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“To vs Too” – When To Use These Two words?

by Arnab
Last Updated on: December 12, 2023

Do you get confused between these two words, To vs Too? If yes, you need to know some of the basic grammatical structures that can help you correct these two words. 

Both the words sound similar, but they have some core differences. You need to make sure you do not mix the meaning of these two different words. Selection of the words makes things more accurate if you correctly select them.    

You need to know the basics right before selecting the words to use in your sentences. The more you understand things accurately, the better you achieve your objectives.    

To Vs Too Core Points Of Differences 

  • The word To is a preposition that comprises several meanings, including Toward and Until. 
  • Too is an adverb that signifies excessively or too much.   
  • In most cases, two is pronounced as the to and too. In most cases, it is used in the form of a number.     

How Can You Make Use Of To?    

To is a versatile preposition and a little word. You have to know these minute differences before using this word in your sentences. However, you can use these words to show the direction of movement. 

The word “To” also signifies the place of the arrival. Therefore, when you indicate that a verb is infinitive, then “To” cam makes sense while you use this word in your sentence. Likewise, you will often use To to indicate the attachment, addition, and possession.   

Sometimes “To” also indicates the range of the period. For example, in five to ten minutes, you need something to finish in time.      

There are some other things for which you need to use the word. But for now, you need to notify the core differences between the two. 

How To Use Too?    

If you want to use Too, you have to understand the application of the word To. You need to know these facts while you make use of the phrase. Do not make things more complicated as it can damage the way of your understanding.    

You can make use of the words “Too” in place of the words in addition, “besides,” also” as well.” For other things, you can also use the word “To” If you want to explain some of the excessive stuff, then the use of the word “Too” is applicable. 

Now, if you find the grammatical part too hard, you can use the word Too to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.    

How To Remember The Difference Between To & Too?   

There are certain shortcut tricks available to remember the difference between To & Too. However, since these two words are pronounced in the same tone, mixing them can complicate things.    

The word “to” can be used in more ways than too. The word “Too” can be replaced with “Very excessively” and “also.” You have to understand these facts while developing your subtitles correctly. 

You can replace them with any one of the sub-titles of your choices. You need to understand these facts while using these two words. If it works, then it is a sure sign that you have committed a mistake, and if it is not, it indicates that To and Too’s does not work.     

When To Use To? 

You can follow specific examples to understand when to use the words To. You have to make sure that you must not use inappropriate comments in inappropriate places. It can make things more fragile.   

Some of the examples of the word “To” are as follows:- 

  • I am going to school. 
  • His mood changed from Joy To Sorrow. 

To can also be used as an identifier if someone is affected by something. 

  • You were good to me. 
  • They regularly give funds to Charitable places.     

To can be used for indicating the things that are attached   

  • The headboard is attached to the car. 
  • Russia will forever be linked to India.   

To is also an infinitive marker.   

  • I am ready to change my mind. 
  • She hopes to become a doctor. 
  • They have a plan to dance after dinner. 

Here are some more example sentences with the word ‘To’

  • I’m going to the store.
  • She wants to go to the beach.
  • I need to finish my homework.
  • The flowers were delivered to her house.
  • I want to see the mountains and the ocean.
  • To be or not to be, that is the question.
  • All good things must come to an end.
  • From time to time, we all need a break.
  • It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
  • The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

The concept of  To vs Too is not as complicated as it seems to be for everyone. You have to identify the Pitfalls to make things work in your favor. Do not select the words in grey while you want to apply these two words, To vs Too, in your sentences.    

When To Use Too?   

Too has two main functions when you need to know at your end if you want to use this word as an adverb. First, too can be used excessively here; the meaning can be overly used. 

  • Stop the car while you are going too fast. 
  • That movie is too much for the big guys of the US. 
  • Reva was too timid and shy in the workplace. 
  • The car was too slow to take the corner.
  • The ball was too small to play with.
  • I was too hot – I had to take off my coat.
  • The cake was too sweet – I couldn’t finish it.
  • The sandwich was too salty.
  • The movie was too long.
  • You are too young to vote here.
  • It’s too dangerous for me to come alone.
  • I look too good in this dress.
  • He speaks too good English for my liking.

You need to practice using these two words while developing your vocabulary. So you have to make things work in the right direction while aiming to achieve your objectives correctly.    

Fill In The Blanks With Appropriate Words  

  1. It was______ hot in Rajasthan.   
  2. Are you going _____ Macdonald?   
  3. We like _______ eat Popcorns in the movie. 
  4. People drive cars _________ fast in the Newyork city. 

Ans 1 Too 

Ans 2. To 

Ans 3. To

Ans 4 Too 

The more you can solve these puzzles, the better you will understand the two concepts. You just need to explore things correctly to achieve your goals in the best possible manner. You need to work out your plans in the right direction at the correct point in time. 

More Exercises To Practice When To Use To vs Too

Here are some exercises to practice when to use “to” vs “too”:

Complete the gaps with “to” or “too” in the following sentences:

  • I’m going ___ the store.
  • That’s ___bad.
  • She’s coming ___ the party.
  • He ate ___much candy.
  • I want ___ go home.

Choose the correct word (“to” or “too”) to complete the sentence:

  • I’m going ___ the park.
  • That’s ___ expensive.
  • She’s coming ___ the concert.
  • He ate ___ many cookies.
  • I want ___ eat pizza.

Fill in the blank with the correct word (“to” or “too”):

  • I’m excited ___see the movie.
  • That’s ___ many people.
  • She’s going ___ the beach.
  • He’s too tired ___go out.
  • I need ___ finish my homework.

Rewrite the sentence using the correct form of “to” or “too”:

  • It’s ___hot ___ go outside. (Rewrite using “to”)
  • It’s so hot that I don’t want ___ go outside.
  • I want ___ go ___ the party. (Rewrite using “too”)
  • I also want ___ go to the party.

Choose the correct word (“to” or “too”) to complete the sentence:

  • I’m going ___ the store.
  • That’s ___ much sugar.
  • She’s coming ___ the meeting.
  • He’s ___ busy to talk.
  • I want ___ read a book.

Final Take Away 

Hence, if you plan to make things work in your way, you need to achieve your objectives in the best possible ways. But, on the other hand, do not make things work in the wrong direction, as it can negatively impact you.   

The concept of To vs Too can be complicated if you are not aware of it in the right way. Try to achieve your objectives in the best possible manner while developing your understanding of these concepts. 

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