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Pollution Essay: An Essay On Air, Water, And Land Pollution

by Shahnawaz Alam

Are you trying to write an ‘environmental pollution essay?’ If so, please follow this article. Here, you will find three different samples of essays on the environment.

I have listed 500, 200, and 100-word essays on the environment. You can follow them and use them as samples to write your own version of the same.

So. without any delay, let’s start.

Pollution Essay 500 Words

Pollution Essay 500 Words

Environmental pollution is a very serious yet common issue that has put the current world at fatal risk. The term has become very familiar among adults, youngsters, and children alike. Although pollution existed long before the expansion of human civilization.

Earlier, it was in the form of volcanic eruptions and wildfires. These natural phenomena are used to cause different photochemical reactions in our atmosphere. But, currently, different reasons for which mankind is responsible are polluting the environment. This includes the pollution of the water, the air, soil, sound, and more. Most of these pollutions are caused by humans and the machines that humans make.

What Is Pollution?

Pollution refers to the presence of any unsolicited substance existing in the atmosphere. These substances contaminate the atmosphere around us. It has been leading to adverse changes making it hard for different life forms to live and thrive naturally.

Types Of Pollution

The pollutants are affecting the environment in three different major aspects. The three kinds of environmental pollution are – 1. Air Pollution, 2. Water Pollution, 3. Water Pollution.

Air Pollution

The main reason for air pollution is the presence of harmful gas and other substances in the air. These harmful substances mainly emit from vehicles, dust and dirt emission, and poisonous gases from different factories. If we want to reduce air pollution, we can start by reducing the use of personal vehicles and avoiding burning things unnecessarily. Filtering the factory gas emission before releasing them into the air is also another positive way to look at it.

Water Pollution

Different contaminators and substances frequently mix with the water bodies like lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. these contaminators make the water toxic for human use and also put the lives of the underwater life forms at stake. These toxic materials contaminating water include – chemical fertilisers, industrial wastes, mining activities, and Sewage and wastewater.

Soil Pollution

The coarse human activities also affect the soil, which provides us with food and shelter. Excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides contaminates the soil. Also, dumping industrial waste, plastic, and different materials are also some of the main reasons for soil pollution. Deforestation at a maximum rate also causes soil erosion and brings about natural calamities like floods.

Effects Of Pollutions

Apart from the three major pollutants, radioactive pollution and noise pollution also cause significant harm to all life forms. Pollution affects human life to a great extent.

Major fatal diseases like lung cancer, asthma, respiratory problems and coronary heart disease are caused by air pollution. Water pollution causes cholera, typhoid, polio, diarrhoea, etc. soil pollution is the reason for different diseases like liver and kidney failure and leukaemia.


In conclusion, different types of pollution are responsible for health hazards, and we should take different measures to fight against all types of pollution. We can reduce air pollution by regulating air through chimneys and reducing the use of public transport.

Reduction of the use of chemicals and detergents and disposal of plastic wastes can help us keep the water clean. We should also keep the soil clean by reducing the use of pesticides and increasing the use of organic fertilisers. The atmosphere and the environment around us keep us alive. We should ensure to sustain it as well.

Pollution Essay 200 words

Pollution Essay 200 words

Pollution of the environment has harmful effects on different life forms living within it. Pollution means the contamination of the atmosphere, air, soil, and water around us. When the existence of certain harmful objects and substances causes the natural state of the environment to degrade, we call it environmental pollution.

There are pollutions three types of – air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. Apart from these three major types, there are radioactive pollution, noise pollution and more.

Excessive emissions of carbon dioxide, dirt, and other greenhouse gases from vehicles and factories are some of the man-made causes of air pollution. Industrial factories also dispose of different degradable and non-degradable waste into the water bodies and contaminate them. Excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers is the root cause of soil pollution. On top of that, deforestation causes soil erosion which also adds to soil pollution.

All the different types of pollution have severe effects on humans, animals, plants and the life forms living underwater. Air pollution is the root cause of lung cancer and respiratory problems, while water pollution causes typhoid, cholera, and diarrhoea.

Since the atmosphere and the environment sustain us as a species, it is also our duty to keep it safe. We can take different measures, such as reducing the use of personal transportation, chimney filters, and water purifiers for industrial wastewater and reducing the use of chemical fertilisers. Above all, we need to be very careful and aware of the consequence our actions have on the environment. If we want to save the environment, then this is a good place to start.

Pollution Essay 100 Words

Pollution Essay 100 Words

The atmosphere and the environment around us is a very crucial entities for us to be conscious about. It is responsible for our sustenance and evolution. However, due to the presence of different harmful substances in the environment, we are polluting different aspects of it (air, water, and the soil.)

Increasing numbers of industrial factories and their careless disposal of waste and emission of gas is responsible for air pollution. The water is also polluted due to the release of industrial wastewater in different water bodies like lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. These pollutions cause health issues like lung cancer, polio, Leukaemia, and more.

In conclusion, environmental pollution has life changing effects on us, and we can need to take different measures to prevent it from causing further harm to our lives.

Bottom Line

Noise pollution is also another pressing matter causing harm to one of our most necessary senses – the ear. It is also important to take necessary measures to decrease the use of loudspeakers and maintain a peaceful environment around us. However, if you want to write an environmental ‘pollution essay’, you can read the samples above for help.

However, if you have any additional queries, you can leave them in our comment section below. We will ensure to check them as quickly as possible.

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