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How To Start A Scholarship Essay? – Top 10 Tips For You

by Akram
Last Updated on: April 3, 2021

Are you applying for a scholarship? Most students don’t apply for it when they are asked to write an essay for it. Since many students usually avoid writing essays in their schools, they don’t know how to start a scholarship essay. Maybe you have also missed the assignments. 

However, when it comes to scholarships, you don’t want to miss the opportunity, right?  Since you know that writing a good scholarship essay will help you stay ahead of the competition, you are finding essay writing guides. So, if you are looking for tips on how to start a scholarship essay, continue reading. 

How To Start A Scholarship Essay: Useful Tips

Scholarship Essay-Useful TipsThe best thing about writing a scholarship essay is that you don’t need to be perfect in writing skills. With the following tips, you can win the scholarship easily. Let me make the whole writing process simpler with three stages. 

  • Planning Stage: This stage includes four essential steps, and they are; knowing your audience, following the guidelines, choosing a topic, using an existing essay. 
  • Writing Stage: It’s the actual process of writing and includes five essential aspects of writing a scholarship essay, and they are; starting with a strong introduction, preparing a layout, including real examples, using an interactive and inspirational tone, ending the essay by encouraging the reader. 
  • Editing Stage: This is the final stage that includes proofreading and editing. 

Now, let me share every tip in detail. 

1. Know Your Audience

Know Your AudienceIt doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to start a scholarship essay. You can write a scholarship essay that can stand out from the competition. For that, you need to know what the committee wants or expects from a candidate. Try to figure out what they are looking for in an ideal candidate and how you can fit into their expectations. 

However, you should not sacrifice your personality and voice for their expectation. Make sure you don’t lose your voice and originality. If you don’t know your personality type, you should learn about the Myers-Briggs indicator to determine your personality? Moreover, you don’t have to be dishonest while writing the essay. Next, don’t forget to adhere to the guidelines.

2. Follow The Guidelines

Follow The GuidelinesNo matter what tips and tricks you follow, you will be disqualified in the first place if you don’t follow the guidelines. So, ensure that you read the instructions properly before you start planning or writing a great essay

Some common mistakes are candidates thinking that if they provide more information, they will win the scholarship, but they exceed the word count. So, it’s essential to read the guidelines carefully, and it’s better to double-check the guidelines. 

3. Choose A Topic – Based On Your Interest

Even if you think your audience expects some particular areas, that doesn’t mean you should choose a topic you are not interested in or good at. Choose a topic in which you are strong, and you have a deep interest. This factor plays an important role and helps you determine how to start a scholarship essay. 

However, try to relate your topic to the expectation of your audience. For example, if your audience expects a topic from financial inclusion but you are interested in technology. You can choose a topic like “How Technology Can Enhance Financial Inclusion?” and start your essay accordingly.

4. Reuse An Existing Essay

If you don’t have an idea on how to start a scholarship essay, you can reuse an existing essay that is available on the internet. There are many essay writing applications; you can select a topic that people already have written on it.

It’s not mandatory to write an entirely new topic. You can simply modify the topic with slight changes. It will be easier to start and get some idea from an existing essay than thinking about a unique subject. 

5. Start With A Strong Introduction

Start With A Strong IntroductionThe introduction of your scholarship essay can significantly increase your chance of winning. Since it’s the beginning of your essay, the reader must find it useful, engaging, and based on a real-life event. Hence, it is that much important you know how to start a scholarship essay.

Ensure that you use the three critical elements of an introduction that is the leader, the bridge, and the thesis statement. The lead is a strong statement to catch the audience’s attention. The bridge connects your audience to the topic, and the thesis statement talks about the essential aspects you will cover in the topic. 

6. Prepare A Layout

Prepare A LayoutBefore you start the topic, prepare a layout of the key points with extensive research on the chosen topic. Find relevant, informative, and statistical data from various authentic sources. You can highlight the points separately and start writing after you prepare the entire layout. 

However, ensure that you maintain consistency while explaining each important point on the topic. It may not be possible for every topic, but most of the topics can be organized into proper formatting. 

7. Include Real Examples

The committee judges your essay based on different aspects. So, it’s essential to mention real examples. When you share an event affecting an individual or society, or environment, you will draw their attention. So, ensure that you use relevant measures on the topic you are writing the essay. 

8. Use Inspirational Tone

When you are ending the essay, ensure that you use an inspirational and positive tone. It will show that you are enthusiastic about the topic and want to work on this area if you get a chance. Don’t make it boring with 

9. Proofread

ProofreadAfter you complete your scholarship essay, don’t forget to check for errors and mistakes. No matter how well you write about the topic, you need to ensure that your essay contains no typo or grammatical errors. So, you need to proofread your essay and make the necessary modifications.

10. Edit 

Edit You need to read through all the concepts and make changes if there are any conceptual modifications required. Read twice and ensure that the topic aligns with your description. If you think it needs any modifications, change it. 

Bonus Tips

Finally, don’t forget to format your essay properly. “How to start a scholarship essay” is important, but giving it a proper ending matters a lot as well. Now you can use these tips if you don’t know how to write a scholarship essay.

Even if you have written an essay before, you can benefit from the above tips to write a better article than the previous. Lastly, don’t hesitate to share the topics if you have written any scholarship essays to help the readers. 

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