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4 Benefits And 2 Disadvantages Of A Plagiarism Checker

by Arnab

Plagiarism is one of the big things in the academic field, where researchers have to work day and night to prove that their writing is authentic.

Plagiarism is one of the dangerous sins that can ruin a person’s achievement (Ask Marconi about it). Therefore, today, professors and universities have taken refuge in the plagiarism checker device to view the authenticity of the paper submitted. The reason behind this lies in implementing moral codes and ethics that are imperative in the Academic world.

Further, it teaches the moral obligation stated by the Bible, which says that Thou shall not steal, as it is the ultimate sin one can commit. Hence, plagiarism gives hard workers the credit they deserve for their original work. It teaches students the importance of citations and references while writing an essay or dissertation. Thus, it brings us to today’s topic: the advantages and disadvantages of plagiarism checkers. 

Benefits Of Plagiarism Checker

Benefits Of Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism checker is a device used to check the presence of play in the paper. It is an effective tool that allows university professors to check how work in the article is copied and from where. Further, it restricts students from copying and submitting their classmate’s work, which enables others to be authentic. That is why most universities use Skandy. Co, a PDF Plagiarism Checker website to view the plag percentage in the essay, report, or dissertation. Hence, here are a few benefits of a plagiarism checker –

       It teaches ethical writing

       Importance of citations and references in the essay

       Giving due credit to other researchers Apart from this –

Highlighting The Content That Is Stolen

One of the important things a plagiarism checker does is highlight the content copied from the internet. It looks at words and their implementation in the essay. They highlight all the terms, sentences, or phrases that are available on the internet.

Hence, with a plagiarism checker, the professor identifies the parts where students have committed and provides them with directions accordingly. Further, with the checker, you can get the source from where it was taken. Thus, proper inspection presents a holistic picture of the paper and informs about its authenticity.

Specific Data On Plagiarism

Another thing that a plagiarism checker does is showcase the percentage of data copied from the internet. This way, universities can increase their threshold on the amount of plag they allow in the paper. Mostly, they can choose the limit of 10% beyond which students are destined to fail. Professors put great emphasis on ethical writing and its implementation through citations when taking sources from somewhere on the internet. Hence, it informs the professor of the dishonesty one does on the paper.

Use Plagiarism Checker Rather Than Paraphrasing Texts

This one is for students, who often look to paraphrase words available in the text, which takes years of practice to change the whole outlook of the long paragraphs. Therefore, rather than dwelling on honing your paraphrasing skills, you can save time with a plagiarism checker.

They will help you identify the texts that need to be refined and use different colors, showcasing the amount of change you must make in the paper. This will save you time and make your essay more authentic and original. Remember, there are marks allotted regarding plagiarism, so if your paper keeps the plag down to less than 5% or 6%. You will surely get good grades.

Reflection Of Honesty

Another benefit of plagiarism checkers, especially for students, is that they reflect honesty. When you write a paper on law, economics, and tribal studies, there is a high chance that plays will cross 10%, as certain are constant for all, making checkers relevant.

Hence, you can talk to professors and look to collaborate on the issues occurring on the paper and come up with a proper solution that can resolve the issue. This can also happen to students actively engaged in a science paper. So, it’s better to carry the plagiarism checker, show it to the teacher, and tell them about the issues you face while writing the paper.

Cons Of Using Plagiarism Checker

Cons Of Using Plagiarism Checker

As the plagiarism checker shows, the grass is never greener on the other side. Science brings both the boon and bane with an invention. Similarly, in the checker, there are some cons –

       High price to access the services

       Issue of compliance and privacy issues

       Weak regulations in the academic world.

Yet, some issues are available with the plagiarism checker.

Here are a few of those –

Inconsistencies Still Looms

Many experts in the academic world have denied using plagiarism checkers, as there are better ways to find the authenticity of the paper. The checker focuses on five to seven words and looks to compare them. Thus, it is the case that any scholar can find those issues if they go through the paper properly. A plagiarism checker works on algorithms. Therefore, it may detect the copy properly. So, it is better to read the paper by yourself, manually read the documents, fix the inconsistencies, and increase the paper’s originality.

Plagiarism Checker Is A Broken System

Academics and scientists are strictly against the use of plagiarism, as they converge on the fact that a checker can distort good papers and reduce their quality. Further, it has led to a decline in the number of scholars, as too much plagiarism has reduced their interest in academics and science. Further, there needs to be more consistency in the number and highlighted parts they showcase in the paper. One is written and checked by the machine, and then again, it is limited by the humans to point out the inconsistencies. Hence, it is people who do manual checking that better papers will get to publish in the public domain.

Final Thoughts

Even plagiarism checkers are not much valued in the academic world, yet it is the only active platform that showcases how much is stolen. So, if you are a student or a teacher, you can use the website to check for plagiarism.

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