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Tips And Examples To Write An Essay For Class 5

by Anindita Dey

Writing an essay can be tricky sometimes for a child, but with time they can master it. Reading and writing essays and practicing them repeatedly can improve their writing skills and their grip on the language.

Writing an essay on a specific topic needs to have proper information on that topic and can sometimes include the writer’s opinion. Essays are generally taught to children to develop their writing skills.

This can also be a means to communicate their thoughts and ideas.  But for writing a good essay knowing the basic guidelines and format is also necessary. There is a given structure for writing an essay and how to use the language properly, and make sure that you have put together an organized piece.

What Are The Different Types Of Essays?  

Different types of essays serve different purposes. Let’s see what those are:

What Are The Different Types Of Essays  
  • Narrative essays – This is basically normal storytelling with a plot that includes characters, points of view, a location where the plot is set, and a climax at the end of the story. Here we have to be attentive and use fine details.  
  • Descriptive essays – These types of essays describe one topic in detail particularly. This talks about one topic and discusses all the nooks and crannies about it. The use of imagery is seen in this form of essays.  
  • Expository essays – These kinds of essays explain a topic with information and then explain those given information properties with logic and proof. And not just one viewpoint but many other viewpoints as well.  
  • Argumentative essays  – These kinds of essays are the ones where the writer tries to convince the readers about one point and give them possible arguments to back up your statement. Give facts and data to support your point and make it a strong essay.  

Format For Writing An Essay For Class 5

Whenever we write an essay, there is a particular format to it. We start with the introduction, then write the main description in the body and then end with a conclusion.

Format For Writing An Essay For Class 5  


  • A brief overview or introduction of the topic.
  • Give a catchy headline and introduction to grab the readers’ attention immediately.
  • Do not write the introduction for more than a hundred words.


  • Give a proper description of the topic here, or provide the readers with your arguments to back up your statement and fill this part with facts.
  • Keep a systematic flow while writing an essay.
  • Keeps the paragraphs short. You can make one or two paragraphs and do not write more than a hundred words in it.


  • Here you have to conclude the topic by summarizing everything you have written above.
  • Give the story’s moral, if there is any, and if there is any lesson to be taken from the story, then that also.

Tips For Writing An Essay For Class 5

If you are writing an essay, the following tips can help you.

Tips For Writing An Essay For Class 5  
  • Before starting the essay, write your thoughts and make the skeleton first.
  • Make sure that you have understood the topic clearly.
  • Put an interesting title that invites the readers.
  • An essay should not exceed 300-500 words.
  • An essay should always have precise information and simple language to make it easy for everyone to understand.
  • Make sure not to make any grammatical errors, or it can take the mind off of the readers.

Here is an example  

Why do you think reading a book is important?

Introduction – As kids, we cannot reach every corner of the world and visit all our favorite places. But reading a book can take us to those places. It is also an excellent source of knowledge. This means reaching every corner of the world from the comfort of your house.

Body – Books are a great source of time pass as well. Reading different kinds of stories can be a great way of keeping ourselves entertained. Not just that, we get to learn a lot from reading books. Different subjects teach us important topics; some teach us about the world, some teach us about chemistry, and some are just for entertainment.

This can be a great way to escape from the monotonous life and daily stress. You get to learn whatever you want just from the cozy corner of your house. It is essential to read books and gain knowledge to succeed in life,

Conclusion – It is good if you make a daily habit of reading a book for at least an hour every day. It will keep you updated about what is happening around the world, it will develop your communication skills.


Knowing how to write an essay is very much essential for every kid. The above-given guidelines, topics, format, examples, and exercises are for the benefit of students who are in Class 5 and above.

Always remember to begin the essay with an amazing introduction that would catch the reader’s attention immediately, then the body to support your points and arguments. This is the section where all the important information should be given, and then summarize all the points in the conclusion.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t succeed on the first try. Practice makes a man perfect. Well, here, it will make your essay perfect. I hope this has everything you need to know for writing an essay for class 5.

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