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How To Write An Essay? – A Step By Step Guide

by Akram

Are you looking for tips on how to write an essay? If it’s your first essay, you may feel a little nervous, but no need to worry. This comprehensive guide will help you to write an engaging essay step by step. 

You will also know about different elements and stages of essay writing. Apart from that, you will also understand various types of essays. Here I have explained how to write an essay in simple steps.

Beginner’s Guide On Writing An Essay

This beginner’s guide will provide you the complete steps on how to write an essay. After reading and practicing the steps mentioned in this article, you will never need to search for essay writing tips

Determine The Type Of Essay

Determine the Type of EssayFirst and foremost, you need to know what type of essay it is. There are several types of essays, informative, argumentative, persuasive, and more. Determining the type of essay will help you to know the purpose of writing the article.

If you don’t know what’s the intention behind writing the essay, how can you write a meaningful essay? So, ensure that you know the type of essay. Here I have mentioned some popular types of essays with examples. 

  • Informative Essay: The intent of an informative essay is to educate the readers. Generally, you are explaining a particular topic, providing data, giving instructions in an informative essay.
  • Persuasive Essay: When you write a persuasive essay, you want to convince the reader to take a particular action. Usually, you use your opinion and emotions to induce your reader to agree with your writing. 
  • Argumentative Essay: An argumentative essay has the same intention as a persuasive essay. However, you provide real data instead of emotions to make your reader agree with your idea. 

Apart from these, there are other types of essays, and you need to determine which type of essay that you are provided with.

Prepare An Essay Layout

Prepare an Essay LayoutOnce you know the type of essay, you need to prepare an essay outline. It’s the roadmap for your essay writing. Every essay is mainly divided into three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. Even if you don’t know how to write an essay at all, preparing an essay outline will help you start it easily. 

The introductory paragraph should catch the attention of the reader and provide a glimpse of the topic. The body part contains all the essential information and relevant data that you want to convey to your reader. Finally, you need to summarize the essay properly. Now, let’s dive deep into the details of how to write every part of the essay. 

Write A Strong Introduction

Write a Strong IntroductionA strong introduction is essential for keeping the reader engaged with your essay. Typically,m the are three important parts of an introduction, and they are:

  • Lead: The lead of the introduction is a hook that captures the attention of the readers. A good lead sentence is imposing a question or problem that will make the reader stop for a moment to read further. 
  • Bridge: The bridge helps you to resonate the lead with the main idea of the essay. It’s a glimpse of the main topic that you are going to explain. 
  • Thesis: It’s a statement that describes what the reader will learn after reading the essay. You can also highlight the article that you are going to cover in your writing. 

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Write Factual Body Paragraphs

Write Factual Body ParagraphsWhen you are writing the body paragraph, you need factual data. For that, you need to gather information from different sources. Here are some tips on writing strong and informative body paragraphs. 

  • Explain One Idea In A Single Paragraph: Don’t make the reader confused by writing two or three main ideas or concepts in a single paragraph. Breakdown the paragraph when you are describing another related concept to make your writing simpler to understand.
  • Support With Data And Real Examples: Don’t just fill the paragraphs with plentiful words; support every idea with data and real examples. When you provide data and examples, you will make your essay more authentic and credible. However, you need to do extensive research to gather relevant examples. 
  • Highlight Important Concepts: When you write a long format essay, try to highlight important concepts or ideas with headers. It will help the reader know that these are the key points you emphasize in the essay. 
  • Summarize Properly: Lastly, you need to summarize your essay in an exciting way to encourage the reader to continue learning about the topic. Next, you need to make them enthusiastic about the subject.  

FAQs On Essay Writing

FAQs on Essay WritingThese are some common questions people ask in essay writing. Go through the answers to reconcile your learnings from this article. 

What Are Different Types Of Essays?

There are mainly four types of essays; expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive. However, every type can be further subdivided into more categories. Further, essays can also be divided in terms of their application, i.e., class assignment essays, scholarship essays, admission essays, middle school, high school, and college essays

How To Write A High School Essay?

Usually, students in high schools are given assignments for writing an essay. Even there is no hard and fast rule for writing an essay in a particular way. Most of the essays contain the three important elements, i.e., an introduction, body, and conclusion. As you have learned how to write an essay in the above, use the same methods and formats to write a high school essay. 

How To Write An Essay In Middle School?

There is no major difference between a high school and middle school essay. The only thing is the length and information of a high school is more with qualitative data. 

What Are The Five Stages Of Writing An Essay?

Although it’s not mandatory to follow the five stages of writing an essay, you can write a better essay when you use the basic steps in your writing. For writing a good essay, follow the below steps: 

  • Prepare an outline
  • Do proper research
  • Organize your information
  • Write your draft
  • Proofread, edit, and format

Final Words On Essay Writing

Whether you have written a few essays or even don’t know how to write an essay, you can use the tips for writing a compelling essay. Remember, essay writing is not only about sharing your opinion; you need to read a lot and gather information on different topics. If you want to improve your essay writing, consider joining a class in your locality or enroll in an online course.

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