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Messege Or Message, Which Is Correct? – Essay Writing Guides

by Shahnawaz Alam

Is it messege or message? 

Making silly spelling errors is fine as long as you are eager to correct them. It won’t be a problem since you always have us to help you. 

However, sometimes, spelling common words might be confusing. For instance, Does ‘Letter’ have a single ‘t’? 

Or is it “tolled” or ‘told’? 

We have been in most of these situations. However, where there is a mistake, there is room for correction. So, let’s correct the error and learn the proper spelling. 

Is It Messege Or Message?

Is It Messege Or Message?

Messege is no English word. If you have read it somewhere or using this spelling while writing, then you are doing it wrong. The right spelling for the word is the next one or “message”. 

a message means the information you send through mail, a phone call, a social media chatting app, or a bird. It can be both verbal and nonverbal. However, nowadays, messages are usually sent through different electronic mediums in the form of written text or a voice record. 

The popular modern mediums for sending a message (not Messege) are SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, and more. 

The word message can be used both as a verb and a noun. Here are some examples of the word as a verb –

  • He messaged me in the morning. 
  • I have messaged her about the routine. 
  • She was messaging him the details of the report. 

Here are some examples of the word as a noun –

  • This is a message from Bruce Wayne. 
  • They want to burn Gotham to send a message to Batman. 
  • I have a message from the demon’s head. 

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What Is Messege?

What Is Messege?

When asking if it is messege or message, you should note that nothing such as Messege exists in the English dictionary. It is an incorrect spelling. Some people sometimes make the mistake of writing messege or message. But, in reality, ‘messege’ has no meaning. 

The correct spelling has an ‘a’ before ‘g’ when the incorrect spelling of the word uses ‘e’. If you want to spell it correctly, you should spell it as ‘message’. 

What Is A Message?

What Is A Message?

Now that you know if it is messege or message, you should know the proper meaning of the correctly spelled word. A message stands for the information you send directly or indirectly to another person. It could be both verbal and nonverbal. One can send the message on paper or through an electronic device. 

Some examples of messages include –

  • I am in a meeting, I will call you back later. 
  • Grab some eggs on your way back home from work. 
  • Please let me know if you have any questions. 
  • Thanks for the help. 
  • We meet at 10.

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Messege, Message, Or Massage

Messege, Message, Or Massage

The confusion rises when you see one change after another. There are three spellings out there with the letter ‘a’ trading places or completely missing out from the word. So, is it messege or message? Or is it message or massage? 

You should already know the answer to the first question. It is message, not messege. The latter word has a spelling error. However, the word Massage has a meaning. While a message means sending information, Massage means helping the body relax through the gentle stroke of the muscles.

It is a process of applying pressure on the muscles to relieve tension and help them relax. So, both message and massage have meaning. 

Messege Or Massage: Correct Uses

Here are some correct ways to use the word message –

  • I can messege you after I go back home – Incorrect. 
  • I can message you after I go back home – Correct.
  • Please deliver this messege to my mother – Incorrect
  • Please deliver this message to my mother – Correct. 

Bottom Line

It should not be that hard to remember the difference between the correct and incorrect spelling of the word. If you are wondering if is it messege or message then this article should have helped you find the difference. There are many similar words like baggage, package, luggage, postage, and heritage. We can also make mistakes with their spelling sometimes. 

But the best solution is to check the dictionary all the time. Also, if you are using electronic devices, turn on autocorrect to choose the proper spelling. I hope you have found the answer to your query. However, if you have any further queries, you can leave them in the comment. 

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