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Global Warming Essay: An Essay On The Causes, Effects, And Solutions 

by Shahnawaz Alam

Before we think of any asteroid hitting us, bringing about the terrible doom of humankind – like the Dinosaurs – Global warming will get to us.

Terrible jokes aside, global warming is a serious issue, one that we need to address and work to prevent as soon as possible.

It is good how academic institutions are raising awareness about the environment. Children often have to write a “global warming essay.” That is why we have listed three short samples of global warming essays in this article. It should help children who are struggling to write an essay on the same topic.

Global Warming Essay 500 Words

Global Warming Essay 500 Words

Global warming refers to the rise of the temperature of the atmosphere slowly across the world. It is one of the most talked about topics. However, many of us still don’t have a clear idea about it. As human civilization moves towards a new chapter, we are coming up with different activities that have a significant effect on the atmosphere surrounding us.

Due to the gradual increment of the global temperature, the ice glaciers of the planet earth are melting. This is extremely dangerous for the planet as well as its inhabitants. Indeed it is challenging to control and reduce global warming. However, it is not impossible.

As thoughtful inhabitants of the planet earth, we should identify what’s causing global warming and then come up with different solutions to solve the problem.

Causes Of Global Warming

No, the reason for global warming is not a single one. There is more than one reason causing global warming. Several causes have been changing the atmosphere and the natural temperature that keeps the environment secure; some of these reasons have been existing for generations and have remained unnoticed.

But not anymore. The different causes responsible for global warming are usually related to both natural and manmade activities.

One of the most serious and important reasons for global warming is greenhouse gas. The greenhouse gases do not escape from the earth, and they are gradually changing the planet’s temperature.

Natural Causes For Global Warming

There are certain components and gases that cause global warming. For example, volcanic eruptions are one of many reasons for global warming. Tons of carbon dioxides released during a volcanic eruption contribute to the causes that pollute the air. Methane is another gas responsible for increasing temperature in the atmosphere.

Manmade Causes For Global Warming

Some of the manmade causes of global warming are related to power plants burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, good manufacturing factories, and the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases from vehicles. Excessive consumptions of global resources and deforestation are also significant reasons behind global warming.

Solving Global Warming

Global warming has been causing climate change endangering the lives of different species. But we can take measures to solve this problem. Efforts need to be put forward by governments around the globe, and certain regulations should be maintained on the public level.

The first step would be public awareness; then, we can move towards finding ways to reduce greenhouse gases and choose public transportation. We can also limit the use of electricity and nondegradable products (like plastic bags) and plant as many trees as possible. Regulations on industrial waste and drastic measures to immediately stop deforestation are some of the initiatives the governments can take.


In short, Global warming is a life-threatening phenomenon that we should tackle at all costs. As the current inhabitants of this planet, it is our duty to keep the planet safe for future generations to grow and thrive under a clear sky. We should be extremely cautious about saving consumable water, keeping the air clean, and planting more trees.

Global Warming Essay 200 Words

Global Warming Essay 200 Words

Global warming is a significant and pressing issue facing our planet today. It refers to the gradual change in the average surface temperature of the planet earth. It is happening primarily due to the release of greenhouse gasses from human activities like burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

The consequences of global warming are severe and far-reaching. Rising temperatures can cause extreme weather events like droughts, hurricanes, and heat waves. These can result in damaged infrastructure, crops, and natural ecosystems. Melting glaciers and polar ice caps can lead to rising sea levels, flooding low-lying areas and displacing millions of people.

To mitigate the effects of global warming, we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. We must also adopt sustainable practices like reducing waste, conserving water, and planting more trees.

Every individual has a role to play in combating global warming. We can make small changes in our daily lives, such as reducing energy consumption, using public transport, and supporting sustainable products and services. Together, we can create a more sustainable and livable planet for future generations.

Global Warming Essay 100 Words

Global Warming Essay 100 Words

Global warming is a very concerning matter that puts our blue planet at severe risk. The term is used to refer to the gradual increase of temperature in the atmosphere. This gradual increment of atmospherical temperature happens due to both natural and manmade reasons. The ice glaciers are melting due to global warming, causing the water level in the oceans to rise.

The greenhouse gases emitted by different industrial factories and transport vehicles are the root causes of global warming. However, there are ways to solve global warming by planting more trees and purifying industrial wastes before releasing them into the environment. It is our duty to save nature and protect it for future generations. We should stop at nothing to stop global warming, and it can start with a single person’s awareness.

Bottom Line

We should not let global warming become the reason for human extinction and the extinction of other species from the planet. There are different measures we can take on a personal level, starting with planting a tree in the backyard. However, If you want to write a ‘global warming essay,’ you can use this article for simple and clear references.

But if you have any additional queries, you can leave them in the comment section for us to check. We will answer them as soon as we can.

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