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Essay Checker: Make An Informed Decision When You Choose

by subhasree nag

This has been a concern for many, what is the best essay checker? Well, here we are with the best five essay checkers there are, along with all the pros and cons to help you decide which is the best one for you and which one you want to use. Before listing those, there are a few factors that we have to learn about, which helps in deciding the list. Let’s start with those.

Paid Vs. Free Checkers

Paid vs. free checkers

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out if the free tools are actually going to work or not. Here is a tally between the free tools and the paid ones to have a better understanding before choosing which one to go for.

FactorsPaid toolsFree tools
Average plag percentage47%42%
Decetcs paraphrasing plags?XX
Can it find full matches?XX
Pricing Subscription plans are often confusingIt is often misleading, sometimes allows trials, and sometimes is not even free
Word limitsDepends on the subscription planUsually less than 1000
Is it trustworthy?These are usually accountableIt is difficult to know if your documents are safe or not
User experienceFew live support, fewer bugsThere is no live support and filled with bugs
Reports Somewhat clear and downloadableIt is not quite readable and sometimes cannot be downloaded

Without wasting any time, let’s get on with the best essay checkers we have here.


Scribbr allows its users to use the free version for a limited period of time and is one of the best essay checkers for checking potential plagiarism. To get the full report, it is important to buy the premium version, which would cost somewhere around $19.95 to $39.95, and this depends on the word count. But there is no word limit, so it is upto you how big the content you want to check.

Pros and cons

Even though this is a great one, there is one drawback of this plagiarism checker.

There is a free version but for a limited time.You have to buy the premium version to get the actual similarity score and check the entire report.
Finds more plagiarism than any other tool.X
It detects plagiarism even if the text is edited.X
It does not store or sell any of your documentsX
Money-back happiness is guaranteed, along with live support.X
There is a self-plagiarism feature available.X


Quetext offers to use it for free when the word limit is within 500, but after that, the users have to buy a premium plan. One pro feature of this one is to upload the files, but if you have not paid, then you have to copy-paste the whole text from the document instead.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of Quetext are:

There is a built-in citation assistant available to help you add the missing citations.It does not find partial matches.
They do not store the documents in their database.There is no clarity on how the free trial works.
There is a support option, but live support is not available.After the free trial is over, the monthly subscription costs a minimum of $8.25.
XIt is not a good choice for scholars.
XIt does not detect all plagiarism.


This essay checker is free but with a catch. You can only upload 1,000 words at a time. But, if you choose to buy their premium plans, then you can check up to 25,000 words at a time. There are various other plans that the site offers which sometimes gets a little confusing for navigating.

Pros and cons

There are some pros and cons of DupliChecker. Let’s check those.

It is free, but you can check 1000 words in one scan.There are a lot of advertisements.
It does not save your uploaded documentsIt is not color-coded for different sources.
It gives user-friendly reportsWhen it comes to edited texts, its performance is very low.
XThe plagiarism it detects is of a low level.

Small SEO Tools

The tool is also free, but again you can only check 1000 words at a time if you do not buy their plans. You can check multiple times if your document is larger than that. But you have to complete CAPTCHAs when you upload multiple files.

Pros and cons

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of making it easy to choose.

It is free, but you can check 1000 words in one scan.The plagiarism it detects is of a low level.
There are a lot of options for uploading the documents.It contains a lot of advertisements, the page works very slowly and is also confusing.
They do not store the documents in their database.It scans every individual sentence rather than the full text.

Pre Post SEO

There is a little confusion about whether the tool is actually free or not. There is a limit for searching queries for the users as per the website, but the limit is not specified. 1000 words is the limit for one search, but when you buy a plan, there is no limit for it.

Pros and cons

Just like every other essay checker, this one has its own perks and drawbacks as well.

The word limit for uploading is 1000.The plagiarism it detects is of a low level.
It has color-coded highlighting.The report is difficult to read.
It has a few full matches.The page is confusing and filled with advertisements.
A citation assistant is available.Color-coded highlighting is not available.
A live support option is available.X

Wrapping Up!

Well, you will find various other essay checkers on the internet, from which you can choose the one you think fits your necessities best. But before choosing one, it is best to learn about it and know its pros and cons. Choose efficiently depending on the cost it charges monthly, and choose wisely.


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