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How to Cite an Essay: A Step by Step Guide

by Akram

Most of the students feel uncomfortable when they are applying the citing techniques for their writings. The students are sometimes not only feeling uncomfortable. They avoid giving the link to the reference essay. The lack of application knowledge forces them to take the wrong steps. Then the first thing you must have to learn correctly about how to cite an essay.

When you are a researcher or writer, you need to add your article’s reference every time in the writings. Sometimes you can overlook the necessity of giving the link to the reference articles. Still, you have to give your reference articles the link most of the time because it will increase your research paper’s quality and writings.  

Cite an essay is the one unavoidable step when you want to produce a quality research paper or article. Before starting to Write a Reflective Essay, you must learn the proper methods about how to cite an essay. The proper essay citing will decrease the chances to publish the copied articles.

3 Compulsory Steps To Cite An Essay

The three compulsory steps are always mandatory when you are asking about how to cite an essay? These three steps will help you to understand the proper methods and the protocols to cite an essay. All these three methods are commonly used in the essay citing.

So here are the detailed descriptions of the three essay citing methods.

1. MLA(Modern Language Association)Format

First, we should know the places where we can use the MLA format. When we are writing anything and cite sources, we have to give the language arts, cultural studies, and other humanities-related topics. This is one modern technique for citing. So here is the first method of how to cite an essay.

The common format of MLA is

Last name, First name,” Title Of The Essay.”

Title of the collection, by first name last name, Publisher, Year

  •  First, start with the title of the author.
  • Then, type the first name of the author and then followed by a period.
  • After that, write the title of the essay within the quotation marks.
  • Each word of the title will start with the capital letter only if there is a preposition in the title. Then, you do not have to start the preposition with a capital letter. Other than the prepositions, all words have to start with capital words. 
  • Then comes the writing part of the author’s name. The author’s name is always writing with italic letters.
  • The author’s name starting with the first name then finishes with the author’s last name.
  • After mentioning the name of the author, write down the publication name and followed by a comma. Then you have to mention the year of the publications.
  • After mentioning the publication’s name, you have to add page no.
  • You can use the author’s last name and the reference page number for in-text citations.

2. APA(American Psychological Association)Format

This formatting is required when you are writing a research paper or any thesis. This is a  more professional writing method rather than the other two methods. 

Now jump in the topic about how to cite an essay through this professional method of formattings. This formatting is mostly required writing format for your student life.

The common format of  APA is 

Last name of the Author, Year.Title of the essay 

Last name, Title of the bigger work

Pp. publisher.

Now take a look at how to cite an essay through the APA method.

  • First, start with the author’s second name.
  • Then write the author’s first initial of the writer’s name and close the statement.
  • After these two, write down the year of bigger work publications in the first bracket.
  • After mentioning the year, you have to close the statement, and then you have to mention the essay title.
  • Then you have to mention the author and title of the larger work.
  • Before mentioning your larger work author, you have to start with In, and after completion of the author name, you have to write Ed within the first bracket.
  • After mentioning the author and title name of the larger work. You have to enlist the page range for the essay and publisher year of the larger work.
  • For in-text citations, you can use the author’s last name and year of publication.

3. Chicago Format

The Chicago formatting is mainly used in the history, social sciences, and different religious-based research work. The general format of the research papers have lots of similarity with the Chicago formattings.

The second importance of this formatting is this type of essay citing is mainly used for citing the Bibliography pages.

Now take a look at how to cite an essay through the Chicago formatting. This is an orthodox style of citing.

The standard Chicago style formatting is 

Last name of the author, First name.” Title of the essay.”

Title of the book from where the essay is collected, edited by the first name, last name,##.

Location: Publisher, Year.

  •  The first step starts with the second name of the author. Then give a comma, then write down the name of the author.
  • After that, write the name of the article within the quotation marks.
  • Use the capital letter in all words in the essay title except the prepositions and the articles.
  • Then end the sentence.
  • After ending the sentence, now is the time to write the title and the editor of the larger work.
  • You have to mention the larger works page numbers for the essay.
  • Then writedown the publication information of the larger works, including the name and the year.
  • The Chicago style citing is many going in the footnote so just adjust the formatting for the footnote.


The citing is now becoming a necessary step for each and every web-published article. They fulfill the essential some purposes. The authors and the ideas of writing the papers will increase. The different ideas will be incorporated into your writings. Citing is decreasing the chances of committing the chances of plagiarism. So do an acceptable practice and start to mention the reference article, and publish a good quality writing.

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