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LMAO Meaning & LMAO Definition: A Complete Overview

by Nabamita Sinha

We all have messaged the words LMAO or gotten the message of LMAO, But do you know the proper way to use this acronym or when to use it? 

Let’s get to the basics and break down the acronym, and know it,s meaning. 

  • LMAO, the word means “laughing my ass off.”
  • LMAO is most appropriate for certain informal conversations but inappropriate for formal conversations. 
  • LMAO and LOL are interchangeable terms in an informal conversation. 
  • LMFAO and LMAO are also similar terms, but LMFAO contains the f-word. 

Laughing My A** Off!

Laughing My A Off!

LMAO, or Laughing My Ass Off. We usually use this expression when we find something extremely funny. You usually send LMAO to hilarious messages and memes. Like you might get a funny video or text and reply to it, “Ha ha, that’s hilarious, LMAO.”But what is LMAO meaning? 

Two of the closest acronyms of LMAO are LOL and ROFL. Where LOL means “Laughing Out Loud,” and ROFL means “Rolling On The Floor Laughing.”

History Of LMAO

Black Man Laughing GIF by Identity - Find & Share on GIPHY

Like most pop culture trends, LMAO also originated in the 1990s. It could be seen on certain internet-based messaging boards like IRC or even on bulletin boards.

The initial definition of LMAO was entered in the Urban Dictionary in June 2022. Whereas LMFAO was first entered in the year 2003.

Steadily but rapidly, the acronym became popular as more and more instant messaging apps and services grew. In recent years, LMAO has become a part of our daily conversation.

LMAO Types

LMAO Types

The two most common variants or types of acronyms are LMAO and LMFAO. Where LMFAO means “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.” These two variants are highly interchangeable and equally popular and used in pop culture.

With the internet being a creative platform, they have created more variations of the acronyms by combining others. By combining ROFL and LMFAO, the internet has created ROFLMAO, which is “Rolling on the Foor, Laughing my Ass Off.”

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

ROFL: Rolling on the floor, laughing

LMBO:  Laughing my butt off or laughing my booty off

LMAO:  Laughing my ass off

LMAO: How To Pronounce It? 

If you don’t know how to pronounce the word, LMAO, then try to say it out loud by each letter. Like, try saying, “el em ay oh,” or you could say it like “luh may oh.”The former is more prevalent and widely used.

LMAO Culture

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Due to its popularity, LMAO has gained a lot of momentum in pop culture references. LMAO and its trends have been highly popular. 

The best pop culture reference of LMAO was through a meme in 2016. The trend was called “Ayy LMAO.” But what is AYY LMAO meaning? 

The meme was of a green color alien with the words ‘Ayy LMAO’ written below. It was through that meme did the term LMAO entered the mainstream vocabulary. 

LMAO: How To Use It?

LMAO How To Use It

There is no strict hard and fast rule for when to use this term. You can say it when you are commenting on something funny. You can use LMAO where ever you wanna express something really funny and hilarious. 

And keep in mind one thing, LMAO is primarily an informal acronym, so avoid using it in any professional scenario. These acronyms go great with the funniest and quirky and hilarious memes and gifs. These acronyms suit best when in conversation with friends.

LMAO: Is It A Bad Word?

LMAO Is It A Bad Word

Not totally a bad word, but LMAO is surely controversial and can be considered inappropriate in certain situations. The “A” part of LMAO means Ass, and some people can take offense from that.

Although it is far less controversial but rather offensive to be dropping “F-bombs” in your conversation. The one advantage of LMAO is that it is an acronym, so you don’t need to spell it out all the time. No one has to know the full form. 



Though the letters are different, the meaning of the two is basically the same. With the “F” word, you can easily replace it with freaking. If you are not comfortable with the f-word, then you don’t have to use it. LMAO meaning and LMFAO meaning are not as different.

Both these acronyms are perfectly fine when you are in conversation with a friend or a group of friends. The conversation then is quite informal and fun. But you should avoid both these acronyms when you are in the workplace or a professional environment

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1. What Does LMAO Mean By Chat?

Ans: LMAO means laughing my ass off. You send this to someone when the conversation is really funny and hilarious. 

Q2. Is LMAO An Insult?

Ans: No, LMAO is in no way regarded as an insult. It is just an expression of joy and laughter. 

Q3. What Are LOL And SMH Called? 

Ans: LOL is Laughing out loud while SMH is Shaking my head. These are also pop culture acronyms.

Q4. What’s SOS Stand For?

SOS is a mnemonic phrase. The International Radio Telegraphic Convention used it first in1906. It is a sequence of Morse code and not an abbreviation. Its full form is either “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship. ”

Q4What Are LMAO And ROLF?

These are acronyms that express an expression of laughter and joy. The full forms of them are LMAO laughing my ass off, and ROFL is rolling on the floor laughing. 

To Wrap Up!

LMAO, or you may say the full form that is laughing my ass off is an expression or your reaction to something funny. The reaction can be to anything from a funny meme, video, joke, and even a situation.

But you need to remember that these acronyms are for all informal or casual situations only. They are not appropriate for any formal or rather professional situations like a workplace.

But if your workplace is chill and cool with things like these, then you can give it a whirl with permission, of course. 

Hopefully, this article helped you to know what exactly the LMAO meaning is. Maybe you have been saying it without even knowing the actual meaning, but now you know.

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