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My Village Essay For All Class In 100 To 500 Words In English

by Shahnawaz Alam
Last Updated on: September 29, 2023

All the countries in the world have both rural and urban settings for humans to inhabit. While city life is more crowded, technologically advanced, and modern, rural life is more about peace, purity, and tranquillity.

Students are often assigned to write an essay on their villages. If you have such an assignment, you can take a look at the ‘my village essay’ samples in this article. Here, we have listed three of my village paragraphs with different word limits of 500, 200, and 100 words.

My Village Essay Within 500 Words   

My Village Essay Within 500 Words

Human civilization has expanded and thrived in two different settings – the urban and the rural. Almost all countries around the world have two of these different types of living environments. While the cities are more populated and have better infrastructure, technologies, transport, and other benefits villages have something different.

A certain kind of peace, satisfaction, and simplicity of a rural life makes the wretched human soul long to be there. Villages are the best places for healthy food, fresh air, and a peaceful green environment. People who have their roots in the village know the benefits of growing up and living there.

Importance Of Village 

While many of us choose to reside in cities or towns, villages are a crucial part of the country. Countries depending on agriculture cannot deny the importance of their villages. Villages are the only place that produces food for the whole country.

Villages are shelters for different animals. Since villages are covered with trees, rivers, ponds, and different granaries, they contribute to the ecological balance and keep the global environment healthy.

People living in towns and cities often tour villages to get peace of mind and live a life close to nature. The importance of the town is immeasurable in every country; rural life has a huge and undeniable contribution to the world.

My Village

My name is Jasmine, and I live in a village. Roughly 100 to 150 people reside in my village. Most of the village is surrounded by green trees, plants, and fields full of different crops. The inhabitants of my village are mainly farmers by profession.

I was born here, amid the lush green of a peaceful village, and spent my childhood in a rural setting. I love the fresh air during the summer noon and the soothing rainy season in the monsoon. Winters are filled with different flowers, vegetables, festivals, and picnics.

The river is full of different types of fish, while the sweet-smelling wildflowers growing in places sweeten the breezes. Small country roads take you to known and unknown places in my village.

The night sky is clearest in my village; all the stars are visible to the naked eye, and you can count every single one of them. My village is away from the pollution and the hustle and bustle of city life. The busyness of urban life barely touches you in the village. Everyone has time for everyone here in the village.

People in my village have a very simple lifestyle, and they are very kind and welcoming to each other. In my village, everyone seems to know everyone. The whole village feels like one big family that laughs, cries, and celebrates together.


Although I live in a village, we have a clean water supply, electricity, schools, and hospitals. Unfortunately, only some villages have all these necessary facilities. A portion of villagers often lives a poor lifestyle which is often hard to see.

Although my village is small and we don’t have access to lots of facilities like in the cities, people live a happy life here. Most people here are hardworking, caring, and welcoming. I feel very happy and lucky to have grown up in a village.

My Village Essay Within 400 Words

The name of my village is Gobindapur which is located in the Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal. Though I say my village, I don’t live here. Our ancestral home is in this village and my grandparents still live here. My father was born in this village and completed his schooling here. But even though we don’t live here, my parents and I go down to our village quite frequently to visit my grandparents. Till class 8, I used to spend all my winter vacations with my grandparents in this village and some of my best memories are associated with this village.

How long does it take to reach our village?

The village is approximately 3-4 hours away from Kolkata, but there is no direct bus or train service to my village from Kolkata. To reach our village, we get down at the bus stop at the nearest town which is around 10 km away. Then we have to take a rickshaw or an auto from the bus stop to reach our village. However, by car, it takes around 3-4 hours from Kolkata to our village.

Even though the traveling is a hassle and the road from the bus stop at the nearest town to our village is a nightmare, I have a soft spot for my village. Maybe because I do not live here and I don’t have to take this road on a daily basis. If I lived here and had to take this road on a daily basis, I am sure I would have hated it too. 

Why do I love my village?

There are many reasons why I love this village. The first and foremost reason is that it is a quaint and small village with a population of around 1,500 people. Since it is so small, everyone knows each other which provides a sense of community. The village is surrounded by greenery all around and there are lots of open fields where one can run around and play in. 

There are several small ponds around the village where can take a swim. My grandfather also taught me how to swim in one such pond. Aside from swimming, people also use the ponds to wash clothes and dishes. Domestic animals like cows and dogs can also be seen around the pond. You can also see small fish and frogs during the rainy season. Because of so much greenery, the air is clean. It is also free of pollution because only a few people own cars and motorbikes. I feel like my ears also get a rest when I come here since there is no traffic noises, sounds of shopkeepers trying to sell their wares, or salesmen ringing the doorbell and trying to persuade people to buy from them. The food is also very fresh and even the most simple food tastes delicious. 

Disadvantages of village life

There are also some disadvantages of village life. I have talked about the bad roads before, but the electricity and mobile phone connection is quite poor. There is no hospital except for a small emergency medical center. There are no ambulances either. So if someone falls sick the only way to take them to a hospital is by a personal car. 

But every place has its pros and cons. Despite these disadvantages, I love my village and I would very much like to live here on a permanent basis one day.

My Village Essay Within 200 Words  

My Village Essay Within 200 Words

Living in a village feels nothing less than incredible. Indeed, there are no tall buildings, modern technologies, and an abundance of shops and stores here, but the calm and peace of rural life are precious to me.

No, I do not live in the village, but I was born there and spent the first five years of my life in the village with my family. I came to live with my parents in the city due to my father’s profession. But, we go back to our village, our roots, from time to time.

There is almost no noise, no pollution, and no rushing crowd always on the run. The fresh air blowing in the village cleanses your body and soul once you are in the village. The sound of birds singing and the acres of land full of different crops makes my heart long to return to my first home, my village.

Most people in my village are farmers by profession. Some of them also have domestic cows; they are very warm, kind, and welcoming. I love to go to my village with my parents during holidays. I love to enjoy Festivals in my village. Here, everyone shares their sorrow and happiness with each other, which is why I keep coming back to my village.

My Village Essay Within 100 Words  

My Village Essay Within 100 Words

My village is a peaceful and harmonious place, surrounded by lush green fields and tall trees. The houses are simple and traditional, made of mud and thatch, and the streets are narrow and winding.

The villagers are friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. Life in the village is simple, and people live in close harmony with nature. They are self-sufficient and grow their own crops and rear their own animals.

The villagers are deeply religious, and a temple in the center of the village serves as the heart of the community. The sound of temple bells and the chirping of birds fill the air in the morning. Despite the lack of modern amenities, I love my village and feel proud to call it my home.

Bottom Line   

The only drawback of rural life is its lack of modern amenities, schools, industries, transport, health care, and large convenience stores. But, if you look on the other side, the natural environment of village life is healthy for both the mind and the body. People live a humble and peaceful life surrounded by their loved ones in the village.

If you need help writing an essay on my village, then the samples given in this article should help. However, if you have any additional queries feel free to comment below.

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