and I live miles apart; and we don’t see each other very often. 

Incorrect: She and I live miles a part; and we don’t see each other very often. 

Also, there is another use of the word followed by the preposition from. We use “apart from” to mean “except for,” or “in addition to.”

For example, the whole city cried, apart from the old man. 

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‘A part,’ Its Meaning, And When To Use It?

'A part,' Its Meaning, And When To Use It?

The noun phrase ‘a part” consists of the article ‘a’ and the noun ‘Part.’ This noun phrase refers to a fraction or a part of something bigger or greater. A demonstration of its use can make it seem easier. For example –

“Although I say that I have moved on, a part of my heart still regrets the defeat.”

It should be easier; however, a complication arises when some sentences drop the article “a” and use only “part” to mean a fraction, similar to “a part.” For example –

“Losing something is part of being a warrior.”

Bonus TrickYou can get rid of the confusion of using ‘part’ and ‘a part’ by remembering this small trick. You can try replacing the word part with the word piece and see if it makes sense. Another trick is to remember to never write “apart of”. This way you can remember the proper use of a part contextually. 

Here are some examples of using a part—

  • She has been a part of our club ever since she contributed for the field. 
  • Can I take a part in this drama?
  • Although we have tried so much, we could never cure a part of the town from this virus. 
  • A part of that big piece of pencil sculpture was missing.

Apart Vs A Part: What Are The Differences?

Apart Vs A Part: What Are The Differences?

The confusion between using apart and a part is somewhat similar to many other similar confusions such as truely or truly or lead vs led. However, this table should clear all the confusions you have with these –

Apart Vs A Part: The Difference 

ApartA part
Apart can be used as an adjective and adverb.A part is a noun phrase.
It is a single word.It is a phrase with two words.
The word is used to mean separation or distance.The word is used to mean a fraction of a bigger entity.

Bottom Line

You should not have trouble understanding the difference between an apart vs a part after reading this article. However, if you are still confused, apart is connected with the separation of something. On the other hand, a part means a fraction of something. 

I hope that you can piece it together now. However, for further queries, you can always reach out to us in the comment section.

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