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Ginger Review 101: Best Features, Plans, Pros, Cons, Reviews [2022 Guide]

by Shahnawaz Alam

I was skeptical about trying out other proofreading or grammar-checking tools after using the Grammarly pro version for more than a year. Then I found Ginger. The experience I had with the tool is worth writing something about.

I am a writer and a PROUDLY NON-NATIVE one. I make mistakes while writing, and I know that it is ok to make some as long as you are trying to correct them. That is where tools like Ginger, Grammarly, or WhiteSmoke come in handy.

Thanks to AI-integrated tools, writing has become easier. If you are thinking of using Ginger, then I suggest you read this review first. I have reviewed the tool in this article so that you know what you are using before spending your money on it.

About Ginger Grammar 

Ginger Grammar

Ginger is a good writing tool for writers using digital devices like desktops, mobile and tablets. The tool has AI-based tools providing you with different features you find helpful while proofreading your written documents and blog posts. The tool is equipped with grammar-checking and correction features. 

Ginger also offers you a rephrasing tool allowing you to avoid redundancy in your writing. Also, the tool integrates a dictionary allowing you to check if the word you used is proper for the sentence. You can even improve your writing style after following the Ginger writing assistance.

Ginger Grammar Checker Features

Ginger has all the features you might ask for. Here are some worth mentioning features of the Ginger writing tool. 

Grammar Checking Tool

Grammar Checking Tool

Ginger has a grammar-checking tool allowing you to check and correct common errors. Here are some common mistakes you can fix using the tool –

  • subject-verb agreement
  • misused words
  • singular/plural nouns
  • consecutive nouns
  • contextual spelling correction

Correcting grammatical mistakes is a common feature of these tools. You can also use the synonyms provided by their AI-based tools.

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Spelling Check 

Spelling Check

Having experience writing for different blogs, I can say that you will NEVER miss a TYPO. Typos are common when you are writing extensively. The spell-checking option of the Ginger tool is very helpful. You can easily find typos and spelling mistakes and correct them easily. 

Rephrase Sentences

Rephrase Sentences

Sometimes, we get used to writing sentences that are too complicated to understand. Some of them might also have syntactical errors. That’s when you rephrase and make it smaller and simple. Similar to Grammarly, you also have a rephrasing tool in Ginger. You can create the perfect sentence for the paragraph using the tool. 

Improves Writing With Training Assist

Improves Writing With Training Assist

If you are planning to improve your writing skills, then the ginger writing assistant tool might be able to help you. The tool gathers data from your past writing mistakes and uses them to help shape your writing style.

Text Reader

You can even enhance your pronunciation with the help of the Ginger writing tool. Aside from the grammar-checking tool, the software also has a text-to-speech engine allowing you to enhance your pronouncing skills. You can listen to the pronunciation of different words in different accents. 

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Ginger Translator

I really loved the translator tool of the Ginger Grammar checking tool. You can translate text /content into any language you want to translate it into. There is no need to always use google translate all the time. 

Ginger Dictionary

The dictionary tool of this writing assistant is another plus point for using it. You will learn new words and their meanings instantly and expand your vocabulary. Also, you can learn from the contextual synonyms of the words you are writing. This gives you different ways of writing something using different words in the vocabulary. 

Among all these features, I loved the text reading feature and the writing assists for better writing. But, most of the features packed in this writing tool are helpful and are worth paying for. But there are some negatives also, which I have discussed below. 

Ginger Pros & Cons

Ginger Pros & Cons

I liked most of the things about the Ginger tool. However, some things did not completely sit well with me. Here are some pros and cons of the tool I thought you should know about. 

➕ The tool offers you unlimited access to their different features for the premium package. You can use all the features as much as you want. ➖ The tool works as a great proofreading software allowing you to rectify most Mistakes. The translation option is great. But it is not as good as Google Translate. 
➕ Ginger performs well when it comes to checking grammar and spelling. It works perfectly as a correction tool. You can easily solve spelling errors. ➖ The reporting features of the tool could really use some touchups. Ginger fades in comparison in front of alternatives like Grammarly or ProWritingAid.
➕ You can use the tool on windows, mac, and in different browsers. The tool is widely browser friendly except for Firefox. You cannot use Ginger on Firefox. ➖ You will find a web editor in many free writing assistant tools but not Ginger. I think it is a downer for a grammar-checking tool like Ginger. 
➕ When you are planning to add a second or third language to your CV, the translation tool Ginger comes in handy. ➖ I know that this tool is not for checking plagiarism. But all the other alternatives, like Whitesmoke and Grammarly, offer plagiarism checking. So, not having this feature is also a minus point for Ginger. 
➕ Through the personal trainer feature of Ginger, you can really improve your writing skills. The tool knows what your general mistakes are (that is a little creepy, though) and can help you correct them without wasting too much of your time. ➖ The worst drawback of the software is its customer service. There is no chatbox, and a poor knowledge base holds the customer service part back. This site really needs some improvement.

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Bottom Line

The beginner plan of the Ginger software starts at $13.99/month, which is cheaper than the $30 per month price of the premium version of Grammarly. If you want an inexpensive tool, ginger leaves it up to your requirements. However, the tool could improve in several areas, like customer service, reporting, and better grammar check and spelling accuracy. 

Did you find this review helpful? The comment section is all yours to share feedback. Also, you can share any questions you might have about the same.

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