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“Their vs There” – When To Use These Two Words?

by Arnab
Their vs There

Are you confused between the two words “their vs there”? If yes, you have to correct the words that can work well for you in a sentence. Many people often make mistakes while using the two words in a sentence. If you feel the same pain, I can provide you with the solution for the same.       

First of all, you need to keep your basics right. Then, work on your writing skills and understand the essence of a sentence where you want to use these two words. The pronunciation of the two words is the same, but the application is different.   

What Is The Difference Between Their Vs There? 

There are several points of difference between There vs Their that you need to care off while you want to clear your concept. Proper knowledge of the two words can rescue you from awful situations. The difference between Their vs There can make things easier for you.   

1. When To Use There   

The word“ Their” is an adverb that means “at that place. There indicates the place and direction of that place. The use of there reflects the direction and the place. It is one of the effective means to develop your sentence construction when you want to frame any sentence.   

Let’s understand it with the help of any sentences to make the concepts clear about it. 

  • It is very hot there in the desert. 
  • I found this dollar was laid off there in the street. 

In both the sentences, the application of the there is done to denote the sentences. It can make things work for you in a better way if you know the difference between” Their vs There” in a proper way. 

2. When To Use Their   

The word “their” is a possessive form of “they. In which kind of sentences you need to use, they are essential to know at your end. The word“ Their” indicates the ownership of something. Now, only my words cannot make you feel comfortable about this concept.   

Let’s go through some of the examples to make things easier for you in a better way like:- 

  • Their names were called. 
  • All their equipment was loaded in the truck.   

It is the reason why we use their in the sentences to make things much more accurate and precise for the readers. If you analyze more, you will better understand the difference between “Their vs There” concepts. 

3. Tricks To Remember The Difference    

The simplest way to identify the difference between the two words There vs Their” concepts is to make your choices correctly to make things happen in your favor. Let’s get into the details of the two words to make the concepts easier for you like:-   

There always denotes the location and the place, and “here” is included in the word of there. It also denotes the location and the direction where you want to get things done correctly.  

On the other hand, the word “Their” is always followed by a noun. For example, their car, their parents, their iPod. All these sentences will have more impact while you want to implement these in your sentence framing. 

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4. Application Of The Words 

Now, after the thorough analysis of the two concepts of words, there are specific parameters. It is one of the best things that you need to take care of while you use the proper application of the words. The application of the Their vs There can make things easier for you to develop in the long run. 

The possessive pronoun is a replacement for the possessive pronoun. The house was decorated with a hollow man.  

  • There is a directional word. 
  • Their is a possessive word. 
  • They are for a contraction of words they are. 

5. Grammatical Difference 

There has been a vast array of differences between the two words Their and There. The possessive pronoun is used for representing the gender of a person is unknown. On the other hand, there is used to represent the noun, pronoun, adverb and interjection.Their vs There concept will no longer be an issue for you.  

Let’s explore some of the facts in the light of this matter to get a better idea about it. Therefore, let’s get the idea about it with some examples. 

  • With halloween their house was decorated. 
  • The dog was theirs.   

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do You Teach The Difference Between There And Their?    

Their is a possessive pronoun and there car is red. There can be used as adjectives. He is always there for me. A noun is to get away from there. 

How Do You Remember There And Their? 

You can remember that this is there. It is one of the important thing that you have to consider at your end while you want to make the proper use of the two factors. Proper planning can make things happen in the right way. You need to make sure what your objectives are. 

What Are The Three Different Yours? 

You possess the thing that belongs to you. See how things ends as our. You can use that as a reminder. When it belongs to us it is a reminder when any thing that belongs to you is a concept. 

Which One Means A Person?   

There is the opposite of here. It reflects the position, place, or the destination. It is a contraction, they are they that belong to them.    

Some Quizzes Can Make Things Easier For You  

  1. _______ machineries are of high quality.  
  2. __________ was a huge tree once upon a time. 
  3. Do not go _______   


  1. Their  
  2. There 
  3. There 

Final Words

These are some of the effective facts that you need to bother about while you want to develop your idea and concept on the two words “Their and There”. It is one of the best and essential facts that you have to take care while you want to develop your concepts in a better way. Here, “there” refers to a place and Their refers to belongingness. The proper application of the strategy can make things easier and effective for you. 

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