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How to Title an Essay: A Step by Step Guide

by Roman Reign

After completing almost ten years of teaching English literature in high school, I just feel titling an essay is the most challenging part of writing. Throughout my whole ten years, I have seen that the writers and the students can not fulfill the reader’s expectations from the titling part. Most of the time, my students and all other people are repeatedly asking one question on how to title an essay.

Most of the writers are never fulfilling the viewer’s expectations. Because most of them do not know how to title an essay. The title is like the essay’s brain; if it does not click, then the whole show will be a flop. When the title is the most important thing, everyone should focus on doing it correctly.

The title is the key element in any type of writings, including an essay. The proper title will determine the reader’s perspectives and the target of the essay. If you read any professional articles and the newspapers and the other magazines, you can observe the writing pattern. But in most cases, you need to attract the attention of the audience. The tiling of the essay is working as the magnetic part of the essay.

Simple Concept Of How To Title An Essay

The title includes very few but important points of writings. 

Giving a short idea about an essay only can not fulfill the viewer’s expectations. There are specific parameters that you must follow to add a perfect title for your writings.

If you hesitate to give the appropriate title, then focus on these fundamental things. Here are some simple tips about how to title an essay.

Realistic View

The catchy title is all time required, but the unrealistic title, which does not match the context, never works out for any writings. Try to use realistic phrases, keywords, and subjects that match the essay body.

Grab The Reader’s Instant Attention

The reader’s attention is the most desirable thing for any writer. But that does not mean you can write any wrong information-related data for the sake of the reader’s attention. Research for the authentic data and then go through the essay body to get past multiple times and do not hesitate to try many types of titles.

At last, you will get to know what will be appropriate for it. If you crack this formula of catching the readers’ instant attention, you never have to ask anyone how to title an essay.

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Write the title in an active voice

The active voice is more appropriate for grabbing the attention of the readers and the viewers. By using the active voice, you will get more attention from the viewers. And the audiences are more prone to connect with your tone.

Error-free title

At the beginning of the essay, with grammatical or sentence construction errors just not worthy at all, try to avoid making this type of technical faults. Some of the readers are very conscious when they are reading an article or essay. If they find any grammatical error at the start. There will be a big chance of losing a viewer for a lifetime.

Short and interesting

Many times, people are repeatedly asking me one question on how to title an essay. But one prime thumb rule of writing a title is to keep it simple and exciting. Short and easy readable titles are more attractive among all age viewers.

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Tips To Apply The  Essay Writing Concept

Essay Writing Concept

Now you know all concepts of perfect writings, but you are quite confused about the application area. Forgiving you a clear vision about titling, here are some tiling tips for the essay in a proper way.

1. Give The Title Last 

Maybe you feel unusual, but the conclusion part should be writing before then the essay. Then comes the body of the essay, and the title comes at the last. If you are more prone to write the title first. Then maybe most of the time, you are making more mistakes about giving the proper information contained in the title.

 So be conscious and try to write down the title at the end. The one benefit is there when you are writing the title at the end. The content will be more apparent to you, and the title comes in a very smooth and spontaneous way. If you can use this principle, you never have to ask anyone how to title an essay.

2. Use The Summarized Version Of the Essay

The title is the small version of the full essay. An attractive and catchy title is also required. But here, you have to be more careful while giving a title for the essay. It never should look like an out of the box. The relevant subjects’ titles are more positively inclined to the viewer’s perspectives.

3. Make It Simple And Easy

Short, catchy, and straight forward are the main key rules of how to title an essay. Short and simple does not mean that you are giving unrealistic short and give a title full of grammatical errors. You have to use a straight to the point catchy title for the essay. 

4. Give A Brief Idea About The Essay Topic Within One Single Line

While giving a brief idea means the viewers are getting the full concept about the subjects and the topics. The full idea is not required, but a small brief view of the topic will create more interest among the viewers.

5. Use Appropriate Quotes And Phrases

Find the appropriate quotes and phrases for the essay. Start researching the quotes and relevant phrases before giving the title. The specific keyword, phrase, and quotes these three things which are more used on the titles.

The phrase and the titles are always looking great in the title. In some cases, I have seen the viewers remember the essay for some specific quotes and phrases.

6. Proofread Multiple Times To Free It From The Grammatical Errors

The grammatical-error-free title is another requirement when you are more prone to professionally writing any essay. So the proofreading process is holding the key to perfection.

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7. Check The Formatting

The formatting of good essay writing is fixed. But do you know about the title formatting? If you do not know the title formatting, then try to summarize the whole essay with a simple three to four word.

Remember one thing ‘practice makes people perfect, so just keep practicing the techniques, and with some time, you do not have to ask anyone about how to title an essay.

Avoid This Type Of Mistake While Making The Title

  • Do not ask any wrong questions. If you are choosing any inappropriate topics, then avoid asking any improper questions.
  • Do not be too personal for anyone. The professional approach will bring more attention to your writings.
  • Avoid the rebellious view and the aggressive approach. If you choose any discomforting topic, then the first thing you should remember is that very few people view the uneasy and rebellious topics. As a result, your viewers will be significantly less in number.


If you ask about how to title an essay, then the first thing you must remember is fulfilling the viewer’s need is the primary target of the title. So do not hesitate to jump straight to the point.

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