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Prioritizing Health: Write Health Is Wealth Essay

by Anindita Dey

“Health is not everything, but without health, everything else is nothing.”

Albert Schweitzer

Well, it is needless to staying that staying healthy and living a healthy life should be our priority. After all, health is wealth. And by being healthy, I don’t just mean physical fitness; I mean physical and mental health. And there is something else directly related to having a healthy life: being happy. It is common to write health is wealth essay in English, but it is an important topic for spreading awareness.

This is the ultimate wealth of our life. You can work hard and earn a lot of money, but at the end of the day, your health means the most. If you are doing everything you are supposed to but ignoring your health, what is the point of having everything if you cannot enjoy it because of your ill health?

Staying healthy is a necessity for living. Good health is directly proportional to the food we consume, physical activity or exercise, personal hygiene, and the amount of rest we give our bodies. A healthy person reflects confidence, energy, and self-assurance. A healthy person examines a subject with calmness and steadiness.

How important is our mental health?

It is often seen that people ignore their mental health. They don’t even want to believe that it is essential to take care of it, or even for that matter, they are not ready to think that it is the most crucial factor. They get so busy with their lies that they ignore them. Making money and prioritizing job becomes their first preference. 

How important is our mental health?

It is vital to work, keep yourself busy, and be dedicated. But that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your mental health. The important fact is to keep a work-life balance and not work every hour of every day.

Some people work almost sixteen to eighteen hours a day, while others work seven days a week. Their primary focus is to earn money. These are the people who get mental health issues often. Well, this is not the only reason but one of them. 

This much stress will not only make your body tired but your mind as well. Just make sure to keep two things different. Keep your work and personal life separate. When working in the office, give all your efforts; when you are at home, spend time with your family, read books, watch series, do whatever keeps you cheerful, and maintain a healthy routine.

Well, mental health can get affected because of many reasons. It is not always the stress of work that strains our mental health, so if you see some signs of mental health issues, get help. Initially, you can try talking to the person showing some symptoms, but if you feel they are deep into it, consult a psychologist, who will decide what kind of help they need. People tend to ignore mental health, which should never be ignored. Health is wealth.

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Importance of physical health

To take care of everything else in our life, like work, family, and connecting with people, we often ignore our health until we collapse. We start caring for ourselves only when we get sick or something alarming happens. 

How to take care of a child’s health

We only realize that health is wealth once we are in a hospital bed or going there for tests to determine what has gone wrong in our bodies. The human body is a machine; like every other machine, our body needs servicing, I mean care. But why take the risk? Why do we have to wait for the extreme to happen? Just be careful and take good care of your health.

And by taking good care of your health, I mean maintaining a proper diet, including and excluding food that your body needs and cannot take. Not only diet but doing some sort of regular exercise like going to the gym, doing yoga or pilates, or simply going for a walk or run every day.

But there have been instances where people have had a heart attack or fallen ill while exercising in the gym. People have lost their lives as well. So if you are going to the gym to exercise at home, it is better to consult an expert before doing so. Let them help you and tell you what is best for you.

Why you should exercise regularly?

Why you should exercise regularly
  • Exercise improves the condition of our lungs and heart. It helps them to function smoothly.
  • A walk can help you with your diabetes and cholesterol levels.
  • Exercise keeps blood pressure in check.
  • It helps in reducing stress.
  • It also improves your sleep quality.
  • It helps you to deal with stress.
  • Exercising every day can increase your productivity level.
  • It improves your immune system.

How to take care of a child’s health?

Caring for a baby’s health during their initial years is also important as it builds their immune systems. And not just as an infant when they are in school as well, as the pressure of studies can get to them and they do not always understand what is happening to them. The parents must check for signs their child shows of any kind of physical or mental illness.

How to take care of a child’s health

A child needs to engage in physical activities and mingle with other kids. But in the era of connectivity through the internet, they age, lacking communication among themselves. They no longer go out to play and keep their face buried in their cell phones. They are getting away from the real world more and more every day.


Writing a health is wealth essay in 150 words or writing health is wealth essay in 300 words is impossible because living a healthy life is a priority. What will you do with all the money that you have earned if you cannot enjoy your life and give all of that money to treatment? How will that make you feel? So why not be precocious from the beginning and take baby steps to achieve a healthy life?

Keep a balance between work and life and follow a routine every day. Obviously, some days it is okay to ignore that, leave everything behind, and have a cheat day. Just remember, if you are unhealthy, it will affect everything in your life. At the end of the day, health is wealth. 

“A sound mind in a sound body is a short, but full description of a happy state in this world.”

John Locke

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