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Women’s Empowerment: Speeches That Inspire Change

by Shahnawaz Alam

The world has always had its fair share of women contributing to developing our society. However, that contribution remained behind the scenes and was never credited. But, as the world goes forward, we are trying to crawl alongside it.

We are crawling when we should be running, and our ignorance towards the contribution of women is mostly to be blamed for that. But, a little appreciation or a little women empowerment speech can help us go a long way.

So, if you were thinking of crafting a women empowerment speech for your fellow female coworkers, fellow students, or your friends, then this article should be able to help you.

Women Empowerment Speech  

Here is a single women empowerment speech broken down into different parts.

Women Empowerment Speech

First of all, I would like to thank this beautiful audience present before me. I would like to thank you all for your time and your attention. Today, I would like to address a very important matter, women’s empowerment.’

The society we live in worships different female gods and figures who embody some of the most crucial aspects, such as wealth, power, and prosperity.

They contribute to the well-being of our society, starting with their contribution at home to their contribution at different workplaces. She is a homemaker, a friend, a mother, a teacher, a wife, or a sister. A woman plays different crucial roles but is hardly recognized or appreciated for their contribution.

There are some serious issues that need to be addressed and followed to help women get the respect women rightfully deserve.

Gender Inequality

The first pressing issue that I will be addressing is gender inequality. The path towards advancement for women is a lot harder since the hindrance of gender inequality has remained strong in our society. Especially in rural society, a male child is encouraged and is provided with all the necessary support for going to school. On the other hand, the same right is denied or often neglected for a girl child. There are more – discrimination at workplaces, and even family, has taken a serious toll on women, for centuries.

Domestic Violation

Women are married off as soon as they are of age (most often, even before they are of age). But, thousands of housewives face torture and domestic violence from their in-laws. Many are asked to pay dowry after marriage and are tortured if denied.

However, these women cannot stand for themselves since no one wishes to stand with them. Domestic violence is the worst form of violence towards women, and a single women empowerment speech cannot help that. We need to be more active and help them empower and stand against domestic violence.

Economic Independence

Since a wide number of women don’t get the required education they need to get a good job, it is hard for them to land a good job. Even if they get a job, they stick to the lower-paying ones. Due to this, the men in the house become the sole bread earners.

When women also work and help grow the family’s economy, they are also helping boost the overall economic growth of the country. There are many female scientists, lecturers, teachers, and workers in other professional sectors empowering women to choose their careers and grow.

Decision Making

Another focus of women’s empowerment should also be on helping women take part in making decisions for their families and the different organisations they are part of. Be it a financial decision, or a family decision, women don’t need the approval of men to make their own decision. They should be empowered to also have their opinion heard in their family and at workplaces.


As of now, there are multiple organisations and NGOs run by governments helping raise awareness about women’s empowerment. The government is also running different projects for the skill and educational development of women. They are making sure that more women gain financial independence and the right to represent themselves proudly in all aspects of life.

Women Empowerment Speech Quotes

Women Empowerment Speech

Go through these popular speeches about women’s empowerment from famous people –

“My belief is that if we live another century or so – I am talking of the common life, which is the real life and not of the little separate lives which we live as individuals – and have five hundred a year each of us and rooms of our own; if we have the habit of freedom and the courage to write exactly what we think…”

Virginia Woolf

“I am from Britain and think it is right that, as a woman, I am paid the same as my male counterparts. I think it is right that I should be able to make decisions about my own body. I think it is right that women be involved on my behalf in the policies and decision-making of my country. I think it is right that socially I am afforded the same respect as men. But sadly, I can say that there is no one country in the world where all women can expect to receive these rights.”

Emma Watson

“If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely — and the right to be heard.”

Hillary Clinton

“I am those 66 million girls who are deprived of education. And today I am not raising my voice, it is the voice of those 66 million girls. Sometimes people like to ask me why should girls go to school, why is it important for them. But I think the more important question is why shouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t they have this right to go to school?”

Malala Yusafzai

Be embarrassed if everyone in your workplace looks like you. Pay attention to physical ability, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and make sure you’ve got all kinds of experiences represented.

‘Stop the rhetoric that a woman is crazy or difficult. If a man says a woman is crazy or difficult, ask him: What bad thing did you do to her? It’s code that he is trying to discredit her reputation. Make efforts to hire people who’ve had their reputations smeared in retaliation.’

Natalie Portman

‘I wish that girls could fail as bad as men do and be OK. Because let me tell you, watching men fail up, it is frustrating. It’s frustrating to see a lot of men blow it and win. And we hold ourselves to these crazy, crazy standards.

‘Start with what you can control. You start there. Because thinking about changing your workplace and changing the way the world thinks – that’s big; that’s daunting. And then you shrink from that. So start with what you can control. And that’s you, first. And those questions start within. First, we must ask ourselves, “Are we using our voices? And when are we not? When are we playing it safe?” And at least be cognisant of that and understand, “These are the times that I shrunk away from doing more than I could, and let me think about why that was.”

Michelle Obama

Bottom Line

If you are preparing a women empowerment speech, then you can start by touching upon all of these points mentioned here. Always start with an introduction and your thanks to the audience. Then you can move towards describing different areas, such as gender inequality.

You can also use some women empowerment quotes that I have listed here in this article.  I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you have any extra queries about the same, please contact us through the comment section. We will get back to you within a while.

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