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Greatful or Grateful? Correct Spelling for your Thank You Note

by Nabamita Sinha

When ending a letter or email about what to use Greatful or Grateful, are you confused? Do they have the same meaning? How will you know what is what and when to use it? 

In this article, we will compare the similar sounding words grateful and grateful. So keep on scrolling to find out. 

Grateful of Grateful: What is it? 

Grateful of Grateful: What is it

Though both the words sound similar, Grateful is the actual English word, whereas grateful is just misspelled. Greatful is not even a word, let alone a meaning. 

When To Use Greatful? 

“Greatful is just a misspelled Grateful.”

As mentioned in the previous section Greatful is not a word; it does not have a meaning and therefore is not used in anyway in the English language. This word is just the misspelled version of the actual word Grateful.

It is a very common mistake that can be made by anyone. Since the pronunciation of both the word ‘Great’ and ‘Grate’ is the same, so it is understandable if any mistake happens. Moreover, there is a word called ‘Great’ in English language which is used to refer to an eminent person, or something that is present in large numbers or to describe something extraordinary. 

The word is also used when we want to appreciate someone or something. For example – 

  • The guy is great. 
  • The food tastes great

Because the word ‘great’ is generally used when we want to appreciate someone or something, it is natural to assume that the word ‘greatful’ is a correct english word. Which is also one of the reason, people get confused between greatful or grateful. But while Great’ is a correct word, once you add the word FULL to it, it becomes incorrect. And since Greatful is not even a word, it is better to just delete it from your head. 

When To Use Grateful? 

“Grateful means to express gratitude.”

Grateful means to show someone your kindness or express your gratitude towards someone. The exact meaning of the English word Gratitude is “feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.”

Here are a few examples where you can use the word Grateful. 

  • “I am so grateful.”
  • “We are very grateful to all those who contributed.”
  • “She said she was grateful for the support shown by the community.”
  • “Being grateful to yourself for your financial independence.”
  • “I am very grateful for your help and support.”

Real World Examples

Here are a few real world examples of the word Grateful, and people are using the word. 

  • “Doubtless, he could feel as lost and as unmoored as the rest of us, especially in our youth, and his music famously gave succor to those who believed themselves to be adrift or misunderstood. That is something to be grateful for, yet Still, to cleave to a work of art, in any medium, because of its therapeutic benefits is the risk neglecting the artist’s sense of play.”    – From The New Yorker.
  • “Still, the Patriots will be grateful for – and perhaps in dire need of – whatever contributes Edelman can make.”  – From The Washington Post. 
  • “Given new research linking gratitude to better health and increased happiness, the grateful stars may be on to something.”  – From Time Magazine.

How To Write A Grateful Thank You Note?

Grateful Thank You Note

Well, if you never wrote a Thank You note to anyone, then let me show you how to do it correctly. 

Here are the things you should include in the thank you note.

  1. Type the correct address of the person you are sending it to. Also right, write the correct spelling & titles. 
  1. Thank the person for their effort and time.
  1. Add a few details for which you are particularly grateful.
  1. Thank them again for their support. Add some suggestions on what you want to talk about next. 
  1. End the note with your name and email signature. 

Alternative Words To Express The Feeling Of Grateful

Alternative Words

Are you bored of saying the Grateful always, then why not switch it up? Here are a few other words that have the same meaning as Grateful.

  • Appreciative – I am very appreciative of all your efforts.
  • Pleased – I am pleased with all your efforts.
  • Thankful –  I am very thankful for all your help. 
  • Obliged – I am highly obliged for your help.
  • Indebted – I am indebted to you for your support. 

Sometimes you may also notice people using words like beyond grateful and forever grateful while conversing or writing thank you notes. Have you ever wondered what these terms mean? We’ll explain them for you. 

The phrase ‘beyond grateful’ can be used to convey an extreme sense of appreciation and thankfulness. Here are some example sentences: 

  • She recommended my name for this job role and also helped me to prepare for the interview. And for that I am beyond grateful to her.
  • I will be beyond grateful to anyone who can provide me with further information about my missing dog.

On the other hand, the phrase ‘forever grateful’ can be used if one wants to convey a feeling of deep and lasting appreciation for another person. Here are some examples: 

  • I will be forever grateful for their help and support during a very difficult period in my life.
  • He thanked her and said that he will be forever grateful to her for saving his grandson’s life.

How To Use The Word Gratefully?

How To Use The Word Gratefully

Grateful is an adjective, while Gratitude is the noun, but when we use the word Gratefully, it becomes an adverb. Adverbs are the terms that are used to modify verbs or adjectives. 

These are the ones that answer questions that start with where, when, to what extent, and even how, how long, or even how much. 

Here are a few examples using the word Gratefully. These sentences have verbs, adverbs, and adjectives modified by Gratefully. 

  1. “We accepted the water gratefully.”
  1. “Gratefully, she sat down after being on her feet the whole day.”
  1. “All the donations are received gratefully.”
  1. “He was starving and ate the food gratefully.”
  1. “That was so kind of you! She said gratefully.”

Grateful vs Greatful: How to remember the correct spelling

The pronunciation of theword ‘Grateful’ and ‘Greatful’ is similar. Hence people often get confused between ‘greatful’ and ‘grateful’ and write the wrong spelling. So how can you remember which is the correct word? Here are some tips that may help you to remember the right word. 

First of all, you need to remember that the correct word has the letter ‘e’ in the end. Whereas the incorrect word has the letter ‘t’ in the end. 

Secondly, you can also try to remember that grateful is the adjective of Gratitude. Link these two words in your mind like this: Gratitude = Grateful. Since ‘greatful’ is not actually a word, there is no such comparable word for the same. Hence this will make it more easier for you to remember the right spelling.

Wrapping Up!

So now that I have deciphered both the words and their meaning, it should be clear to your understanding that there is no comparison between Greatful vs Grateful. 

Only the word Grateful has a meaning, while Greatful, on the other hand, is not even a word, so it has no meaning altogether. There are many spelling mistakes and problems that occur with similar sounding words, but this is not the case here. 

Greatful is not even a word in the English language, so it can’t be compared with Grateful. 

So I am Grateful, not Greatful, that I was able to clear this mistake for you. If you find this article helpful, surely let me know in the comment section.

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