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Is It Correct To Say, “Thanks For Letting Me Know?”

by subhasree nag

“Thank you for letting me know’ is a widely-accepted response when someone has been notified of some event or fact. The phrase can be used to express gratitude as well as to acknowledge the information that has been announced. 

This sentence can be used in formal conversations as well as informal conversations. Let’s find out the meaning of the term and the contexts in which this phrase is used.

Meaning Of The Phrase, “Thanks For Letting Me Know”

In simple words, the phrase means to appreciate the information someone has passed over. The phrase involves two people, one who has passed the information and one to whom the information has been passed. And it is likely to believe that the information has benefitted the other party.

This phrase is more specific than ‘thank you’ as it has the underlying information f why that person is thanking you. This phrase is used both in semiformal and informal circumstances. It implies that new information has been exchanged, but it does not reveal any emotion that is related to the information passed.

This expression can mean appreciation for information which can be either good or bad. You can use the phrase “thanks for letting me know,” inspite of how you are feeling about the news that has been delivered to you.

In What Context Can This Phrase Be Used?

You can respond to someone in personal as well as professional communication with this expression. This expression can be used to convey distress or inconvenience. When you have been delivered with some really bad news, but you are also thankful that they shared the information with you, that is when this phrase can be used. 

It can also be used to convey a polite response for getting them good news or just information that you were waiting for. This shows that the informer has done the listener a favor by giving them the information. 

This phrase can be used in a professional setting as well. It can be a situation where you have been praised or criticized, and the comment has brought awareness and has benefited you. But in that situation, the word ‘thanks’ should be replaced with ‘thank you’ to make it more formal. 

This phrase can be used in informal conversations or non-work endeavors. But sometimes, the phrase can sound a bit disrespectful. So, while using it in personal communication, make sure your words are sounding genuinely appreciative. 

This tone can be used in all contexts, but you have to keep in mind the tone you are using, it has to maintain regard.

Examples Of Using The Phrase In Professional And Formal Situations

  • Supervisor: Please inform the team that the weekly meeting is not happening this week.

            Staff: Noted. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Bank: We regret to pass on the information that your mobile banking facilities will be unavailable from 12 noon to 3 pm.

Company: We have received the news. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Client: I regret to inform you that I will be 30 minutes late for the meeting.

Project Manager: I understand, thank you for keeping us in the loop.

Examples Of Using The Phrase In Informal Situations

  • Monica: I heard your ex will be attending the wedding.

Cassy: That’s going to be awkward, anyway; thanks for the heads up.

  • Phoebe: Hey, Dad. I know you would forget tomorrow is your anniversary, so dont forget to get Mom something beautiful this year.

Dad: Oh yes. Thanks for reminding me, baby.

  • Lily: I am coming tomorrow to stay with you for this weekend, so dont keep any plans.

Jen: Thanks for telling me in advance, or I would have kept a meeting this weekend.

‘Let Us Know’ Synonyms

‘Let us know’ synonyms

The synonyms of let us know or let someone know are given below.

  • Inform
  • Advise
  • Tell
  • Instruct
  • Keeping them posted
  • Alert
  • Brief
  • Notify
  • Fill in
  • Announce 

Different Ways Of Saying “Thanks For Letting Me Know” Or “Thank You For Letting Me Know Synonyms”

  • “I appreciate that you have passed on the information.”
  • “Thank you for the heads up.”
  • “Thanks for telling me.”
  • “Your honesty is appreciated.”
  • “Thank you for passing the information along.”
  • “Thanks for warning me in advance.”
  • “Thank you for bringing this to my notice.”
  • “Thanks for the update.”
  • “I appreciate you telling me this.”
  • “Thanks for the info.”
  • Thank you for bringing that up.
  • I respect your honesty.

This expression can be modified along with adjectives like “thanks again” or with adverbs like “thank you kindly” or can interchange the expression with “just let me know” or by using the prepositional phrase “ thank you from our whole family.”

It is up to you how you choose to communicate gratitude by revealing admiration for one action or a particular quality, like, “I appreciate how to took time out of your bussy schedule to give me a heads-up.”

How To Use “Thanks For Letting Me Know In A Sentence?”

How to use thanks for letting me know in a sentence
  • Thanks for letting me know about the terrible accident that took place this morning.
  • I’m extremely sorry to hear about your sister. Thanks for letting e know. You have my condolences.
  • Thank you for letting me know in advance, or I would have made a fool of myself in the meeting.
  • I was unaware of the change in schedule. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Thank you for letting me know, or I would be looking for my phone everywhere by now.

Bottom Line

Your words can mean a lot to someone. But the tone also matters. A simple phrase can sound polite or sound rude just by your tone. So when you are saying the phrase “thanks for letting me know,” keep in mind to use a grateful tone, or it can backfire.

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