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E-Book Formatting For Amazon KDP: Best Practices And Tools

by Mony Shah

Many authors find the process of formatting their eBooks stressful and confusing.  

However, for Amazon Kindle direct publishing, you must format your manuscript and cover according to their specifications.  

Therefore, authors must visit the company website to understand specific instructions based on their word processor.  

For fixed-format books with images, you must use the best KDP tools.  

Moreover, you must note that Flashcards are unnecessary as this format has limitations.  

Therefore, if you don’t have flashcards, don’t worry when you have time. Set aside the task and focus on enhancing it with HTML, a style sheet, and the free Sigil software.  

This will help your eBook reach its full potential and benefit your audience. 

So, let us dive deeper and understand the best practices and tools for formatting e-books for Amazon KDP. 

Formatting Best Practices 

Given below are some of the best practices that can enable you to have a well-formatted e-book for Amazon KDP— 

Line Spacing & Indentations 

If you want your book’s body text to appear uniform and professional, it’s essential to format it correctly.  

One effective way to do this is by indenting paragraphs and adjusting line spacing. It’s important to note that tab spacing won’t translate to Kindle, so you must use other methods.  

However, you can modify the Normal style to save time and ensure consistency throughout your book.  

This will automatically apply the formatting to all the text that uses this style, making the process quick and hassle-free.  

Chapter Title Formats 

When writing a book, it’s a good practice to apply the “Heading 1” formatting style to the titles of each chapter.  

Not only will this make your book look more organized and professional, but it will also make it easier to generate a table of contents later.  

So, use the “Heading 1” style for your chapter titles and make your book stand out! 

Create The Content Table 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on creating a Table of Contents in Word, we have an article that covers it in detail.  

Additionally, if you’re interested in using Kindle Create to prepare reflowable and print books, you can create a table of contents.  

Kindle Create is available for PC and Mac users, making it a versatile tool for authors and publishers. 

Tools For E-Book Formatting 

When choosing ebook software, consider budget, operating system, and format.  

Moreover, some platforms offer one-time downloads, while others require monthly subscriptions or annual licensing fees.  

One-time purchases may be more expensive upfront but may only be refunded if the software meets your needs.  

Also, Some platforms work only on Windows or Mac, while others support both.  

Therefore, the software must support the desired format, such as PDF or EPUB for readers, static or interactive ebooks, and distribution methods.  

With the abundance of writing software and tools, choosing the best ebook writing solution can be challenging.  

With the explosion of options, choosing the best solution can be challenging. So, here are some sorted options for you to explore 

Swift Book Publishing 

Book Publishing 

Swift Publishing Company offers affordable, high-quality services to help you achieve your goals.  

Their team of trained e-book writers and trusted publishing capabilities make bringing your unique vision to life easy.  

Plus, as pioneers in AMZ Publishing, they offer cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality.  

Whether you’re curious about Amazon book publishing costs or seeking top-notch services, Swift Publishing Company is your go-to guide in the exciting world of book publishing. 


Jasper is a writing assistant that enables writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to create content quickly and efficiently.  

It provides over 50 templates for outlines, writing, and marketing ebooks, including the Perfect Non-Fiction Book Introduction & Outline recipe.  

Moreover, Jasper Art, an image generator powered by AI, enhances the visual appeal of your ebook.  

It allows users to engage through the chat feature, write and translate content in 29 languages, and utilize the editor to check grammar and punctuation.  

Additionally, a plagiarism checker powered by Copyscape ensures that the content produced is entirely original. 


Pages has made it easy by providing a customizable digital book template.  

All you need to do is adjust the typefaces for titles, subtitles, headers, subheads, and copy in paragraph styles, then export your creation.  

With these simple steps, you can create a professional-looking digital book to share with others. 


With Wordzworth, you can outsource this task to a skilled team of designers who create unique book covers and typeset your text to ensure it looks professional.  

They can also format your images to ensure they are optimized for print or digital publication.  

Each book receives a personalized quote, which can be paid in two installments – the first at the start of the project and the second upon completion.  

This tool assures your book’s presence in the best possible way to captivate your readers and stand out in the market. 


Blurb is a plugin for Adobe InDesign that simplifies creating professional book and magazine layouts for print and digital mediums.  

It automatically generates templates based on book size, page count, bleed, trim, and safety areas, allowing designers and authors to create customized layouts without hassle.  

Also, this tool offers a print-on-demand service, allowing authors to self-publish their books without worrying about inventory or upfront costs.  

Therefore, Blurb is an indispensable tool for creating high-quality book layouts quickly and easily. 

Understanding The Cover Image Format 

When uploading a cover image for your Amazon detail page, it’s important to comply with the Content Guidelines and have the necessary rights for the content.  

Cover Creator is only supported in Chrome 70+, Edge 79+, Firefox 63+, and Safari 14+ browsers. Upload images with minimal compression and a minimum resolution of 300 PPI for the best results.  

Also, verify the file’s color separation using an image editing program or image analysis tool.  

However, if white or light backgrounds disappear, add a medium gray border to define cover boundaries.  

Remember that the updated image may take up to 72 hours to display on Amazon. If it doesn’t, an underlying issue may be preventing the update. 

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